How to clean the blood

Blood - important liquid in our body, whichIt ensures the health of every organ. If the blood there are any harmful substances and elements, then there is a serious problem, and to function as before the body can not, after all the blood is responsible for the quality and level of performance.

If suddenly you have handed over analyzes and have foundsigns of the blood levels of unwanted, harmful and sometimes dangerous substances, you must immediately take action - to do "spring cleaning" in their body.

Why is the blood to be cleaned?

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The quality of the blood depends on different factors. The healthier a person is, the better his blood. If you do not eat, drink alcohol, smoke, have a bad heredity, and, among other things, do not do anything to alleviate the condition of the body, there is a great risk of the spread of dangerous substances in the blood.

Most major factors supporting blood contamination:

  1. Smoking (tobacco smoke).
  2. Alcohol.
  3. Chronic diseases.
  4. The use of drugs.
  5. Junk food.
  6. Chemical compounds.
  7. Ecology.

As can be seen from the list, boasting clean,contaminated blood in our lifetime are one. But do not panic. Currently, anyone can decently get out of this situation, the benefit of that clean the blood is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

Purification of blood in a hospital

hemoglobin, blood, blood purification, blood vessels

Despite the fact that official medicine is notalways supported the traditional methods of treatment of a disease, periodic cleaning of the blood, doctors believe a necessary procedure for each person. For example, what are the most famous in the entire world tips: to improve the blood, it is necessary to eat red Products: pomegranate, beets, cranberries, cherries, etc. But there are also many other ways...

Popular traditional methods of blood purification:

  1. Tea, which not only cleans the blood, but alsooverall excellent strengthens immunity by engaging in the fight against various diseases. For the preparation of tea you need: Mix equal amounts rosehips and elecampane root (for example, 0.5 tbsp..), And then fill in the grass with water (5 liters). Put on the fire, wait until the water boils, slow fire and do not remove from heat for three hours. At the expiration of the time add to the broth St. John's wort (1 tbsp. L.), Oregano (1 tbsp. L.), Rose root (1 g), black tea (for 2 hours. L.). Leave to simmer for another hour. This tea can be drunk at any time and in any quantity. Remarkably, the herb from which you made the drink, can be used repeatedly - enough to fill them with water (3 L) and simmer (2 hours).
  2. Excellent tasty and healthy decoction thatIt purifies the blood! Calendula (50 g) cook for 30 minutes (in three liters of water). Set aside for 8 hours, after - strain, pour the juice of Viburnum (2 tbsp.) And honey (1 tbsp.). The broth mix thoroughly, pour into containers (eg bottles) and send in the refrigerator. This drink will need to drink on an empty stomach every morning for half cups.
  3. This infusion, despite the fact that it tastes"Not very", is full of vitamins. Taking this folk medicine, you will not only clean the blood, you add yourself strength and energy! All plants must be fresh! Take half a cup of herbs: nettle, dandelion (and it is necessary to use the whole plant - roots, leaves, flowers), add a tablespoon of tarragon and sweet flag root. Plants all kink in a meat grinder or chop the blender. Pour vodka (0.5 liters). Put for 10 days, wrapped in a dark and warm place. After the drain time. The infusion should drink twice a day (on an empty stomach) pre-diluted 1 hour. L. 50 g of water.
  4. hemoglobin, blood, blood purification, blood vessels

  5. This balm is not only cleans the blood, he giveshealth and vigor, improves heart function, and eliminating the multiple sclerosis. For the preparation of this wonderful tool you will need 200 grams of nettle and 0.75 liters of vodka. The grass lay in a glass jar, pour the vodka, a neck tie with cheesecloth. One day hold on the window, then - eight days keep in a dark place. At the expiration of the time - strain. Drink Balsa is necessary twice a day 1 tsp.. on an empty stomach in the morning and 1 hour. l. evening just before bedtime.
  6. This collection The blood - knownChinese method of improving the health, since it is perfectly cleared from the blood, and in general - the body of radioactive and heavy metals. This broth will be especially useful to those people who were exposed to radiation. To make it, mix: Astragalus powder puerarii (ready broth), violet (Manchu), as well as pay-codon Grandiflora. Drink daily for three weeks in a row steadily every year.
  7. Excellent tool that cleans the blood andvessels and gives a young body, improving its condition from the inside. This recipe is called "Seven glasses," because it uses the seven components and they should take one glass each. The composition is as follows: wine "Cahors, garlic juice, beet, carrot, radish and lemon and honey. Mix well and send in the refrigerator. Drink three times a day before meals for 1 tablespoon
  8. Another good product - parsley, it's greatIt purifies the blood and benefits the entire body. There are a few recipes. Mono mix for 1 hour. L. these seeds and 0.5 L of water. Infuse for 10 hours, then strain and drink 0.5 cups three times daily. And you can mix 2 tbsp. l. dried roots, and 1.5 cups of boiled water to insist for three hours, strain. Drink 1 tbsp. l. before each meal. This treatment should be carried out for two weeks, but can be longer and extend it slightly, depending on the state of health.
  9. Another great blood cleanser iswhite willow. Need 1 tbsp. l pour bark with boiling water and boil for 10 minutes. Insist one hour, then filter. Take three times a day on an empty stomach for 2 tbsp. l It is necessary to undergo a full course of treatment to see the result - it is 10 days.

Be sure before taking any medication - even seemingly harmless decoction of herbs, be sure to consult with your doctor!

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