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Diet №2 is one of the medical systemPower, which were designed by Manuel Isaakovich Pevzner. This diet is designed for the treatment of acute gastritis, colitis, enteritis during the recovery period. It is also an indication to the use of diet №2 are chronic form of gastritis with insufficient production of gastric secretion, and colitis in remission.

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The purpose of this diet is sparing the stomach andgut mechanical stimuli. This should be excited by the work of the digestive glands with chemical irritants. During dieting need to limit the consumption of foods with a lot of rough plant fiber. The food should preferably be prepared in particulate form or in the form of puree. In addition, during the diet must be present diet fatty foods, especially in large quantities. Daily amount of food consumed is about 3 kg. The very food should not be too hot or too cold. At this temperature the dishes should be approximately between 15-60 degrees Celsius. Eating small meals should be about 5-6 times a day.

It is important to comply with the daily rate of drunk free liquid. In this case, the rate per day is not more than 7 or 1.5 liter cup. Drinking should be five times per day, and should be abundant.

diet Basics

In general, this therapeutic diet is able to provide ourthe body with all the necessary materials to him. Including the body is getting enough vitamins, micro-and macro. This amount would be sufficient to bring back to normal the digestive tract.

So, in the course of diet food with coarse fibers, andand foods that are rich in fiber and connective tissue usually completely crushed and frays. This is to ensure stimulation of the secrets of the digestive organs.

The daily ration contained on this dietapproximately 90-100 grams of protein, of which about 60% are proteins of animal origin. In addition, the diet concentrated approximately 100 grams of fat, of which 25% - a vegetable fat. The total daily caloric intake is between 2800 to 3000 calories.

Razraschennye products

diet, diet 2, therapeutic diet, diet, diet

So, for bakery products banned in the№2 diet include fresh bread, pastries and rich products of puff pastry. In addition, it is forbidden to include in the diet of fatty meat goose, duck, any smoked products, canned foods, fatty pork and lamb.

Of the first dishes are forbidden to eat wheat soup, pea and bean soups. It prohibited during this diet as hash.

As for the fish, it is not recommended to use the fish in salted and smoked, fatty fish any species, as well as canned fish snack.

It prohibited during the diet beef tallow, lard and all cooking oils.

From vegetables MirSovetov recommends that the diet of onions, bell peppers, radishes, cucumbers, radishes, turnips and garlic. Also prohibited are any vegetables in salted, pickled vegetables and neprotertye form.

Prohibited any smoked snacks, canned food, as well as any acute or fatty snacks.

As for drinks, you should not drink kvass and grape juice.

With regard to dairy products, they are prohibited from directly and milk fat natural cream.

Forbidden to eat according to the rulesdiet hard-boiled eggs and fried eggs with a crust. Do not include in the diet of legumes. Just limited to barley, corn, wheat and barley groats.

From fruits and berries in the diet are excluded fromration black and red currants, gooseberries, raspberries, raw fruits, which contain harmful to the stomach of the patient coarse fibers. Prohibited also figs, chocolate products, products made of cream, dates. In addition, it prohibited all fatty sauces and hot sauces, mustard, horseradish and hot peppers.

Diet 2a

diet, diet 2, therapeutic diet, diet, diet

Indications for the use of this option diets are diseases such as acute gastritis, Enteritis, colitis during the recovery inthe period of transition to the usual diet. Just diet 2a is indicated for diseases such as enteritis, chronic gastritis with insufficient production of gastric secretion, colitis in remission without the presence of comorbidities, as well as gastritis with preserved secretion. This daily rate of free fluid intake of 1.5 liters, and the rate of salt per day is about 8-10 grams. During the diet # 2a, food is taken 4-5 times a day.

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