What you need to know when buying mineral water

Currently, most preferbuying drinks for your family in the store. Deficiency in this. And if the choice of plain water does not cause much difficulty, it is not so simple with mineral water. Taste the quality of all mineral waters are different, and different in composition. Let's see, what to look for when buying mineral water.

Currently, a few housewives cook at homecompotes and jellies. The vast majority prefer to buy drinks for your family in the store. Especially since the deficit in this. On the shelves in supermarkets are a variety of carbonated drinksJuices and nectars. Who does not surprise anyone already selling iced tea in a bottle or birch sap. However, do not cease talking about the dangers of such beverages to juices and nectars contain a huge amount of sugar in the cold teas, in addition to sugar, acidity regulators, and add flavorings and carbonated beverages are generally better suited for cleaning the kettle from scale. Therefore, many prefer the usual natural drinking water or mineral water. If the choice of plain water does not cause much difficulty, it is not so simple with mineral water. Let's see, what to look for when buying mineral water.

Who and what water you can drink?

Purchase of mineral water
Taste the quality in all the different mineral waters. Some water more salty which a neutral taste. The taste of mineral water depends on its chemical composition. By the degree of mineralization of water, divided into: medical, medical-table and dining.

Therapeutic mineral waters They contain a lot of salt, natural gas, andchemical constituents (sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium and so on. p.), taken for medicinal purposes is strictly prescribed by a doctor. Healing water prescribed for diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver, gallbladder and biliary tract, pancreas and metabolic diseases. Such water should not be drunk in large quantities and uncontrollably. The dose and the time of reception and establishes the doctor. As a rule, drink healing water on an empty stomach before meals. Sale of water treatment mainly in pharmacies, stores often you can meet medical and table water.

Medical-table mineral waters salts contain less than therapeutic. Readers of our site is useful to know that such water can be consumed as a drink, but regularly it should not do. Systematically medicinal purposes medical-table mineral water worth taking if you appointed doctor.

Dining mineral waters They contain small amounts of minerals- About 1 gram per liter. Such water improves digestion, but do not have any beneficial effect on the organism. Therefore, you can use them as a normal drink in any quantity.

Groups of mineral waters

Purchase of mineral water
On the composition of mineral water also differapart. Depending on what is a member of a particular mineral water, different indications for human consumption various mineral waters. For example, for a patient with a peptic ulcer is a water-to-use, and the other, on the contrary, can hurt. Therefore it is very important to know what kind of water can be used, and the consumption of which should be avoided.

Most common on the shelves of the store andpharmacies types of mineral waters: magnesium sulfate, bicarbonate and sodium chloride. Of course, the nature and production are much more species of mineral waters, including complex composition capable of affecting various complex body disease. But we will focus on the most common types.

So, hydrocarbonate mineral water indicated for use with ulcers andgastritis with high acidity. This type of water level in the body reduces the hydrogen ions that are responsible for the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. After receiving the hydrocarbon water a human extends heartburn, belching is eliminated, as well as a feeling of heaviness disappears. Such waters are shown and those who have in the stomach and intestine produces large amounts of mucus, because the alkali contained in the hydrocarbon waters, it is well dissolved. However, these waters are absolutely contraindicated for people suffering from gastritis with low acidity.

Sodium chloride water designed for gastritis with low acidity. This type of water stimulates the secretion of gastric juice in the body, enhances the secretion of digestive glands, improves digestion and assimilation of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Accordingly, sodium chloride water is not recommended to use for people suffering from gastritis with high acidity.

Sulfate-magnesium mineral waters have a choleretic effect. Therefore, they are shown to people with liver disease, biliary tract and gallbladder. Due to the action of magnesium sulfate treatment of liver cells begin to increase the formation of bile, as well as the conditions that prevent the formation of stones. Contraindicated water consumption of such children and elderly women.

What to look for when reading the information on the label?

Purchase of mineral water
The information on the label is very important, so it is worth reading before you buy mineral water. Readers of our site should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • name of the artist, the kind and the type of mineral water. For example, under the name of the label is written: "mineral medical-table water" - this kind of water. As a rule, it will be indicated below: "sulfate-bicarbonate calcium-sodium" - a group of water. Carbonated or non-carbonated - is a type of mineral water;
  • shelf life. It is better that he is not coming to an end, because over time, the mineral composition changes and the end of the shelf life it will be somewhat different than immediately before the spill;
  • GOST. Probably one of the most significant indicators. As a rule, mineral water bottles sold in stores, you can meet GOST 13273-88. Not so long ago came into force a new GOST R 54316-2011 ??. In any case, it is GOST indication that the mineral water meets all the requirements of the standard and safety. If there is no information about the guest, there is reason to suspect that the mineral water poured out of the hole, which opened a Uncle Bob at his dacha. In other words - it is most likely fake. If the label will indicate that the mineral water is made according to the technical specifications (TU), it will also indicate that it is not a fake in front of you. But keep in mind that companies are developing their own specifications, so to judge the quality of mineral water is difficult;
  • list of minerals that make up themineral water. Even if school chemistry lessons left for you in the past, do not be afraid of strange symbols and names of chemical elements. Information about how many agents which are contained in a bottle of mineral water, is required. Most often, it is listed as a small table;
  • laboratory data. Laboratory inspections should be conducted every five years. Therefore, you should pay attention to the date of the last such inspection. If the date indicated on the label than five years old, you should not take this water. If the date is not specified, trust a mineral water is also not advised;
  • indications for use. It is not necessary, but conscientious manufacturers specify a list of diseases for which should be mineral water. Some are limited to the words: "is shown in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract." But this information is too general, so, for sure, will not be useful to you. Recommended still pay attention to the mineral water on the label that specifies the list of diseases;
  • number of the source or well number. Of course, the better will be the water that spilled directly from the source. And if so, then this information will be reflected necessarily in the label.

All of the above items should be listedon the label. We recommend that you have to read not only the name and the group to which the mineral water, but also the rest of the information. This will help you to purchase high quality natural mineral water. Otherwise you risk to buy a fake.

Natural or artificial mineral water?

Currently, many stores soldmineral water, which is very difficult to make a choice in favor of a particular brand. Along with the natural mineral water which diffused from the source, is produced and artificial mineral water. The composition of such water is fully consistent with the natural. Manufactured artificial distilled water on the basis of quality drinking water or with the addition of mineral salts. The resulting carbon dioxide saturated water, bottled, sealed and shipped for sale. On the labels of bottles of the inscription must stand: "Artificially mineralized mineral water." It argued that the artificially produced mineral waters are not any good for the human body. Naturally, it is much better to buy the natural mineral water that spilled from a known source. Artificial water are often used in canteens and as a beverage. Typically, in such waters few useful features, but also harm to health, they can not.

If among the huge variety of drinksstores shelves you're staying on mineral water, then made a healthy choice. However, go to the purchase of mineral water seriously. Remember that regular use can only be table mineral water. Medical and medical-table mineral water should be drunk only on prescription for the treatment of existing diseases or to restore the work of certain organs. Keep in mind that among the mineral water producers enough of those who produce low-quality water. Therefore, to avoid buying fake, carefully read the label and understand the data given there. Give preference to natural mineral waters.

We hope that these simple rules will help you make the right choice.

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