Dynamic Gymnastics for children

When my daughters were young, their grandmother (mymother) came in horror, looking at the way we frolicked with them. They can be carried around the room for the legs, rocking from side to side. Or the handle. I call it a fuss, not knowing that the exercises will be systemized, theoretically grounded and start applying. Now it is - dynamic gymnastics.

When my daughters were young, their grandmother (mymother) came in horror, looking at the way we frolicked with them. They can be carried around the room for the legs, rocking from side to side. Or the handle. Or throw on the back, supporting per leg.

- Have pity on the child's hand tear off! - Mom cried and drank Corvalol. I give in and pitied. Do not children, and mother. And such an extreme, from her point of view, the fuss, we tried not to show it.

I call it a fuss, not knowing thatthe name of such exercises will be given soon. They will be systemized, theoretically grounded and will be used in many families. Now it is - dynamic gymnastics.

Dynamic gymnastics

Early childhood development: background

Nikitin. I will not dissemble, it was not my invention. Book Boris and Lena Nikitin "We and our children" came into my hands at the right time, when I was waiting for her first child. I took from their books the most important thing - ideology, and many practical tips. All that is considered appropriate. Including the early physical development of children.

It began with the fact that I overcame my fear andHe believed Nikitin. This - the main. As a result, both to 10 months started to walk, growing mobile and inquisitive, were serf zastrelschitsami, running barefoot through the snow, and early began to play sports. As for the mental development, in 1 year and 4 months they knew the alphabet, and to read the four were young philosophers. What, however, remain to this day.

Dynamic gymnastics

Recall 60-70 years, in our country, then the Soviet Union. The elder generation make it easy. The approach to the purely human material: the man - the body. And the body is imperfect, susceptible to disease, and that it survived, it must be protected from the adverse effects and cure. Thus were born in hospitals are not people, and patients. It was setup in the mass consciousness. From the first day the little man examined, searched deviation. And who is looking for - he finds. And he can get sick (see reference by disease, any disease can be chosen), so we have to live very, very carefully. Life - is a hard and terrible thing. In these circumstances, many families with the advent of the baby begins a never-ending marathon under the motto of "Lost."

Who thinks I exaggerate - esteem"Bury me for skirting" autobiographical novel Paul Sanaeva. Published in 2003, it still leads the bestseller lists of Russian.

Experience Nikitin family was at the time a breakthrough, something unusual, for some - a wonderful, for others - alas! - Wild.

Nikitin The basic idea of ​​the system - the person does nota piece of meat, as a spiritual being, have the ability from birth. Early body workout entails activation of different brain areas and, therefore, such a child is ready to develop mentally. Here it is - the early development of the concept.

If capacity is not trained, then they start to fade away and are lost - that is, the concept of development of creative abilities.

Finally, the concept of priority development: conditions for the development of the child should be prepared in advance, the desired him, he will find himself out of the proposed change. This is the basis and now: if the child is ready, he sits himself, turn over or get up too himself.

Sami Nikitin did not think about any scientificconcepts. They just lived, raised their seven children and happy life. Only later they decided to organize their parental experience and share it with those to whom it was interesting.

Their children have always been easy to wear, and sportsthe atmosphere is achieved simply: sports equipment were as common in the home, such as furniture. When rebyatnya doing something, they were given the freedom of creativity: the children choose their own classes, combining them with the sport.

Finally, basic. It is love and indifferent adults, their participation in activities, games and common activities. In case of failure of children never abused and criticized, and in the case of victories and achievements ALWAYS did not stint on the praise.

Academician Nikolai Amosov wrote about children Nikitin: "The main quality of their intelligence not nataskannost and prudence. They are not as erudite as problem solvers. "

I think we all want to see their children so. Right?

Charkovsky Igor Borisovich. The man on the other hand came to the issue of early childhood development and became the founder of the well-known throughout the Russian method of the world: these are the families in the water and swimming babies.

