Liepaja diet

This incredible diet completely destroys all the stereotypes. The new diet - a new approach and new results ensures osnovopolagatel this method of getting rid of the extra kilos - Leo Hazan.

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Perhaps this diet has become a legend. In recent years, it has become incredibly popular - many women managed to return to their previous forms precisely thanks to the Liepaja diet. Her secret is simple - products are selected in such a way that a person does not notice that he is forced to "diet". In addition, it is not necessary to make sacrifices and limit yourself to delicious food. And yet, many will find this condition unbelievable, but ... any physical activity while following the Liepaja diet is prohibited! This condition is caused by the fact that during active physical exertion the body loses calories, which means that they must be restored. A replenishment of the lost, as a rule, implies the use of high-calorie foods.

About diet problems

The main objective of this method of getting rid of unnecessarykg is: man must learn that the body will accrue to a small amount of food. That is - to eat need to learn a little. Yes, it will be difficult, so the developer of this kind of diet advised to adhere to the basic rules are not alone. The ideal situation would be if a diet will abide by all the family members or more of its members. At first it will be difficult, because in order to separate the right amount of food, you need to just measure it with a special volumetric glassware. But this is only the beginning.

The success of the method

diet, Liepaja diet, nutrition, weight loss, diet

As mentioned earlier, by using this type of diet, a person begins to lose weight quickly, but he was not hungry. You need to comply with these conditions to diet really worked:

  • comply with the menu definition that signs by day;
  • monitor the size of servings eaten;
  • eat at least three times a day with an interval of no more than five and a half hours;
  • night's sleep should last no less than eight hours;
  • going to bed and waking up should be at one and the same time;
  • no snacking between meals;
  • not to drink alcoholic beverages;
  • drink a sufficient amount of purified water without gas, but not less than almost two liters in the cold season and more than two liters in the warm. Coffee and juices are not included in this amount of liquid;
  • constantly make skin massage, mask, body wraps, so that the skin does not sag;
  • after being held a month diet, be sure to include the reception multivitamin complexes;
  • every day to measure blood sugar level and monitor pulse and blood pressure.

Full diet course is designed for three to four months,and in the first two months of the menu is made on the basis of virtually the same dishes the same amount, the one constant is present in the dish each day of the week.

After eight weeks passed, menulittle changed, as people have already achieved some success. By the way, Leo Hazan monitors the status of each of his patient, and depending on the result, selects the individual menu. Sam nutritionist believes that it is possible to do without his advice and diet remotely, but direct contact with the dietitian will help avoid mistakes and be on the right track.

The result of each person who startedstick Hazan recommendations may be your own. Number kilograms lost will depend on what was the original weight of the patient. If we are talking about a person having a weight of about 120 kilograms, and that he will be able to lose thirty or forty. If the person weighs eighty kilos - he can lose less, somewhere around twenty kilograms.

Many people ask this question, how oftenyou can stick to this diet method to that dietitian strictly answers - once in a lifetime. After achieving a result, a person should always (!) To play sports, swim or run, do fitness and continue to eat small portions.

About contraindications

Liepaja diet is not recommended to follow for people who suffer any chronic disease. It is undesirable to start a diet:

It is forbidden to stick to a diet during breastfeeding and during pregnancy.

Other contraindications not, in any case, a consultation with a dietitian is required.

Nutrition Plan for seven days

diet, Liepaja diet, nutrition, weight loss, diet

Just be prepared for what to eat have not, as it was previously.

Basic cooking recommendations: a side dish of vegetables should be prepared according to the basic recipe menu the initial days. This applies to salad and beef salad. A piece of bread should be the size 50h80h10 mm, or a little more to the additive is allowed to add a piece of bread the size of 60h90h12 (15) mm.

Weekly Meal Plan:

  1. Monday. For breakfast, drink a large cup of coffee (200 ml), eat a slice of bread with butter and cheese. Cheese finely cut. At lunchtime soup in meat broth or hot sauce volume of 15-160 ml, a bit less in terms of vegetable side dish of three vegetables (eg beetroot, cabbage, peas) and season with lemon juice. Drink a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice. For dinner, cook potatoes (two pieces), beets, carrots, and add sauerkraut, pickles, a little onion - all season with a spoon of olive or sunflower oil, a large spoon, or any canned fish roe, bread. The choice - a cup of yogurt, juice, tea or coffee (with milk).
  2. Tuesday. Breakfast consists of tea or coffee, a sandwich with a slice of meat and butter. At lunch you can eat freshly prepared fish or other seafood sauce and vegetable garnish. Drink a glass of fruit juice with no added sugar. For dinner, cook meat salad of boiled potatoes, meat, peas, eggs. Add pickles and fill spoon of sour cream (can be and mayonnaise). Drink a glass of kefir, tea or juice.
  3. Wednesday. Tea or coffee and two and a half eggs. For lunch eat 150-160 grams of meat and a little less than a vegetable side dish. Drink a glass of fruit juice. For dinner, eat a salad serving (120 ml), a spoonful of caviar or fish preserves, bread and a glass of kefir, tea or juice.
  4. Thursday. Tea or coffee, a sandwich with a slice of meat and butter. For lunch eat fish main dish with vegetables and drink a glass of fruit juice. At dinner - meat salad and a glass of tea, yogurt, juice or water.
  5. Friday. Tea or coffee, bread with butter and cheese. At lunch meat main course with vegetables, a glass of fruit juice. For dinner, salad, spoon of canned fish or eggs, a cup of yogurt, tea, juice, coffee, or water.
  6. Saturday. Coffee or tea, bread, butter, cheese. At lunch hot fish dish with vegetables, drink a glass of fruit juice. For dinner, meat salad, bread and a glass of any liquid (previously listed, you can drink).
  7. Sunday. A day to eat cottage cheese - 300 grams, two spoons of honey, a dozen walnuts, two apples. Half a liter of milk divided into small equal portions and drink before meals. Drink purified still water.
  8. After the first month is included in the dietprocessed cheese (on Fridays) and a few pieces of dry biscuits. Two months later, you can do one day of rest - this day is drunk throughout the day, seven glasses of kefir and eat a kilo of any fruit that do not have a high sugar content.

Every day, remember to drink plenty of purified carbonated water.

If you have broken a diet - nothing terriblewill happen. In this case, one has to rely on its responsibility, it depends on you rapid approximation to the desired weight. If there was a bobble, analyze their behavior, and the next day go back again to the diet menu. Good luck!

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