Beautiful legs: Women's secrets


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  • Legs in the box, his legs in fishnet
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  • Beautiful legs: Women's secrets The cult of beautiful female legs began in ancientGreece. And in order to conform to the ideal and have a well-groomed feet, skillfully hide iyany if they were, of course, the ancient Greek beauties seek professional help, which is called "Kosmet". It was at that time began to actively develop cosmetology. So female legs in the truest sense of the word prompted the industry. A fashion went his own way and for centuries to hide women's charms under long skirts. Men had to admire the delicate feet and ankles, as if by accident peeping from under the lush crinolines. The twentieth century has changed everything. Daring Coco Chanel gave women a sweeping gesture trousers and little black dress.

    People prefer gentlemen?

    Women have the opportunity to show the beautifullegs, bring to mind the men and at the same time to evaluate the competitors. Long-legged charmer more effectively and look in a bathing suit and a mini-skirt and boring uniform elementary school teacher, in a word, everywhere and always. It is unrealistic to popular Marilyn Monroe tried to shift public opinion and focus on hair color, because gentlemen prefer blondes, but no, gentlemen, it turns out, prefer girls with beautiful feet. Truth is, time-tested. At any beach on any party, even at a business meeting, you will find confirmation of this: a woman who boasts legs easier not only to get acquainted with a nice young man, but also to get a lucrative contract, and at the same time to sign a couple of important documents.

    Four window

    Beautiful legs: Women's secrets
    Men who are not indifferent to women's legs, nonumber. They not only take pictures of them, sing in verse, draw and sing songs about them. They even managed to translate vu this beauty in a boring series of numbers. There are as many as 13 parameters of harmony and beauty legs. But the most well-known principles of "four windows".

    If you put your feet together, then they should4 only in the contact areas. The first "window" - between the foot and the ankle, the second above the ankle, followed by knee and finally, above the knee in the lower part of the thigh. That is, the last "window" should be the narrowest.

    And in order to further enhance the beauty of more thanlegs, chemists (and it was, of course, men!), invented nylon, nylon, polyester, and engineers - machines, which were manufactured and stockings and tights.

    Legs in the box, his legs in fishnet

    Unfortunately, sometimes beautiful women havewearing black pantyhose tight and wide shoes without a hint of heel. Of course, this is not the best way affects the appearance and mood of our heroines. But what to do:

    Beautiful legs: Women's secrets vascular "star" or "mesh" -dilated capillaries with a diameter of 0.1 to 2 mm, it is not necessary to show for all to see. The reason for their appearance is most often associated with varicose veins. In this case, it is better not to wait for deterioration (and it is, alas, inevitable), and as soon as possible consult a phlebologist (physicians involved in the treatment of venous diseases), or "stars" will turn into ugly sites that not only do feet ugly, but also create a serious threat to health.

    Be discouraged in any case it is not necessary: in the arsenal of modern medicine has accumulated extensive experience in dealing with this disease. More and more doctors prefer non-surgical treatments. Especially for those who suffer from this disease, invented and actively produce tights, stockings and socks, made of a special material that creates compression effect. Due to external compression of tissues decreases foot diameter vessels, and thus reduces the risk of developing varicose veins. Orteke interior specialists help you choose the type of article and tell us how not to be mistaken in size.

    And what can we do?

    Doctors do not tire of repeating, that the disease is easierwarn compression stockings are recommended to wear, and healthy people as a preventive measure, if they stay long at work in a standing or sitting position, move a little, are overweight, flat foot, are constipated, complain of fatigue in the legs by the end of the working day. Women who frequently wear high-heeled shoes, pregnant women are also at risk.

    Beautiful legs: Women's secrets To remove edema at the end of the day and get rid ofdiscomfort, can be recommended, except for proven Ginkor-gel Lioton gel, and even gel Veno Spray feet. The latter drug is pleasant and easy-to-use foam structures and substances that make up, help to improve circulation and tone of veins.

    Do not forget the gym: Even 5-10 minutes of training will help you to postpone the time when it is necessary to consult with phlebologist. The exercises are very simple: all the familiar "bicycle", kick their feet 10 times then left, then right. You can try to "draw" straightened legs in the air number from 0 to 10, and then, when after some time get used to it, add and count down from 10 to 0. Be sure to include exercises for the spine: arches gracefully as kitty, back . Breathe deeply and calmly.

    Choosing a healthy foot

    Beautiful legs: Women's secrets Very many women are familiar to the pain in the swollenevening feet, natopyshi and corn, from which so hard to get rid of. What to do: it is best to emphasize the beauty of the legs are narrow high-heeled shoes "bumps" on the big toe of the foot (or valgus deformity of the foot) appear just because of extended wear uncomfortable shoes.. Doctors learned to treat this defect painless conservative manner, resorting to surgery only in the most extreme cases. It aggravates the situation is that when a woman wears high heels, her calf muscles hardly reduced. The outflow of blood from the legs and lymph does not occur adequately, there is congestion, then the swelling due to excessive accumulation of fluid in tissues. And the price paid for the beauty is not inevitable. It offers not only a lady doctors and all the medical advances, but also special correctors to foot: silicone earbuds, a special cap for deformed fingers, convenient protective gel ring and much more. Orteke salon specialists will help choose not only offsets for foot, Gel for legs, compression stockings, but also a beautiful model of orthopedic shoes, because the tired legs sometimes need to take a break from heels

    Yourself masseur

    Even professional masseur may not bethe strength promassirovat places that are available to you will be using special massagers. Yes, and it does not always have the opportunity to visit a specialist. The effect will be practically after the first sessions. Total 5-7 minutes - and improve health, raise the general tone. And the impact on the feet can not be overestimated: increase the elasticity of muscle fibers, improving their contractile ability to recover function fatigued muscles. The bonus can be considered slow, but the right to get rid of cellulite.

    Add in salt baths, regular treatment feet with a pumice stone, umaschivanie special creams and dzheltelmeny will continue to fall to your beautiful legs

    BEFORE USING ANY MEANS prophylactic or therapeutic nature always consult your doctor!

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