In 1963 Charkovsky being instructorswimming, brought back to life its Prematurity 6-month-old daughter Veta. The doctors unfortunately could not help it: while there was no necessary equipment for the care of children with weight - 1.6 kg. She was discharged from the hospital back home - to die.

You can imagine the despair of parents. Noting that while swimming my daughter feel good, Charkovsky did what no one has done before him. He built for her a small pool in which she spent most of the time the first three months of his life. By the end of this period, it is caught up in the physical development of their peers, and on and overtook them, before beginning to sit and stand, and in the first seven months of swimming with dad in "Moscow" swimming pool, diving to a depth of 4 m for a bottle of milk.

This unique experience is shared with Charkovskypeople: he nursed premature and weak children, engaging with them in swimming and water gymnastics. It helps women to give birth in the water, reducing this stress, which is produced by the baby is born and his mother. Conducts training of children "baby yoga".

Dynamic gymnastics

The basic idea of ​​the water training is simple: the human body is 99% water, and water is a natural element for him. When a person is born in the water, it is not exposed to stress such as during normal birth. Natural instincts of his body are not suppressed, and strengthen and develop the subsequent training and swimming. Moreover, the interaction begins at the stage of pregnancy when the expectant mother is floating and does special exercises, attaching it themselves and the unborn child to a new world.

As for my family, I have been unable togo to Charkovsky and give birth under his leadership in the water. And so I ... And then, the eldest daughter being pregnant, I enrolled in an ordinary city pool and swim there, shocking the audience growing with each passing day the stomach. People were not ready for such a spectacle in those years. And I did not react to it and testing for pregnant peculiar apathy easy, enjoying weightlessness. And a daughter from the first day was calm and balanced. As if wearing a recollection of serenity water element ... well, no other way to tell.

Arshavskii Ilya Abramovich. Head of the Laboratory of Developmental Physiology andPathology Institute of General Pathology and pathophysiology of AMI USSR, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor IA Arshavskii. Since 1966, his laboratory observations led the development of the Nikitin children. Theory and practice go hand in hand.

Laboratories Arshavsky was proposed fizi¬ologichesky principle klassifi¬katsii born children are not in weight and length of the body, and on their physiological prizna¬kam zre¬losti or immaturity.

At physiologically mature newbornreflexes are present: the grasping, sole, heel (or Arshavsky reflex) and others. This high performance general tone of the skeletal muscles of the newborn. And such a child is resistant to disease.

Contrary to the official medicine, Arshavskii thoughtthat the number one problem in health care is wrong. This is not a cardiovascular disease and cancer. Heading the list is to issue the physiological immaturity of the newborn, the main features of which - muscular hypotonia and lowered immunity. It makes itself felt endless colds, allergies and diathesis.

A few years later, the former physiologically immature children become chronically ill adults ...

What gives us Professor Arshavskii to compensate for this phenomenon:

  • early attachment of the newborn to her chest. According to data obtained by him in 40-50 years, these children suffer 3-4 times less often children deprived of mother's milk in the first few minutes of life;
  • to restore normal muscle tone and motor activity is recommended that a special system of hardening of the child;
  • more movement, exercise! Not under compulsion, but given the interest and well-being of the child. After slow sloths do not last long. And all centenarians energetic and moving people.

Sam Arshavskii lived 93 years old. His non-fiction works of "Art to be healthy", "Your baby may not get sick" and "your child. At the root of health "of the author have survived and continue his work.

Mikhail Trunov and Leonid China. In his book "Ecology of infancy", published in 1993, the authors write about the physical and mental health of children, love and harmony in families. And how to achieve them, which is not limited to the exercise. This book is about conscious parenting, for thinking and ability to solve problems of parents.

Their names are often mentioned in connection with the dynamic gymnastics and baby yoga.

The authors of the study are based on the IA Arshavsky, writing that "the muscular activity triggered the nerve centers of activity ... is probably the main factor determining the development of the brain, increasing its mass and thereby its information capacity."

