Deviated septum

A prerequisite of our existenceIt is a constant flow of air to the lungs. Any disease that causes shortness of breath, brings significant discomfort in our lives. Congenital or acquired a deviated septum, not only interferes with the right to supply the body with oxygen, but also leads to various negative consequences.

This article try to tell in detail what is the disease, what are its symptoms and treatments.

What has been the deviated septum

deviated septum, nose, nasal peregorodska, fractures

This body is a plate,which divides the nasal cavity into two approximately equal parts. Front bulkhead consists of cartilage and rear - of thin bone, that are coated on both sides of the mucosa.

Because of various injuries or wrongthe development of the skull in the childhood, this plate is exposed to some distortion, which leads to a wrong or defective air entering through the nose. This problem can cause a dangerous complications: respiratory system inflammation, allergic conditions, neurotic disease, migraine, problems of the heart and urinary organs.

The main causes of disease

deviated septum, nose, nasal peregorodska, fractures

The disease, as well as any other, is accompanied by certain symptoms, including:

  1. Difficulties encountered during breathing through the nose. In severe cases, it can not just difficult, but completely absent.
  2. Hearing loss - even one of the signsa deviated septum. The fact that the poor passage of air through the nose can cause insufficient ventilation of the middle ear cavity. Consequently, it may appear a certain disease called evstahiitom.
  3. Chronic forms of diseases of the respiratory system: sinusitis, Frontal sinusitis, sinusitis and so forth. Defective air flow into the sinuses creates prerequisites for the formation of the above conditions and the acquisition of their chronic forms.
  4. Snore during sleep - common symptom in violation of breathing.
  5. Changing the shape of the nose. Sometimes strong deformation partitions can be met and is a manifestation of the disease.
  6. Susceptibility to respiratory infections, which also has a long course and are often accompanied by complications.
  7. Chronic inflammation of the pharynx and larynx,arising due to difficulty in nasal breathing. A man with a deformed septum, often breathing mouth. This air is not sufficiently purified and rather cold, adversely affects the throat and tonsils, leading to constant colds.
  8. Recurrent nosebleeds while blowing your nose, which appear in response to injury thinning body mucosa.

The effects of curvature of the nasal septum

deviated septum, nose, nasal peregorodska, fractures

This pathological condition over time is able to lead to the following consequences:

  1. The deterioration of the brain, whichreflected in reduced attention and memory, slowing of thought processes. For pupils of schools and students, it is fraught with poor academic performance, in adults decreases efficiency, there is nervousness and recurrent headaches.
  2. Irregularities in the cardiovascular system. Air inhaled by the mouth, nose and not meets less resistance. This prevents the formation of the correct pressure in the chest, which leads to difficulties in the work of the heart.
  3. Have problems with breathing, which leads to disruption in the rhythm of the work light, the appearance of the night snoring, poor sleep.
  4. Abnormal development of bone in the front of small children.
  5. Poor oxygen entering the bloodstream. Inadequate supply of organs and tissues necessary substances released from the absorbed air, resulting in improper operation of the whole organism.

Diagnosis of the disease

To correct statement in patient diagnosismandatory should see a specialist, audiologist. Initially, he will examine the patient on the subject, it is not displaced if his nose in any direction and the same if his nasal cavity size.

After examination, the doctor must hold rhinoscopy. To do this, he carefully examines the sinus and identify all the twists and partitions projections. In some cases, a person may send an X-ray to determine the general state of the nasal cavity.

Methods for treating curvature of the nasal septum

deviated septum, nose, nasal peregorodska, fractures

With a slight curvature that does not deliverspecial inconveniences patient and does not lead to complications, most often no treatment is required. If the liver pathology is expressed to a large extent, is to remedy the situation have resorted to surgery - endoscopic septoplasty. It should be noted that the skin of the face is not damaged and the nose shape remains the same.

So, septoplasty - a surgical operation,carried out in order to correct the defects of the nasal septum and giving it a proper flat shape. This intervention refers to the so-called minimally invasive operations. Their difference lies in the application of modern techniques and tools to as little as possible to injure the involved tissue and avoid violations of the aesthetic appearance of the exterior.

Using special endoscopic equipmentthe doctor during surgery can easily see the entire field of activities, identifying it damaged areas. Using this technique in conjunction with a laser, the doctor with a jeweler's precision can remove the problematic part of the nasal septum and to avoid the risk of various complications.

With its small trauma and lack oflarge amounts of blood endoscopic septoplasty is quite effective and functional method of correction of the nose plate. During the operation, a specialist can monitor all their actions through a special monitor that helps him to not make even the slightest error.

If you're unlucky and you become the ownerdeviated septum, it is not necessary to be afraid of surgery. After a short time of the doctor, and a short recovery period, you can forget about the problem and to avoid severe consequences in the future.

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