How to choose contact lenses

Today, one in three people with poor eyesightHe takes off his glasses, to say goodbye to them, because there is a better way to see the world in all its colors - contact lenses. These soft "plates" of a transparent material, repeating the shape of the eye, a triumphant march planet - about 130 million people have already given them their preference in the world.

Advantages and disadvantages of contact lenses

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Lenses, unlike glasses, without the opportunity to giveLabour considered the world - they do not distort the image and not to limit the angle of view. This means that wherever you moved the eyes, without turning his head, still be able to see objects in fine detail. A second significant advantage of contact lenses - they are a delicacy. If they are chosen correctly, you never will be foreign body sensation in the eye, which is not true about the glasses, which are piled up on the bridge. That is of such a significant problem as poor vision, with lenses can and do forget. The lenses do not fog up, unlike glasses, besides specialized models to protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Modern materials of which are contact lenses, do not limit the supply of oxygen to the cornea, allowing the eyes to "breathe". Lenses - it's a lifesaver for people whose profession does not accept points (theater and cinema actors, athletes), and many motorists claim that wearing contact lenses gives them more confidence.

Indications for use of contact lenses are:

  • myopia and hyperopia;
  • keratoconus;
  • aphakia;
  • corneal protection and promotion of its healing.

However, where there are pros and there are certainlyminuses. First, the lens may not be comfortable - your eyes simply do not perceive them, responding to a foreign object tearfulness and severe irritation. However, the percentage of such cases is very small. Second, for all his versatility lens is very capricious - it is easy to break the awkward movement of his fingers. If you forget and rubbed his eyes, the lens can "crawl" under the lid - to get it out is difficult, often need to blink, so she began to place. If it's windy, it will bring a lot of trouble mote flew into the eye - will be very uncomfortable. Holders of long-haired cats, too, sometimes have hard times - their undercoat, more like a fluff seems to be just that and waiting to settle on the lens. Delete it without removing the lens, it is practically impossible. Contact lens wear is not recommended during cold - hard eyes secrete protein secretion, which immediately settles on the surface of the lens in the form of indelible small white dots, thus bringing her into disrepair. In other words, be prepared for the fact that sometimes it is necessary to buy a new pair of lenses, without waiting for the expiry date of the one wearing it.

In addition, there are contraindications to wearing lenses:

  • inflammatory or infectious processes (keratitis, blepharitis, conjunctivitis);
  • chronic eye allergy;
  • violation of the tear fluid;
  • reduced sensitivity of the cornea;
  • xerophthalmia (dryness of the cornea to the damage of tearing);
  • defaulting care and unmotivated use of contact lenses.

Types of contact lenses

eye, vision, contact lenses, Ophthalmology

selection procedure for individual contact lenses. You can not buy a lens with a go - wrong chosen harmless at first glance, a pair of lenses can turn a strong inflammatory reactions and complications from the eye. our website is strongly recommended that all beginners in the practice of wearing contact lenses for the beginning to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist. The doctor will determine the exact severity of your vision performance, assess the condition and tone the eye muscles, measure intraocular pressure. Besides, not necessarily to go to the clinic with the hated queues, today many vision correction centers using lenses offer competent professional services.

After a doctor determined with a viewsuitable for you contact lenses, you will be offered a couple of test specimens. It puts them to you for the first time the doctor, so to speak, clearly showing how it's done. you can try to put the lens on their own if you wish. You will have a 10 - 15 minutes, to make sure that the lenses are comfortable, and the doctor will assess whether they are properly fitting and check your vision. Prefer well-known and well-established brands of contact lenses (eg, lenses US firms «Baush & Lomb» and «Johnson & Johnson» has long occupied a leading position in the eye care market).

Care products and accessories for contact lenses

Choosing a lens, pick them a solution in whichthey will be stored. It should be multi-functional - a solution to cleanse and disinfect lenses cope with protein deposits on the lens surface and retain their physical properties. To a solution, of course, buy the container and tweezers can be individually can be in the form of a road with a cosmetic mirror (in appearance resembles a powder compact). These items need to be regularly updated every two - three months. Not stingy and buy also drops to increase the comfort of wearing lenses. They recommend that patients who are sometimes concerned about the dryness and redness of the eyes.

How to put on and take off contact lenses

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This procedure is very simple, but will have littlepractice. The lens must be placed on the pad of the index finger, after checking to see if it is turned inside out. The middle finger of the same hand you need to pull the lower eyelid (some more convenient to do it with the other hand, it is not essential). At the same time direct the gaze upwards and place the lens on the pupil. Slowly lower eyelid blink - the lens into place.

To remove the lens, it is necessary to delay the bottomeyelid middle finger and move the lens with the pupil on the white of the eye index. Then gently pinch the lens between your thumb and forefinger and pull it with my eyes.

Women should remember that wear lensesneed before applying makeup. Remove makeup from the face is desirable to have after you have removed the lens. If you wear contact lenses should be preferred cosmetic water-based. When buying decorative cosmetics pay attention to the letter V. A. on the packaging. They mean that the product has passed ophthalmologic control and absolutely not harmful for your contact lenses.

And finally ...

Clean contact lenses need to after youthey took off, but not vice versa. Each lens is intended for "their" eyes - remember, what right and what is left. Each time, after ejecting the lens from the container, the solution is poured out and replaced with a new one. Universal solution for cleaning and storing lenses can not replace normal saline - for lenses, he is absolutely not suitable. Always carry a container with a solution, as water, saliva and other fluids to clean the lens is strictly prohibited. Pay close attention to the terms of wearing their lenses, in time, replace them with new ones. At the slightest defect of the lens should be immediately sent for a new pair.

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