Thus, developing a body of children, adults create preconditions for intellectual and mental health of children.

exercise conditions

Dynamic Gymnastics helps to correct such deviations as hypertonicity and hypotonia, asymmetry, clubfoot, torticollis. Exercise improves peristalsis bowel, Help with gas and constipation.

From the outside it looks like acrobatics: child literally fly, somersault, swinging, hanging on the arms or legs ... and laughing at the same time, or rather pokryahtyvaet. Unprepared viewer to look at it is scary. Or, at least, unusual.

Dynamic gymnastics

The impact of gymnastics is very versatile. Strengthens the muscles and joints, develops coordination of movements and vestibular apparatus. Metabolic processes in the body of the child is strongly stimulated by high energy costs. They begin to actively work all the internal organs, the body becomes a single coordinated mechanism.

trained body of a child has a particular frequency, it comes from a powerful energy. We see a cheerful child, rolling the big man with inexhaustible energy.

Such a child is curious, he is a researcher, his mind opened for creativity.

Here are a few rules in order to avoid possible mistakes and not to hurt the little man:

  • the child must feel equalpartner in communicating with the parents, and not the object of parental exposure. Dynamic exercises - this is not an experiment on an infant, and the continuation of friendly relations;
  • not have to do with the baby, in what are not sure themselves, which can be dangerous. It is the responsibility of adults - rely on intuition, feel your child;
  • You do not need to overcome resistance or protestchild and turn the gym in pursuit of athletic achievements. Sport should be fun. Here, the main achievement - the improvement of his health;
  • do not hold back, try to go to the upper level of children's abilities, the key word - development.
  • dynamic gymnastics Exercises

    A gymnastics starts with touching the baby, stroking movements and simple arms and legs: mating, breeding in the hand, stretching arms above the head, etc.

    Readers of our site should be aware thatrepetition of exercises described below, without the knowledge and confidence, which it will benefit your child is, not only can not help, but, on the contrary, harmful. Some exercises, taking into account the current state of health, may be absolutely contraindicated. Before applying the obligatory consultation with the doctor!

    Once we feel that we have established with thebaby contact, you can put it in the palm your thumbs. Usually the child reflexively compresses jaws, and then the rest podstrahovyvayas his grip with his fingers, we can do stretching.

    Exercise combined with massage and hardening. When they can start doing? From my own experience I would say that pulling with his daughters, I began to do in weeks of age. Gradually, they moved into visy and rocking when the child is taken by the handles and sway from side to side. This exercise is called "pendulum".

    Hanging on his hands in this way can the children with normal saline hypertonicity. If your baby is premature or ill, there is a general muscular hypotonia or ricketsExercises are contraindicated!

    In addition to his wyssachen two pens have exercises:

    "Cross" - from Davis pen is put aside, and the body is fed up sharply.

    "Spring" - a child's body is omitted in the vise down and pen at the same bend at the elbows.

    "Monkey" - the rocking of greater amplitude than the "pendulum" exercise.

    "Turns" - around the vertical axis, which can gradually move to the turns and rotations per hand.

    If the amplitude of the "pendulum" to increase, it is possible to do "Casting", when the child's body rests on your forearm or shoulder.

    Of course, the complexity of the exercises is gradually condition the baby - this is the only criterion by which to judge its readiness for the new exercise.

    You can vary the exercises, making not only capture "the handles themselves," ie, the child is facing you, but also "the handles away from you."

    There are more complex exercises in the vise on the two handles, "scroll", "Sun".

    The next group of exercises - it exercisesvise on the legs and face him face away from you. In hanging on the legs of the person himself go from a prone position on the back. Before that, of course, preparing the child stroking and stretching. Usually visy the handles and visy for legs begin to develop simultaneously.

    The principle of exercise in a vise on the knife is the same as the vise on the handles, the exercise is repeated. For example, a "cross", the rotation of one leg.

    And finally, these grips when the adult in one hand grip and the other leg of the baby, and also to face him and face away from you. "Pendulum" can be performed in the described seizure.

