Treatment of laryngitis

With the arrival of autumn number of patients awaitingtheir turn to physician or ENT doctor in the corridors of clinics, increases markedly. And as a result of the survey the doctor puts different diagnoses: acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections, tonsillitis, laryngitis ...

According to statistics, each of us at leastonce in his life faced with the symptoms of laryngitis. One time - so consider yourself lucky. There are some categories of people who suffer from this illness often. For example, teachers, educators, speakers, artists. And contribute to diseases of the respiratory tract autumn cold snap, rain, cold wind. I soak the feet, the body is supercooled, and heating is not included ... So today our site will acquaint readers with more causes of one of the respiratory diseases - laryngitis, his views and principles of treatment.

General information about the disease

sickness, sore throat, laryngitis, treatment of laryngitis, colds

For laryngitis is characterized by inflammation, swellinglarynx, vocal cords, epiglottis. What is the vocal cords? These are two folds of mucous membrane that covers the muscles and cartilage. For the formation of sounds is necessary that these ligaments is narrowed, then widened. However, when inflammation of ligaments look enlarged, swollen and irritated. Therefore, when air passes through them, the sound is greatly distorted. The voice of a human patient is changed, it becomes hoarse or even disappears.

Laryngitis can be an independent disease, but most often it is accompanied by a cold, diphtheria, whooping cough, tuberculosis, Scarlet fever, measles, flu.


  • inflammation occurs most often due to supercooling;
  • inhalation of air is not the nose, as it should be, and mouth;
  • contaminated, a dusty air;
  • overstrain throat;
  • pathogenic microflora with the invasion of viruses or bacteria.

characteristic symptoms

In the beginning one feels a tickle or a ticklethroat, throat feels dry, often want to swallow saliva, joins pain, discomfort when swallowing liquid and solid food. Later joined by a dry, paroxysmal, choking cough, doctors it is called barking. Another major distinguishing symptom - the voice of the patient husky, hoarse, sometimes it disappears altogether. Sometimes the swollen lymph nodes. In some cases, patients complain of shortness of breath or wheezing air. But the temperature rarely rises above +38 ° C. As you can see on the above grounds is easy to recognize laryngitis. To clarify the diagnosis the doctor spends laryngoscopy.

Types of laryngitis

sickness, sore throat, laryngitis, treatment of laryngitis, colds

Acute laryngitis - a typical inflammatoryprocess spreads to the larynx and the surrounding area. Most often the mucous introduced bacteria or viruses, there are beginning to actively proliferate. Sometimes the cause may be excessive tension of the vocal apparatus, it happens singers, actors, teachers. With proper treatment and compliance with all the recommendations of the disease goes 10 days without going then chronic.

If, however, a recurrent laryngitis, thethere becomes chronic, the patient at a reception at the doctor complaining that the vocal cords are permanently tired, the voice of "sit", I want to cough, clear the throat, the voice again became sonorous and familiar, not hoarse. Provoke chronic laryngitis are bad habits - smoking and alcohol.

If the vocal apparatus is prone to frequent daily stress due to professional activity, doctors have concluded that the laryngitis patient professional.

Catarrhal laryngitis refers to mild form of the disease, with proper treatment, he quickly passes without a trace.

In hypertrophic form a hoarse voice,a bunch of doctor sees formed "bundles". During treatment is sometimes necessary to resort to cauterization of the build-up, or even to remove them surgically.

Atrophic laryngitis - this is thinningmucous membrane of the larynx, the voice is always hoarse, with a strong exhausting cough fade brown streaked with blood. This disease is more common among fans of spicy food.

Diphtheria can accompany diphtheria laryngitis, white plaque (membrane) is formed on the larynx. And if it is separated, that is, the risk of blockage of the respiratory tract.

