Hollywood diet

The name of this method of losing weight was notimmediately, but after a certain time after it became very popular among Hollywood celebrities. Stars love this diet because with its help they can maintain the figure in good shape for quite some time. In addition, it is quite a bland diet.

Hollywood diet is based on the principle ofreduced content of fats and carbohydrates in food. In addition, the diet of this diet is characterized by low calorie. The quantity of protein is increased in the diet. For this diet include products such as meat, fish and eggs. In addition, increased amount of fiber in the daily diet. It is noteworthy that some of the products in the diet menu are unique to Americans. Although using this diet in Europe, these products can be replaced by their analogues.

In addition, like most dietsHollywood has a limit on the amount of fluid consumed. Thus, the subject of this weight loss method, a day is recommended to drink at least half liters of water. For the liquid it is also considered green tea.

Diet for 14 days

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Subject to the Hollywood diet should follow some of the recommendations. In particular, during all days of the diet should be excluded from your diet breakfast. Although in some other less stringent diets onbreakfast drink a glass of tea or a cup of coffee. In addition, the subject of this variant of the Hollywood diet is necessary to completely eliminate alcohol and other alcohol-containing beverages. From the diet should also be excluded bread, confectionery, as well as all kinds of vegetables and fruits, which include those in relatively large quantities contained starch. Sugar is best replaced by sweeteners. It is also recommended to completely abandon salt. As for cooking, it should be prepared without the fat and oil. Therefore, it is desirable to boil the food steamed or stew. Diet lunch and dinner throughout the two weeks could be like this.

The first and eighth day. For lunch we eat one egg, or can be a couple of quail eggs instead. In addition, during lunch you can eat a tomato of medium size, and in the end you can drink a cup of green tea or a coffee can. For dinner, we eat a salad, which is made from cabbage or cucumbers. Then we eat half a grapefruit, and one chicken or a couple of quail eggs.

The second and ninth day. For lunch, we will once again be one egg or instead of two quail eggs. Also lunch time need one grapefruit and a cup of tea. For dinner, take one medium cucumber, as well as low-fat beef and green tea or coffee can.

The third and tenth day. Lunch will be only one chicken or a pair of quail eggs. Also at the lunch we will need a medium-sized tomatoes. You can also cucumber salad or coleslaw. At the end of dinner - one cup of green tea.

The fifth and twelfth day. At lunch that day there will be one chicken or a pair of quail eggs, is salad of cabbage or cucumber. For dinner, you need to prepare a salad. Even at the dinner take a portion of boiled fish.

The sixth and thirteenth day. These days, lunch is a salad of fruit, an orange or a grapefruit and an apple. For dinner, prepare yourself fresh salad and a bowl of boiled low-fat beef. At the end of dinner, a traditional drink green tea.

The seventh and fourteenth day. For lunch - chicken boiled, there will still be a salad made from cucumbers or cabbage, an orange or a grapefruit, a cup of green tea or coffee. Dinner is salad of apple, one orange and a grapefruit.


Enough varied menu and a good result.


Unbalanced menu. In the early days of the diet may deterioration of health.

Hollywood diet for 7 days

Hollywood diet, diet, nutrition, weight loss, diet

This variant of the Hollywood diet is calculated onseven days and for this period of the diet the authors promise to get rid of 4-6 kg. This is a low-calorie diet. At the same daily calorie diet is not more than 600-800 calories a day. This should drink plenty of fluids. In this case, the daily rate is one and a half to two liters. The diet of this variant of the Hollywood diet constitute animal products. So, it's a bird, eggs, fish, low-fat cottage cheese. Furthermore, the diet includes a variety of vegetables, grapefruit and oranges. The food is usually prepared for a couple. Menu of this diet can be like this. First of all, it must be said about breakfast. Throughout the week, breakfast will be identical and will consist of a pair of oranges, coffee or tea cup. As for lunch and dinner, they are on different days must be different.

So, on the first day for lunch will be a couple of orangesand a couple of hard boiled eggs. For lunch, one tomato, 40 grams of almonds and a cup of coffee. For dinner, we cook a hamburger, one tomato, six slices of cucumber, salad and a grapefruit.

On the second day in the afternoon will be one egg,prepared in Hungarian, one grapefruit and a cup of black coffee without sugar. For dinner, we eat about 150 grams of beef, which is prepared without fat, and a green salad and tea without sugar.

At lunchtime, the third day of eating fried eggsone egg, which is prepared without fat, and eat a few tomatoes, a portion of cauliflower or you can take an ordinary cabbage boiled. Drink a cup of black coffee. For dinner, cook their own portion of fish fillets without fat, a cucumber, ketchup and drink all the tea without sugar. Instead of tea, you can take mineral water.

On the fourth day diet dinner eat onegrapefruit and grated salad of celery, which is prepared with cabbage and dressed with vinegar and sour milk. Drink tea or can of plain drinking water. For dinner, there will be one hard-boiled egg, 140 grams of low fat cottage cheese with the addition of sweet peppers. Also at the dinner is 100 grams of grated carrots with lemon juice.

On the fifth day of the diet during the dinner will pairboiled egg whites, about 100 grams of cooked celery or parsley as much. Drink tea or coffee can without sugar. For dinner we prepare ourselves portion of boiled chicken without skin and a green salad.

On the sixth day dinner eat fruit salad,made from grated apples, grapefruit and oranges and 20 grams of nuts. For dinner is enough servings of fish fillets, about 60 grams of stewed mushrooms and some juice.

On the seventh day of the last diet dinner eat 100grams of cottage cheese with beaten raw egg. Lunch will also be a vegetable broth with garlic, but without the addition of potatoes. For dinner, we prepare yourself salad and drink a glass of kefir.


Enough varied menu and a good result.


In the early days may cause ill health. In addition, this diet should be used with caution in the presence of chronic diseases.

Summary and reviews

Hollywood diet, diet, nutrition, weight loss, diet

It should say at once that in the same weeksuch a diet is unlikely to succeed to throw the promised weight. The result is usually more modest. And to lose as much will not work even with the hard version of the diet. Also, do not forget that the Hollywood diet focuses on dramatic weight loss, which is detrimental to health. To much to lose weight, you need to minimize the amount of food to the limit. Although more efficient will simply move the menu, ie. E. For breakfast to eat lunch menu, and dinner eat what is intended for dinner. At night, it is better to eat what is on the menu are advised to eat for breakfast.

In general, for any variant of the Hollywood dietusually marked by severe occurrence, t. e. body in the first few days to get used to the new diet. Some products are better to replace. After all, some of the dishes can not even be edible. Although from the positive moments worth noting the refusal of sugar, salt, bread and alcohol. All of this only benefit the body. In addition, a combination of chicken, eggs, lean meat, fruits and vegetables can be called healthy food. In general, this diet is well suited for those who need to lose a few extra kilos, and quickly. Among the negative sides mymedinform.com would like to mention a large amount of coffee. This amount of coffee just bad for the body, especially for people with heart disease. In addition, according to endocrinologists, Hollywood diet refers to the unbalanced diet and may lead to further metabolic disorders that negatively affect the health and well-being. Grow thin with the mind!

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