    There grip when an adult in one hand, the two handles, and the other - two legs.

    Or every adult hand trapped arm and leg of the child.

    you can do in these captures the same basic exercises and a few others.

    This is a short, is not a complete overview of the exercisesdynamic gymnastics. The older and heavier than the child becomes, the more necessary it becomes dad's help. After reaching one year of age exercises can continue as far as Dad or Mom strong enough to twist and twirl their child. And gradually introduce sports equipment and exercise them.

    In general, to raise the child on the book - the ideacompletely absurd and fruitless. It is written by the authors themselves, "Ecology of infancy". But in the book you can gain experience, everyone has his own will, unlike the experience of others.

    Because everyone can take what you need is his child. Himself the world's best kid!

    The views of parents

    Svetlana, mother of 1,5-year-Cenis. The fact that there is baby yoga, and dynamic exercises for the children, I learned when attending yoga classes for pregnant women.

    I did not have a particular instructor. Because on the internet I found a lot of literature on dynamic gymnastics, where there are pictures and descriptions of what you can do with children.

    We did not have any fears. My husband and I are engaged in sports, and are well aware that the physical development of children is good and mental development. I had a good feel your child, consider his mood and carefully dosed load. Seine If uncomfortable, we do not do this exercise and move on to the next.

    My husband and Andrey began to make Senyagymnastics to two months. First visy, rocking. Then more complex exercises. Now Senya already big and heavy, it's hard to keep it. So now with the son he is more concerned with the pope.

    Our Senya is now active, clever kid. He develops all the supervisory and new curiosity, he found. But in spite of mobility, he is cautious, rarely falls, because he feels his body. We do not know the children of the same age who are not engaged in gymnastics, and then we could compare their development.

    Of course, we plan to continue to engage with the entry. Here grows, it will pick up a sport for everyone. Maybe it will even yoga. We will see.

    It must be remembered that all the exercises are possible only with healthy children !!!

    Sergey and Katya's parents Alexandra 1 year 4 months. When we were in India, we met there with MarinaDadashova. We went to a seminar on its baby yoga, and Marina showed us what a dynamic gymnastics exercises we can do. In general, our nanny worked with Sasha 5 months different exercises, and later in India, it was found out that these were elements of gymnastics.

    We do not do all the exercises, but only those that she likes. More like it when we deal with it, rather than an instructor.

    Everything takes place in the atmosphere of the game: Sasha fun, she laughs. If there is a problem, one she did not want to stop training. However, now I added another one: Sasha became more difficult, but you have to do, swing muscles.

    We are pleased with Sasha and her condition. This gym has become so commonplace that it is difficult to say, "But if it was not ..."

    Now we are planning to put the house a sports complex. And be sure to write in the pool - Sasha loves water. And then - look older, and be sure to choose any kind of sport.


    Of course, people - more than the body. People are not animals, they tend to thinking and logic, compassion and sincerity. Conscience finally. And we are writing an article on the physical development of children: gymnastics, swimming, hardening. With this approach to the education of the crown of nature can be expressed as the mountain of muscle, while clever as a monkey, splashing, laughing, like a dolphin, in the icy water. But what about the intelligence, spirituality, and creativity?

    You do not need to look far for the answer. Truth is - it has long grown into the people's wisdom and reads as follows: mens sana in corpore sano. And the first wish of a person - it is the wish of health. Why? Recall itself in illness - even hard to think ... What is there creativity ...

    No, let's think positive: the health, the happiness! Let us create and feel your healthy body and see: yes, we about-ho-ho! All of life is yet to come!

    We have come up with so much and I will make!

    We construct, plant and give birth!

    And let's give this opportunity to our children.

    And my mother is proud of her granddaughter: "Our breed!". Another would be: as a schoolgirl, one - the master of sports, the other - razryadnitsa. Excellent learning, look great, and the first days of the students do not ask for money - earning themselves. "You dragged them by their legs ... Eeh !! You would be wrong! "

    Yes, I would be so ...

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