Children and constrictive laryngitis occurs whenwhich the stenosis (narrowing) of the glottis, thus partially or completely impeded flow of air into the lungs. In this form of the disease need urgent hospitalization and medical monitoring for further state, as well as measures that prevent the progression of laryngeal edema and spasm. Quickly and correctly chosen treatment will avoid tracheotomy (surgery on the larynx).

It is much less common today tubercular and syphilitic laryngitis.

General principles of treatment

sickness, sore throat, laryngitis, treatment of laryngitis, colds

If the diagnosis is confirmed, it is not less than a weekI have to stay home to take care of their health. And the first recommendation of the doctor - it is a voice calm. Yes, it is advisable to sit in silence, to relieve the tension from the vocal cords. Moreover, when a whisper load on the ligaments is not reduced. In some cases even increased. Unless absolutely necessary, do not tell. Only if it is necessary to say something important, do it not in a whisper, and in a low voice. Eliminate the factors that irritate the inflamed mucosa of the larynx: cigarette smoke, alcohol, dust, chemicals. Interfere with the restoration of the larynx sharp spices, cold or too hot food and drink. Improves humidified air. Well, when the apartment has a humidifier. If such a device is not, often do steam inhalation. You can do inhalations with essential oils, infusions or decoctions of herbs, having antiedematous properties and reflexively expanding the lumen of the larynx. Useful - myrtle, eucalyptus, anise, lavender, juniper, fennel. Enough to drip 5 drops in a small amount of boiling water and then gently breathe healing steam, covered with a towel. Sometimes, using special inhalers or other devices.

Spend a few times during the day gargling warm infusions of herbs (chamomile flowers, sage leaves).

In the moments when it is difficult to breathe, to impose onfoot (or eggs) mustard, then manifested their distracting effect and reduces swelling of the larynx. Many years ago, the teacher gave us for pharmacotherapy, while still a student, a good piece of advice: if the child appears barking cough attack, when the breath is hindered, it must immediately drop it or handle leg in hot water. That is, to make a bath, during which reflexively expand airway lumen. This advice is not just rescued me and my friends in my life.

When dry cough debilitating nature of doctorsrecommend taking the following drugs: Tablets "Libeksin", "Codelac"; drops or pills "Sinekod" "Stoptussin" (drop), "Gedeliks" (syrup or drops). If the cough is nonproductive, it is necessary to suppress. But if there is mucus, then it is better to waste, are written into expectorants. It may be extracts of herbs - oregano, thyme, Viola tricolor. Suit and droplets on a plant-based "Elixir Chest", "Pertussin", "Doctor Mom" ​​and others.

The warm herbal infusions add natural honey. Useful warm milk, alkaline mineral water, for example, "Essentuki".

It can be used as the local antibacterial therapy aerosol formulations for irrigation. Among them, "Bioparox" "Kameton" "Ingalipt".

It helps resorption mints "Valium", "Bronhikum", "Suprema-ent", "Septolete".

At elevated temperatures, say the reception paracetamol or combination of medicines ( "Coldrex", "Fervex").

our website warns his readers that before purchase or use of the drug, it is necessary to carefully read its user manual.

If the doctor deems it necessary, in more severe cases, prescribe antibiotics (or antivirals) or irrigation corticosteroids, cauterization. These procedures make himself an ENT doctor.

When the call "ambulance"?

There are cases when the disease is with attacks of breathlessness, ongoing coughThreatening suffocation. When such anxiety symptoms immediately call "ambulance" because emergency measures may be required. Pay special attention to sick children or people who are prone to allergic reactions. The sudden attacks of breathlessness with cough in those people and kids can even be life-threatening, the so-called stenosis (cereals).

To avoid unpleasant consequences, nothesitate to seek qualified professional help, carefully follow their recommendations. Traditional methods of treatment and doctor's advice will help to get rid of laryngitis, return a pleasant voice, to relieve pain and swelling. To prevent respiratory diseases, conduct tempering. To begin it is better in the summer. Then your body will be more resistant to the pathogen, including acute laryngitis.

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