Drinking diet

The purpose of this diet, according to its creators, is to reduce the burden on the digestive tract. This in turn should help to normalize all the internal organs.

As the authors of the diet claim this should helpto cope with the excess weight. In general, this diet will be useful for those people who constantly snack out of habit than something on the go. But is it really? We tell readers our website in this article.

So, as they say the creators of the diet, while respectingdrinking diet human body is gradually cleared. In the first seven to ten days there is only superficial cleaning of the body. According to the authors of the diet, during the second week already cleaned the internal organs and the digestive tract. The most important step, which is already cleaned at the cellular level occurs at the third week. Consequently, the duration of drinking diet can vary from three to four weeks. During the diet there is a moment in which it is very important not to break to the mechanism of rectification reached the deepest cells. In this case too far and not worth it. Otherwise, you can cause only harm your body. Consider some types of drinking diet.

Diet "drinking day"

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This option is better described as drinking dietdischarge day. Such days are usually held once a week or several times a month. During this period, you can drink the water. Maximum daily rate in this case is about two liters per day. Instead, you can spend the day on fresh orange juice, grapefruit juice, or apple juice can be on. Juices should thus normally mixed with water in a ratio of one to one. It is important to one week before the start of the fasting day to go on a healthy diet. If you like sauces, mayonnaise, sausages, fried, sweet or greasy, then the food should be completely excluded for one week. Two days before the start of the discharge of the day eat only cereals, vegetables and fruits. In addition, during the week it is recommended to drink beverages, which include those No sugar, and the day before the fasting day drink only green tea. This daily rate is typically two liters of fluid every day.

The important point is out of this diet. Out of the diet of this option need to smoothly while gradually adding products without fat. First, add the vegetables, fruits, cereals, and then protein foods without fat. Two weeks later, it is already possible to gradually return to the usual diet. Although lean on the sweet, fat and flour products should not be.

Drinking diet for 2-3 weeks

water, diet, drinking a diet, weight loss

First of all, it must be remembered that drinking dietIt is not fasting. At its compliance can drink any liquid that is suitable for life. Only alcoholic beverages are prohibited and weak soda. In any case, drink beverages should not contain dyes and preservatives. In this case, the diet allowed include liquid yogurt, milk and milk products, low-fat soups, teas, sparse diet soups, natural vegetable and fruit juices, cocoa and mineral water. By the way, coffee lovers can enjoy a rare your favorite refreshing beverage. In addition, the daily menu, be sure to include at least 1-1.5 liters of clean drinking water.

Here are a few recipes for diet

Vegetable soup with potatoes, carrots andcabbage. So, for the preparation of this soup diet should be cut into large cubes potatoes, fill it with water or chicken broth, then put it on the fire. After boiling, should add a few inflorescences of cauliflower. Also adds chopped carrot slices, then cook vegetables until tender. Permission is granted to add them to the soup one onion and one bell pepper without skin. When the vegetables are ready, then we grind them in a blender and add them to the broth. The soup we should not get too thick.

Vegetable soup with turnips. To prepare this dish, you will need 50 grams of carrots, 50 g leek, 70 grams of potatoes, 70 grams of turnip and one glass of low-fat milk. For the preparation, you must first cut into small carrots, turnips and potatoes. Then cook vegetables to lean on the water or broth so long as they are ready. Then whisk in a blender vegetables boiled with a small amount of broth. It is possible instead to wipe them through a sieve. After that, add the hot milk, a little salt and stir everything thoroughly until until a homogeneous consistency.

Prohibited products

The basic principle of this diet is fullrefusal of solid food. It should therefore be excluded from the diet. In addition, should not drink beverages sweetened sweeteners and even. In addition, it is necessary to exclude completely alcohol, canned juices, hot spices, vegetable oil, milk fat, any fatty broth and sour cream. a small amount of salt can be added to the liquid soups to impart flavor.

Drinking diet 7 days

water, diet, drinking a diet, weight loss

This diet option, according to its authors,It allows you to lose weight in seven days to seven kilograms. The basis of this diet is quite possible to take a vegetable, fruit juice, low-fat dairy products, as well as soups. At the same time each day is necessary to drink half a liter of drinking water. Allowed to drink juices, unsweetened tea.

Here is how some may look this week: on the first day drink milk or yogurt, the second day of living on soup, on the third day hold juices, on the fourth day we drink tea on the fifth day of the diet jelly drink, and carry on the sixth day of stewed fruit. The main thing that was a fruit compote without sugar.

Exit from drinking diet

As they say the creators of the diet, it is important to be able toright out of the drinking diet. Yield should be primarily smooth. Thus for exit from the diet typically require twice as much time than the very diet. For the first two or three days after the diet it is best to eat breakfast porridge, but lunch and dinner are the same even if drinking is on a diet. After that, you can have breakfast to eat a dish of the usual diet. This may be yogurt, eggs, cheese. The main thing is that there is no flour. At lunch you can eat porridge and an apple or banana. Dinner is still drinkable. Three times can only be fed in the second week. In the diet should be low-fat protein products, as well as vegetables. On the third week, you need to increase your carbohydrate intake. Gradually the need to enter into your diet rye bread, salt, cereals, pasta and potatoes.

Harm drinking diet

water, diet, drinking a diet, weight loss

It should immediately be said that the authors of this diet gives obviously harmful recommendation. After all, weight loss is going on here just because of the fact that the body is starving, and starvationIn fact, the process is slow murderany living organism. In general, the effects of such a diet may well not appear immediately, but after some time. The basic rule of this diet is the rejection of solid food, but without it is simply impossible to meet all the needs of our body. The authors claim the cleansing diet of hollow organs, but it does not specify which ones. Further promise cleansing of other organs. In fact - this is false rules, and MipSovetov recommends you not to mock his body using this diet. Otherwise, you can greatly disrupt the metabolism in your body and cause serious health consequences.

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