What if the voice was gone

This problem always occurs suddenly and putsin front of a bunch of questions. How to return the voice? How to do it quickly and correctly, not harming themselves with? Should I return the lost voice of a house or have to go to the doctor? Today we will try to provide you with answers.

The reasons for the loss of voice

sore throat, voice, vocal cords, throat, laryngitis, hoarse voice, catarrh

To know how to deal with the problem, forFirst you need to find the reason for its occurrence. The most common - a professional activity. Teachers, telephone sales managers, opera singers, lecturers inflammation of the larynx (in medicine - laryngitis) Is considered to be a common disease.

Loss of voice is also possible, if there wassudden overload of vocal cords, for example, if you had to perform at a major conference with the report. Sometimes this happens in the heat of an argument, in everyday life it is called "disrupt voice."

No less common cause of laryngitisIt is cold. And in addition to loss of voice may be no symptoms. Not many know that the chill larynx is very, very simple: talk enough in the cold or too cold drink fluid, eat ice cream. Chill - the worst enemy of our vocal cords, which is why the singers so carefully monitored to ensure that their throats were warm.

Smoking - Enemy voices. First, the tone of voice in a smoker varies greatly, and even if smoking causes cancer of the respiratory system, the loss of voice is actually inevitable. Also, smokers are harder to tolerate any colds, because always in the "risk zone".

Hormones also affect our voice. This is especially expressed in adolescent boys at the time of puberty. At this time, quite often possible temporary loss of voice, which is the norm.

And here endocrine system disorders, hormonal failure may greatly affect the vocal cords. Some diseases can lead to partial loss of voice.

In fact, all of these reasons arethe reason for visiting the doctor. If you do not treat laryngitis, the consequences may be more disastrous than, it is possible to run up to the acquisition of disability. An exception may be only your professional activities (for example, you - a teacher and a lot of talking), and only if the voice was gone the first time, and you know exactly what to do, and his recovery is quick. If the voice is not returned, an urgent need to contact Laura

If you just

sore throat, voice, vocal cords, throat, laryngitis, hoarse voice, catarrh

If inflammation of the larynx is dueSurge ligaments, you can try to restore the voice in the home. The main thing, remember: if there is no improvement within a day, it is necessary to address urgently to Laura, and in very severe cases and foniatu.

So, if you have a hoarse voice or lost as a result of a long conversation or singing, you need to:

  • silent, to speak only in extreme cases and only in a whisper;
  • stay home and not go out at home as much as possible to arrange a peaceful environment;
  • throat should be warm, wrap his woolen scarf;
  • brew yourself warm tea, and at night - warmmilk with honey, you can still add butter. Remember that the fluid should be warm or in any case not hot. Your task - to "lubricate" the mucous membrane of the larynx, and not hurt her even more;
  • for the next few days, discard the acute, hot food;
  • as soon as the voice comes back, try, if possible, take care of the ligaments.

Remember, if laryngitis really originated inovervoltage event ligaments, then resorting to the above treatment, you'll bring the voice of the next day. If the cause is deeper, and laryngitis - a consequence of some other disease, the voice did not come back, and your best bet is to consult a doctor to determine the cause of the disease.

Folk remedies for the loss of voice

sore throat, voice, vocal cords, throat, laryngitis, hoarse voice, catarrh

There is a huge amount of supportmeans and procedures to return the voice and cure laryngitis. MirSovetov strongly recommends that you consult with your doctor before resorting to one of the procedures described below.

  1. Inhalation of potatoes. It is by this method were treated inflammation of the larynx our grandparents. The recipe is simple: boil the potatoes, remove from heat and put in front of him. Now take cover with a towel and breathe 10 minutes steaming potatoes. After wrap up his throat and chest, in any case does not go out for at least two hours.
  2. Broth from aniseed. This recipe used by singers and politicians during election campaigns. 0.5 cups of seeds pour boiling water, it is desirable to cool, and simmer over very low heat for 15 minutes. When the broth is ready, add the additional 0.5 cups of linden honey, and again put on fire, bring to a boil. In the ready-mix, add a tablespoon of brandy and take every half hour 1 tablespoon.
  3. Cognac, by the way, is a wonderful remedy forloss of voice. The recipe, which will now be presented, can be called the first aid in the restoration of voting. Take 50 g of an alcoholic beverage, slightly warm, but not boiling, add the warm liquid has 3 teaspoons of honey and a few drops of lemon, drink slowly. The voice should be back momentarily.
  4. Rinse very important in the treatment. There are many ways, for example, rinsing with beet juice. In 200 ml of juice ready (prepare it by conventional juicers and kitchen grater), add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and rinse several times a day. Also, you can gargle with a decoction of the following: 0.5 liters of milk have to cook 100 g carrots, broth and ready to gargle.
  5. Voice after laryngitis requires not onlyreturn, but also to strengthen. This can be done by preparing a herbal tea: take leaves of marigold, chamomile flowers and eucalyptus leaves in equal parts mix. To get started you will need 1 tablespoon of the collection - it is necessary to pour 1 cup boiling water and leave for half an hour. Rinse this infusion throat twice a day, half a cup to a procedure. The course of treatment carried out at least two weeks.
  6. If the voice hoarse, and you feel a little moreand you will lose it for sure, you can use olive oil. Just for the night, drink 1-2 teaspoons, it smazhet ligaments, you will feel much better in the morning.

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