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    You finally decided it was time to join thethe brave women who move around the city solely on the car? Then you need a good idea of ​​how this decision can affect your health.

    If you decide to become avtoledi ...The car is certainly very handy toolmovement. But for this convenience, we often have to pay for a variety of problems, mainly related to the length of stay in a static sitting posture. Because of this, there are congestion in the pelvis and spine problems that experiences in the sitting position enormous load - doctors estimate that motorists complain of pain in the spine are three times more likely than those who use public transport.

    Do not be afraid, this is not a reason toto give pleasure to become avtoledi. You just need to make sure that the driver's seat in your car has been well maintained and orthopedic back. It is also desirable to enter into the complex morning exercises circular motion in the lumbar spine, all kinds of flexion and extension. Better yet, go to the fitness center, where a specialist will prepare a special set of exercises for you. In addition, now that you're in the car, get to the gym will be much easier. However, we must remember that even with diligent execution of appropriate exercises, back pain and muscle are still possible. So that they do not distract your attention from the road, add a first aid kit in a car outside an effective pain reliever, such as Voltaren Emulgel. Not only does it help relieve pain, but also to cope with inflammation.


    Many women have sat down behind the wheel, oftenfaced with the fact that they are presented with unpleasant surprises ... their own feet. It would seem that the car, on the contrary, should relieve them of stress, and there is only avtoledi gracefully flutter from interior and ambled off to conquer new heights. However, it turns out the opposite is true: fatigue, feeling of heaviness and swelling, even - that the price paid for addiction to avtoprogulkam. Incidentally, these are the first symptoms of venous insufficiency, and doctors have estimated that women spend long hours behind the wheel, the risk of this disease increases and a half times! But not all so sad. Save the beauty and health of the feet is possible by means of exercise (try, nevertheless, do not forget that it is - walking), special compression stockings (check with your doctor what is right for you), and modern drugs, such as venoruton. And when you're stuck in traffic jams or at traffic lights, take a rule pritoptyvat feet, it improves circulation. Good effect as a douche, it will not only hardens the vessels and stimulates blood circulation, but also normalizes the nervous system, and to you, especially the first time behind the wheel, have repeatedly nervous.


    Another unexpected problem that oftenfacing motorists - it's cold, and they often pursue drivers in summer and winter. In the warmer months, as a rule, "hello" from the air conditioner. However, this does not blame the device itself, and our impatience: getting hot with street people in white-hot interior, the driver first of all trying as quickly as possible to fill it with the coveted cool. The main thing is to keep a sense of proportion and remember that the safest health experts believe the temperature drop to 10 degrees. In winter colds too often blame themselves motorists who want to take a seat in the cabin, without waiting for it to warm up. In promorozhennaya night car from breathing increases the humidity and getting colder, not to mention chilling effects on the body, which has a car seat. Therefore, experienced drivers with good reason believe that it is better to walk around the car, waiting for the interior thoroughly warmed. And just in case if these measures will not work, and you feel that cold strives to disrupt your plans for the day, you should have at your fingertips a comprehensive remedy for colds and flu, which gets rid of all sickness symptoms, for example, such as Theraflu Ekstratab.

    But in general, when choosing a medication for anydisease, you will now have to be sure to pay attention to whether they can be taken to those who drives a car - this information is necessarily contained in the instructions. Be aware that codeine, are sometimes encountered in analgesics (eg, Pentalgin, solpadein, Efferalgan UPSA) and certain drugs for cough, can give you a nasty surprise when a blood test during a medical examination devices can take it for a controlled substance, because then you can even lose the rights.

    As you can see, prevent or overcome anya problem that occurs in women at the wheel, it is not difficult. But it is practically impossible even to list the wonderful feelings experienced avtoledi when confidently conquers the space on their favorite car!

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