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Diet №6 is one of fifteen systemsclinical nutrition, which were at one time developed by Professor Manuel Pevzner. The indications for the use of this diet is gout, kidney stones, oxaluria, uric acid diathesis and cystinuria.

The purpose of this diet is to normalize the exchangesuch as a purine substance. After the urine, in fact, it is the end product of the metabolism of these substances. Also, thanks to the diet may change №6 reaction urine more alkaline, reduce the formation of uric acid salts. In addition, following all the recommendations prescribed in this diet, you can normalize all the basic function of the intestine.

diet Basics

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During the diet focuses on the consumption of dairy products, vegetables, and lean fish. It should limit the amount of fat in the diet of meat and fish.

If more, then do this diet excludesAny foods that are rich in purines. These products, in particular, to meat, sausages, fatty soups, broths, nuts and legumes. Additionally, patients are excluded from the diet foods that are rich in oxalic acid. These products include rhubarb, chocolate, spinach, strawberries, nuts, beets, wheat bran and tea. In addition, according to the rules of this diet, you should limit the amount of consumed salt, protein and fatty foods.

If the patient has problems with being overweight,you should also limit the intake of carbohydrates. The multiplicity of power per day is thus usually four times. Meals are prepared in the usual method of preparation. But this does not apply to cooked poultry, meat and fish. These products need to be sure to pre-boil. This is due to the fact that during cooking of about half the product contained in the purine substances pass into the broth itself. After cooking, the meat, the fish or poultry products can be used for preparation of various dishes, including minced products. An important detail that meat and fish dishes can be included in the diet of no more than two or three times in one week. This daily rate of fish is about 170 grams, and the amount of meat per day should not be more than 150 grams.

The daily diet of this diet contains about70 grams of protein, of which about 50% - is animal protein, 80 g fat of which 30% is vegetable fat and about 400 grams of carbohydrates. The daily fluid intake is two liters or more, and the daily rate of salt is limited to 10 grams. The total daily calorie intake is about 2500 calories.

recommended time in the presence of goutweek fasting day. It is possible to spend on yogurt, cottage cheese, fruit or milk. Treatment with specialists hungry days is strictly prohibited. The first few days of fasting this usually results in an increase in blood uric acid patient. This is most likely can cause gout. In addition, when a diet is absolutely necessary to drink plenty. Thus, better drink per day for at least one and a half liters. This is the case, unless there are certain contraindications of the cardiovascular system. Also for gout are often appointed by phototherapy. In the patients diet includes fruits and berries. In particular, the health food added cranberries, red and black currants, cherries, strawberries, apples. These products are recommended to be used in the morning and in the evening. When gout is quite useful and has a positive effect of tea cranberries. To prepare this tea you need one teaspoon of leaves cranberries pour a glass of water. Then you need to infuse the tea for about an hour. The broth is received on one spoon three or four times a day.

Approved products

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Now, select your product, which are prohibited underdieting №6. Thus to restricted products, especially savory and includes any substantially all flour products. Also, do not include in your daily diet of meat, fish and a variety of mushroom products. In addition to the prohibited products are dietary №6 bean soups, as well as sausage and smoked products. Nor should include in your daily diet of fish, poultry, fatty meats, and canned goods.

With regard to fermented milk and dairy productsproducts, from the diet in the diet should be deleted cheeses. Also excluded from the diet of legumes. It is also important to know the vegetables are excluded. These include, in particular, include onions, garlic, radish, radishes, sorrel and spinach. Under the ban strong coffee and mineral water. Nor should we eat during a diet different pickled vegetables.

Sample menu

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The vegetable can be eaten as a first breakfastsalad with vegetable oil. Also suitable soft-boiled egg and carrot pudding, wheat and apples. All this can be washed down with tea. At lunch, you can just have a useful decoction of rose hips. For lunch you can prepare the soup noodles, potato patties and a drink jelly. The fresh apples are suitable as a snack. For dinner you can prepare cabbage rolls stuffed with rice and cheese cakes. At night, we drink a decoction of wheat bran.

Diet №6e

In acute gout diet appointed №6e. This version of the diet the patient usually adheres to the moment when he had an attack of pain pass. Unlike diet №6, this diet reduced energy value of the diet to 1950 calories. At the same time it reduces the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Thus, with this diet is present in the daily ration of 70 grams of protein, 80 grams fat and 240 grams of carbohydrate. The rest of the diet is similar to the basic diet №6.

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