Potato diet

Potatoes contain a considerable amount ofvitamins and at the same time he malokalorien. This potato can be considered a very nutritious and useful product for our health. In particular vitamin C, which is available in root vegetables, is essential for immunity, and potassium - is very important for the normalization of the cardiac muscle.

Why potato?

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Potatoes today is rightly called a second bread. Without it, it is simply impossible to present their menu. When the vegetables are entered in the human diet, then it began to gradually replace products which were used before. In particular, they were driven products, which were prepared from crops, as well as dishes of vegetables such as radish, turnip, rutabaga and turnip.

Dishes made from potatoes, differenthigh nutritional value. In particular, in such dishes contain proteins, carbohydrates and fiber. Besides potatoes it contains in its composition pectin and malic acid, oxalic acid, citric acid and other organic acids, phosphorus, potassium, vitamins and vitamin A group B. The average potato tuber consists of 79% water, 17% starch, 3% nitrogen compounds and 1% ash.

Because potatoes contain potassium,it promotes the excretion of excess moisture. By the way, new potatoes boiled in their skins useful, t. E. Crude. The peel when cooking does not leach out beneficial soluble substances.

In any case, everything should be in moderation. Potato consumption in the right and moderate amounts helps to improve health. In particular, the use of potato helps bowel cleansing and restores metabolism. While excessive use can damage and lead to irreversible processes.

"Potatoes" slimming

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This option allows you to throw food to 0.5 kilograms per day. The menu may be similar to the following:

  1. In the morning a breakfast drink a glass of skim milk or low-fat yogurt can be a glass.
  2. For lunch, we prepare no more than 300 grams of mashed potatoes, to be cooked on the water and with a minimal amount of salt.
  3. for dinner the evening make potato salad with two boiled potatoes in their jackets, one boiled egg, black pepper, a pinch of salt and three teaspoons of vegetable oil.

During the five-day potato diet is recommended to take complex multivitamins. This is necessary to ensure that the body receives all the necessary components for its functioning. Repeat this diet can be only in a month.

Potato diet for 14 days

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The menu of this diet option consists only ofone potato. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to take vitamins during it. In order to conduct a diet for 14 days, you will need one and a half kilograms of potatoes for each day. At the same time, during the first four days you need to bake potatoes in the oven. One and a half kilograms of potatoes for each day should be divided into six equal parts. Each of these parts must be eaten during one meal, without adding oil, salt or anything else. Over the next five days, every day you also need one and a half kilograms of potatoes, but now in boiled form. In the last four days of the diet, you have the right to choose your own method of cooking potatoes. It does not matter whether it is cooked boiled or baked. In addition, in the last days of the diet, you can add a little olive oil and salt.

The most important thing during these fourteen days - do not peel potatoes, ie cook and bake for her directly in the skin...

It is also important for a diet to drink were abundant, but it should not be varied. So, you can drink non-carbonated mineral water and unsweetened green tea.

Potato diet for 7 days

This diet can only be repeated once every two months. In this case, one kilogram of potatoes should be divided into 5-6 meals. Do not add salt. It is allowed to sprinkle potatoes with various herbs. It will even be useful. In particular, you can use chives, parsley, dill and caraway seeds. If desired, during breakfast you can eat a small piece of bread with butter. For lunch, you can eat fresh vegetables. In particular, cabbage, carrots, onions and cucumbers can be used. Drinking green tea without sugar, mineral water and infusions of herbs is allowed.

Potato diet for 10 days

This embodiment diet is essentially softerone diet for 7 days. In the diet is added to 100 grams of cheese or cottage cheese. It is also recommended to add 200 grams of stewed vegetables, carrots, tomatoes and, if desired - to 50 grams of lean meat. You can also add to the diet of 1-2 hard boiled eggs.

Pros potato diet

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First of all, the potato diet is veryeconomical. After all, potatoes - a relatively cheap vegetable. It is a nutritious product, so people will not feel a strong sense of hunger. It should also be noted that the food from this root does not require time-consuming preparation. Potato diet and suitable for people who work. After all, potatoes can be eaten not only at home, but you can order it at a cafe. Diet this vegetable improves the cardiovascular system and normalizes blood pressure. In addition, the use of potatoes in order leads the nervous system, because it mitigates stress conditions.

Cons potato diet

Slimming potato - it's still mono-diet. Therefore, it can not be called a full-fledged food. If during a diet did not take effective vitamin complex, then a week later you may experience problems with the skin, nails and hair. Due to lack of vitamins can also worsen mood. In addition, before starting the diet be sure to consult a doctor.

In addition, such a diet is simply unsuitable forwinter, due to the fact that potatoes are able to accumulate starch. In this case, the effectiveness of the diet is reduced to zero. When stored for a long time, a lot of vitamins and other useful substances leave the potato. Therefore, when going to the store, our site recommends looking for younger potatoes. Due to the fact that potatoes are seasonal vegetables, this will not be easy.

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