Women's diseases


Women's diseases
In the course of carrying out diagnostic studiesWomen calls on gynecological and other inherent in the female body disorders is determined primarily by diseases such as uterine fibroids, cervical erosion, various types of cysts, and is not limited to the female reproductive system, and fibrocystic disease or breast, which meets more than 30% of the female population of reproductive age and is often a co-morbidity with existing endometriosis and uterine myoma.

Uterine fibroids occurs in approximately one-thirdadult female population of the planet, being a good-quality education, which gets its development in the muscle tissue of the uterus. The main reason that may cause fibroids - a substantial violation of hormonal background of the female body, occurring intrauterine inflammation, surgical treatment, pregnancy termination.

Probably one of the most common femaledisease is cervical erosion, which occurs due to the presence of genital infections, a significant imbalance between saprophytic and pathogenic vaginal flora, existing menstrual irregularities and hormonal levels.

The following disease - is an ovarian cyst,representing a cavernous formation having liquid contents, which arose due to problems with delayed secretory functions, and especially at elevated fluid secretion. Mostly cysts are formed in the ovary, at least in the epididymis of the ovary. Cysts are not tumor, and are not able to malignant degeneration as their composition is not involved tissue neoplasms.

As already mentioned above, except for ovarian cystsThere is another unpleasant disease - fibrocystic disease or breast, which manifests the formation of benign tissue in the breast. Its causes are still not fully clarified, although modern medicine provides us with mastitis, as the cause of hormonal imbalance of the female body, caused by a deficiency of the hormone progesterone and an excess of estrogen hormones.

Factors conducive to the emergence and development of mastitis:

  • a large number of abortions without the normal course of pregnancy and childbirth;
  • lack of breast-feeding or short duration;
  • the absence of a regular sexual life;
  • hereditary factor, where the immediate family suffered from mastopathy;
  • presence of hormonal diseases - diabetes, endocrine system, liver, obesity;
  • unfavorable environment, constant stress.

In most cases, symptoms manifestedpainful sensations in the breasts, a worsening during the premenstrual period, which may be given in the arm or shoulder, as well as the presence of disease entities in the breast tissue.

Treatment of mastitis must be accompanied by diet and rejection bad habits.

Modern medicine is a large amount of drugs used for the treatment of fibrocystic disease, including vitamins, diuretics, anti-inflammatory, and hormonal agents.

Each of the above diseases, in variousstages of development is subject to different therapies, until operational surgery. It is essential in the early stages of the disease promptly seek medical attention. It is particularly important to carry out the early stages of hormonal stabilization if its imbalance is present, which applies progestins, antiestrogens, androgens, prolactin inhibitors. From useful vitamin E are tocopherol acetate, A, B1, B6, antioxidants, iodine-containing formulations. However, the appointment is not always made promptly and to the fullest extent contribute to the recovery of patients, requiring the introduction of complex therapeutic measures and appointments of additional drugs that improve the overall condition of patients and lead to better health as soon as possible, up to a full recovery.

Women's diseases
Especially important to use homeopathic remedies andherbal medicine, the use of which has recently assumed a particular status, such as the drugs are not harmful to the organism because it does not contain synthetic chemical components. Modern medications, such as Medtsivin, Tsivilin and Livitsin differ in having an impact, nevertheless integrated reception of all three drugs can achieve unique results in the treatment of common gynecological diseases.

The uniqueness and innovativeness of these drugsis that Medtsivin restores hormone balance in the body and to stabilize the immune system Livitsin normalizing blood microcirculation in healthy cells near the foci of the disease, promotes replacement of diseased cells and healthy stimulates resorption fibrocystic Sites, seals and Tsivilin leads to the removal of inflammatory processes and the collapse of cystic formations.

As a result of the use of such a powerful ligamentnatural herbal products leads to an increase in the therapeutic effect in the treatment of complex diseases, the possible elimination of the need for surgical intervention, if any, and it was inevitable, then to reduce the recovery period after such surgery.

Offered products are the result ofmajor proprietary research conducted by Russian scientists, made from ingredients exclusively of plant origin in the modern high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise that provides 100% guarantee of quality, but because of the passage of a successful clinical trial at leading medical institutions in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, the drugs recommended by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for use and authorized their sale through the pharmacy network in many countries.

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