Diet Menu №4

Diet №4 is one of power supply systems,which was designed at the time to treat a number of diseases Professor Pevzner. This diet is used for intestinal diseases in the acute or chronic form during an exacerbation, in which there is a marked disruption of normal digestion.

The aim №4 diet is to provide the maximumschazheniya bowel by mechanical and chemical action. Furthermore, this diet reduces the fermentation processes in the gut. Thus, observing this diet should be limited in the diet food, which is a different kind for bowel irritant. Also excluded from the diet of patients foods that can trigger fermentation processes or the processes of decay. Therefore №4 diet suitable for the treatment of intestinal disorders, which occur with diarrhea.

In addition, the consumption of the food in compliance with this diet should not increase the reduction of the intestinal wall and should not contribute to the emergence of increased production of gastric juice.

diet Basics

When diet №4 in the diet of patients is reducedquantity of consumed fats and carbohydrates. In addition, the diet has a reduced caloric value. Therefore, the diet menu №4 is also considered low calorie. So, in the daily diet contains only 2,000 calories. Thus the patients in the daily diet contained approximately 100 grams protein, 70 grams fat and 250 grams of carbohydrate. Table salt in the diet is limited to 6-8 grams per day, and the daily rate of free fluid intake is about two liters. The total daily ration of three kilos of weight.

Our website would like to say, that this dietnot indicated for the long term, because it is a defective power supply system. On average, in order to cause a required rate of gastrointestinal 5-6 days. Thus, the daily ration is divided into small portions, which are taken 5-6 times per day. The food is usually served in shabby form or in the form of puree. Dishes are usually steamed or simply boiled.

Approved products

From drinks in the diet allowed cocoaadding milk, fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Drinks are taken in the form of heat. As for fresh juices, they are best served in diluted form. As for drinks, you can also include in the menu decoction of wheat bran and broth hips.

For products authorized under this diet alsorefers bread baking yesterday, not rolls of pastry, crackers of white bread. You can add dairy products, low-fat fresh cheese, a little sour cream as a filling in the patient menu. In addition, you can eat mild cheese. In a limited number can be added to dishes of olive oil, ghee and butter. In this case, the rate is usually 5 grams per meal.

As for the eggs, the day can be only one boiled egg. It is also possible to cook an egg in the form of an omelette, or add to any dish.

It allowed the first dishes during a diet №4 include soups, cooked on a low-fat fish or meat broth, in which is possible to add decoctions of cereals, pureed boiled meat and homemade noodles.

Of the meat products can be used in patientslean beef, calf, you can fish, which is better to pre-mince. This meat is best steamed. If the meat is roasted, it is better not to breading. You can eat dishes of meat. You can lean herring and homemade pie.

Permitted cereals include mashed oatmeal,rice and buckwheat groats. It can be included in articles of diet cereals, such as puddings and as meatballs without coarse crust. Allowed as boiled pasta.

You can include in the diet menu vegetables in the form of puree,Vegetables in toasted or baked form or in the form of meatballs. The diet also allows you to add a young squash and pumpkin, which can be boiled or put out. The dishes are allowed to add finely chopped greens.

Approved sugar and candy. Allowed fruits and berries, which are prepared in the form of puree, jelly, jelly, mousse, jam.

Prohibited products

From the bakery in the diet №4prohibits all products, except those specified in the list of authorized products. Of the first dishes are forbidden strong broths, any fatty soups, milk soups. Also prohibited soups with cereals, soups with vegetables, pasta. Prohibited products include fatty meats, sausages and other meat products. Not allowed to include in the diet of eggs, canned fish, salted fish and fish fatty species.

Moreover, oil allowed to eat andfats, all but resolved. Not allowed to drink full-fat milk and other dairy products. Eggs are banned in raw, fried and hard-boiled. Also prohibited all the vegetables fresh and boiled. Fully snacks should be excluded.

Of cereals, you should not use pearl barley, barley,wheat groats. Do not include pasta and legumes in the diet. For drinks, cocoa and coffee with milk are prohibited. All cold drinks and carbonated drinks, as well as kvass, are prohibited. Prohibited foods include non-natural fruits, sweets, all dried fruits, fruit drinks and honey. Of spices, all known types of spices are prohibited. Of the sauces, all but permitted are prohibited.

Diet No. 4a

This diet option is typically used whencertain intestinal diseases, during which prevail different fermentation processes. This diet is a diet severely restricts the presence of substances that can irritate the intestine and thus enhance the fermentation process. The diet No. 4a diet contains about 50 grams of fat, 120 grams of protein and 140 grams of carbohydrates. The total daily caloric food intake is 1600 kcal. This version of the diet is monotonous and deficient. Therefore, this diet is assigned only two to five days, and after the patient is transferred to diet №2 or at diet №5a.

Diet number 4b

This diet is appointed during exacerbationintestinal pathologies occurring in conjunction with certain diseases of the stomach, pancreas, liver and bile ducts. The aim №4b diet is a restriction in the diet foods that are different kinds of stimuli receptors in the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, №4b diet provides adequate nutrition in the case of digestive disorders and of moderate inflammation in the digestive tract.

Diet №4v

This embodiment diets usually shown inconvalescence after acute forms of intestinal diseases. This diet, in fact, is the transition to a common power supply. In addition, this power supply system is often assigned during remission bowel disease, combined with certain diseases of the pancreas. Diet apply when there is a combination of intestinal diseases with certain diseases of the liver, stomach and biliary tract. If we compare it with diet diet №4b, it is increasingly diverse and not so gentle. Therefore, this version of the diet №4 usually given after two to four weeks of use №4b diet. The aim is to ensure that the diet №4v patient adequate diet, as well as improving digestion, in the case of chronic intestinal diseases occurring in remission, as well as in the case of acute forms of disease at the stage of recovery.

Diet №4ag

This special diet is called - gluten-freediet. This power supply system is indicated for patients with celiac disease. In these patients, the body can not digest the protein gluten, which is due to the lack of specific enzymes peptidase in the intestinal mucosa. This leads to the fact that the cleavage of gliadin which is part of the gluten does not occur. The diet of this diet includes a high number of gaps, and the normal amount of fat. Also, the food at this diet is rich in calcium salts and vitamins. In the daily diet contains 100 grams of fat, 120 grams of protein, 420-450 grams of carbohydrates. The total caloric intake is about 3180 calories. The daily rate of salt with this diet is 8 grams.

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