Methods for bowel cleansing

In the previous article we have already in commonterms to talk about cleansing the body, how, when and why it is needed. Now, I want to elaborate on bowel cleansing. Why is the total cleansing of the body should begin with bowel? It's simple - the intestine is the main highway along which like everything that enters the body.

Methods for bowel cleansing, how to cleanse the bowel
In the previous article we have already outlined to talk the cleansing of the bodyHow, when and why it is needed. Now, I want to elaborate on bowel cleansing.

The question arises: why the general cleansing of the body should begin with bowel? It's simple - the intestine is the main highway along which like everything that enters the body. And our food goes a long way, because the intestine length of about 3 meters. On the way out of the food nutrients are absorbed, but unnecessary and undigested gradually eliminated from the body in the form of ... you know what. On what do we clean the intestine? The fact that a part of the ballast substances remains in the intestines. Scary to think skinny-looking person can eventually amass a 20 kg fecal stones that will never go out naturally. These toxins do not lie dormant, but gradually begin to decompose, poisoning us with toxins.

When necessary purgation?

Colon Cleansing in the health facility efficiently, painlessly and without harm microflora
How do you know it was time to cleansebowel? Watch yourself: if you have irregular bowel (ie constipation, then diarrhea), frequent bloating, bad breath, fatigue, frequent colds, urgently needs to clean the intestines.

Colon Cleansing can be done with the help ofqualified physicians should contact the medical institution where you hold kolonogidroterapiya. In simple words - will wash the intestines water. Development of the procedure is constantly monitored by a physician who is very sensitive to your feelings. Therefore, the procedure is almost painless and very effective: you can completely wash out the colon and does not destroy the natural intestinal flora. Practiced even the introduction of bifidobacteria in the intestine itself, during one of the last on the washing procedures. When intestinal lavage performed soft hydro colon walls. intestinal villi are exempt from the stool, thereby increasing its suction capacity, and thus improves digestion. Most likely, after such a professional bowel cleansing, you lose a few kilograms of weight, but it will get excellent digestion and health.

Colon Cleansing at home

Mug Esmarch - one way of bowel cleansing at home
At home, you can spend cleansingintestine via enema. Be careful to place himself an enema, you need a certain skill and considerable skill. To put an enema, you will need a mug Esmarch (this capacity is sold in every pharmacy). The tip, which will be introduced into the anus should be boiled before use. Water enema should be clean, better boiled. The water temperature should be a little above room temperature. This is an important caveat: if the water temperature is equal to body temperature (+ 37 ° C), the intestines will not shrink, all two liters, which you yourself will join, would suck in the gut like a normal drinking water. And of course, you can not do an enema with hot water (above + 40 ° C), burn intestine. The easiest way to put an enema this: get up on all fours, hold your head down, one hand insert the tip of 5-7 cm and open the tap on the hose. Head all the time to keep lowered. After all the water go down (1.5-2 liters), remove the tip and try 5-10 minutes to keep the water inside. If plain water does not help cleanse the bowel, can be added to the water 0.5 teaspoon grated children's soap.

If you want to make a purgation inwhile constipation can put oil enema. To 50-100 ml of this is taken and vegetable oil in a heated form (+ 37C) is inserted into the rectum. Inject oil into the intestine can be a syringe or a syringe of a rubber catheter. Enema can be done even when hemorrhoidsOnly need special care with the introduction of the tip. Enema can not be done if you have an operation on the gut was held recently, there groin or abdominal hernia or bleeding of the gastrointestinal tract.

Receiving a laxative for bowel cleansing

According to experts, the best laxative cleans the intestines
If you do not suffer from constipation and do not want totinker with enemas, can once (!) take a laxative. Intestine cleared just after the enema. Modern drugs such as Fortrans allegedly specialists can replace several enemas in their effectiveness. However, these drugs are very expensive, but health is more expensive.

After cleansing the intestine are releasedvilli that have been clogged by slag deposits. Accordingly, improved absorption capacity and increases immunity. To enhance the effect of enemas or laxatives can drink course Bifidumbacterin or Linex. These drugs help to move the normal microflora in the liberated areas of the intestine. It is useful to give the intestines to relax after cleaning. Just starve 2-3 days, rid the bowels of the work on the digestion of food. During this time in the gut microflora recovers. And you will feel rejuvenated, headaches disappear, joint pain and spine.

Even difficult to imagine how much good can bring purgation. But just enough to clear the bowel. Other systems of the body, kidneys and liver, are enormous burden and suffering fromtoxins are not less than the intestines. A clean them is not so easy, because we can not wash the liver some water as it did with the intestines. Therefore, in the following articles in our website will tell you on how to cleanse the liverAnd then the kidneys.

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