Montignac Diet

Montignac Diet was developed by the famousFrench nutritionist Michel Montignac. Michel himself had problems with being overweight. So he knows from experience how it can be difficult to get rid of the hated extra kilograms. His research and his own experience taught him that power to be feared is not the calories and bad eating habits.

Since the introduction of this diet has quickly gainedIt is known all over the world. It is believed that she could make a real revolution in the field of diet and weight loss field. She actually offered a new approach to weight loss.

Starvation diets, which existed before,It was too hard. In particular, they are extremely limited both the quantity and calorie intake. Because of this, many of the diet was very difficult to sustain. People who stick to their tried, experienced a strong sense of hunger, weakness and fatigue. In addition, due to a sharp calorie restriction subsequently discarded weight was typed again, when people return to a normal diet.

diet Basics

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The basic idea behind the Montignac diet is notreduction in food intake and a decrease in fat and carbohydrate intake. This diet is simple enough. Only it will have to carefully examine the table of products and their compatibility glycemic index. This indicator characterizes the quantityGlucose, which remains after the consumption of the product. In addition, it is important to understand which products, in what quantities and in what proportions can be used.

According to this diet, the most dangerous productsThey are products that increase in blood glucose level. Of course, to be absolutely unchanged sugar just can not. Its increase depends directly on the products, which consumes a person. Use only approved products will allow to maintain the amount of glucose that is needed by the body's needs. If there is a "bad" product, the glucose in the body is in excess, which may be deposited as a result of excess kilos.

The question arises as to which products can beeat and what is not necessary. And then the products according to this diet may be separated by the same glycemic index. It is believed that the higher glycemic index, the worse the product. Speaking specifically about numbers, it must be said that if the product glycemic index greater than 50, then this product is considered to be poor. Consequently, the products that have an index of less than 50 - are considered good. That is, foods whose glycemic index above 50, should be excluded from the diet completely. Especially in the first stage of the diet. In the second step may be different relief. If the figure is 20-50, these products are allowed to be consumed in food, but it certainly needs to be done at intervals of not less than three hours before the consumption of bad foods. In that case, if the glycemic index of the product 15 and less product is permitted to consume virtually no limitations. Thus, these products are allowed to combine freely.

diet Phases

glycemic index diet, diet Montignac, nutrition, weight loss, diet

Menu the first phase of the diet may be aboutfollows. So, breakfast is recommended to start with the fruit. This is due to the fact that the fruit is best stimulate bowel rapidly digested prevent constipation and is well absorbed by the body. This breakfast should be dense. It should contain carbohydrates, protein and fiber. For example, for breakfast, you can eat low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese can also be a piece of brown bread or oatmeal. It is also recommended to add oatmeal, low-fat dairy products or can jam, but without sugar.

During breakfast, the second should not be present carbohydrates. You can eat, for example, cottage cheese, cheese, fried egg and ham.

As for dinner, it must necessarilyinclude lipids and proteins. It is important that the food was not greasy. Generally bad carbohydrates should be completely excluded. So, for lunch as the main dishes can be fish, meat or poultry meat, which is cooked on the grill. At the same time as a garnish, you can use a salad of fresh vegetables. Not to be used in the diet of beets and carrots. For dessert, you can cheese without bread and 125 grams of cottage cheese or yogurt.

Dinner, as mentioned, to be the mostlight. At the same time it can be a protein-lipid or protein and carbohydrate. And the meal should take place no later than 19 hours. For dinner suit vegetable soup made of vegetables allowed. The diet can include poultry, eggs and fish. It should be avoided different sausages. The fact that they contain in their composition at least a little, but still meat. In addition, many such food contains soy and various harmful chemicals. The dinner best products include the lack of fats which consist of a carbohydrate with a large number of fiber. Well suited in this case tomatoes, low-fat cottage cheese, beans, eggplant, lettuce and cauliflower.

At the second stage the diet should be excluded fromdiet all flour products and bread. As for butter, it is necessary to replace it on the vegetable. At the same time there should not be any alcohol, especially on an empty stomach.

diet pros

glycemic index diet, diet Montignac, nutrition, weight loss, diet

This is a fairly balanced diet. Subject Montignac diet through the consumption of vegetables, meat and other foods, the body will do a lot of vitamins. In addition, the person on this diet will not feel hunger. After all, he himself will choose their own products that are permitted diet and are very nutritious. If this diet is allowed, there are pastries and sweets. The main thing - it is not abused. In general, the author of the diet in their work have a variety of dishes that can be prepared in compliance with this diet. The great advantage and notes that discharge weight is not reached again, when one after the diet returns to his normal life.

diet cons

Some ready-made meals that are fullvarious components can not simply approach you though their components are aligned with each other. In general, it is desirable to have each product separately. In addition, when a diet is difficult to find a suitable main dish, and it can deliver psychological discomfort. You also can not forget about contraindications. The diet is contraindicated in pregnant women, people with impaired metabolism, People with gastrointestinal diseases, children and young people before puberty, mentally ill people and people who are recovering from a long illness.

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