Diet Menu №3

At the time, the famous physician and scientist MI Pevzner developed a special food system which is intended to treat a number of diseases. These diets have been successfully used to this day. One such diet is the diet №3.

This diet is indicated for chronic intestinal diseases, which are accompanied by persistent constipation. The purpose of this diet is to restorethe normal functioning of the intestines with the stimulation of mucosal recovery process. During such feeding patients body should recover metabolism.

The aim is to improve the diet №3 reductionesophageal wall, which facilitates the movement of food on it. This is necessary in order to get rid of stubborn constipation and accelerate gastric emptying. To do this diet includes foods that can serve as the most necessary mechanical, thermal or chemical stimulus that causes contraction of the esophagus wall.

diet Basics

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Such a diet is considered to be physiologicallyfull diet, which includes foods that stimulate bowel movements and excludes products that enhance the processes of fermentation and putrefaction processes. The food is usually prepared in the form of unmilled. At the same cooking methods are different: the food can be baked, steamed or boiled.

With regard to chemical composition, the dailyThis diet diet menu includes approximately 90-100 grams of protein, 55% from which animal protein, 90-100 grams of fat, 30% of which vegetable fats and about 400-420 grams of carbohydrates. At the same time the daily caloric intake of about 3 million kilocalories. The daily rate of salt is 15 grams, and the daily norm of free fluid intake is one and a half liters.

The food is taken 4-6 times a day. Each morning, patients are recommended to drink cold water with honey. Can vegetable juices. At night, it is recommended to drink a glass of kefir, compote of fresh fruit or dried fruit. It is also possible at night to eat prunes and fresh fruit.

Two №3 diet options. And the first option is indicated for patients with constipation caused by malnutrition and diseases of the rectum. This disease must be accompanied by abnormalities of the biliary tract and liver. In addition, this version of the diet has been used successfully in neurasthenia and toxic constipation. The diet of a second embodiment of diet does not contain vegetable fat. This option is most often given to patients in whom constipation is caused by colitis, gastric ulcer, gastritis and some other pathologies and gastrointestinal tract.

Approved products

diet, diet 3, constipation, therapeutic diet, diet

During this diet is necessary to limitthe use of hot dishes, cereals and pureed jelly. Completely excluded should be foods that are rich in cholesterol. Also excluded are the products that are obtained by splitting the fat formed during frying.

Furthermore, during the diet is best avoidedeating vegetables that are rich in essential oils and fiber. The latter include radish, turnips, onions, spinach and peppers. Banned as fatty meats, poultry, fish. Prohibited any smoked and canned fish and meat. During the diet it is not necessary to include in the diet of bread from flour of higher grades and buns.

Of cereals semolina is prohibited, rice. You should also not cook vermicelli and do not use horseradish, pepper, mustard, strong tea, cocoa, tea, sauces, as well as cooking and animal fats. Spices should generally be excluded. In addition, legumes, radishes, radishes, onions, mushrooms, and garlic are prohibited foods during this diet. It is also not allowed to include chocolate, cocoa and cream products in the patients ’diet. Kissel, quince, blueberry are forbidden.

Sample menu

diet, diet 3, constipation, therapeutic diet, diet

The menu during diet No. 3 may beabout the following. In the morning we drink one glass of cold water with sugar, jam. You can also drink prune infusion, cold lemonade and prune itself. As a first breakfast, drink one glass of coffee or weak tea. Also suitable for breakfast is vinaigrette, lettuce. You can eat grated radish with sour cream, carrots and vegetable oil. For breakfast there will be oatmeal porridge, 100 grams of cottage cheese, 200 grams of rye bread, or you can eat Borodino bread instead, in the same amount. For the whole breakfast you can 15 grams of butter. This is the strongest hearty breakfast. As a second breakfast, you can eat a raw apple, drink a glass of broth of wild rose or one glass of kefir, eat 100 grams of black bread. Instead of kefir, you can have one glass of yogurt. For this breakfast put 10 grams of butter.

For lunch during this diet can be of soupsauerkraut, vegetable soup, fruit soup, hash, chicken, fish, cabbage, garnished with beets, potatoes and cabbage. Garnish can be of zucchini. In the late afternoon drink compote of fruit, raisins and fresh berries.

For dinner we prepare grilled fish with cucumber,potatoes and cabbage. It can be added to the menu, barley or buckwheat porridge with butter and vegetable casserole. Additionally, dinner may consist of curd, cabbage, fruit salad. Also for dinner you can eat grated radish and carrots with sour cream. Salad can be charged with yogurt or sour cream. You can add jam during dinner. At the end of dinner, drink weak tea with sugar and eat black bread and butter.

At night, we drink a glass of kefir. You can eat yogurt with prunes soaked or boiled beet puree. Depending on the season you can before going to bed to eat a piece of fruit.

our website notes that the positive aspect of this power is that menu, you can make yourself, guided by a list of permitted and prohibited foods.

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