As banks put

Medical banks have been quite populartreatment for even some 20-30 years ago. But today forgotten about them much, but it's really effective and safe means of traditional medicine. Let's understand when and how they should be put.

Types of cans

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Start, perhaps, you need to with the fact that in the 21st centuryThere are two basic types of medical cans. First - this is, of course, traditional "granny" glass jars. Their main disadvantage is considered impractical, because easy to damage them, and because of the minimal cleavage necessary to simply throw away such banks.

Banks, designed to vacuum (orcanned) massage, it is the second main type. They are made of a polymer material and is very reminiscent of the taut rubber. Despite its relatively high cost, they are very popular due to its versatility. After all, they can be used and to be treated, and to carry out massages.

Indications and contraindications

our website warns: it is important to remember that this kind of self-medication is able to harm you, especially if it is properly carried out. Before the start of the course it is very important to consult with a specialist.

bronchitis, cough, health, banks, traditional medicine, put the jars, cold

To begin with, all banks should be cleaned, properlywipe and evaluated for lack of even the smallest chips. If all goes well, we put on the prepared clean jars paper towel and prepare the following items:

  • long tweezers or a medical clamp;
  • a rather large piece of ordinary wool;
  • rubbing alcohol (do not use any other combustible material such as acetone, gasoline or kerosene!);
  • matches or lighter;
  • Vaseline or any emollient oil can massage;
  • a towel and a warm blanket.

Typically, banks are put on the back, because the patientlay on his stomach, his hands he should hide under the pillow. Apply petroleum jelly or oil back. Vata take in the clip, dip it in alcohol, slightly wring out, so it does not drip and ignite.

In the left hand take a jar and a couple of secondsenter into her burning cotton swab. Without any delay, put the jar on the skin. You will immediately see that the bank is good and she pulled the skin changed color: pink and became much brighter. For an adult will need 14 of these cans, enough for a child of about 6-8 pieces.

After that, cover the patient with a towel and a warm blanket. Treatment time for an adult should be at 15 minutes, the child will be sufficient, and 10 minutes.

ATTENTION! During the burning of the air from the jar, do not touch the edges! Thus, you risk heat the glass and thus get burned. Also, make sure that in the place where you will put the banks did not have warts. moles and papillomas.

As banks put a vacuum

Putting vacuum banks much easier. They do not have any set fire to or in any way to prepare. Generously grease the patient back massage or pine oil, then tightly squeeze the jar and put it in the allotted space. The patient should feel a pleasant warmth in the place where established banks.

Where to put the banks

bronchitis, cough, health, banks, traditional medicine, put the jars, cold

So, if you have respiratory disease,the banks should be put on the back. If the patient is too thick scalp, the hair must be pre-shave, otherwise banks will simply not hold. It is also permissible to put the banks on a chest, which, if necessary, should also be deleted before all the hair.

For the treatment of bronchitis or pneumonia cans placedon either side of the spine at a distance of 2-3 cm apart. Banks should also be put under the shoulder blade. And for the treatment of myositis and muscle sprains banks should put directly on the sore spot.

STRICTLY PROHIBITED to put the banks on the area of ​​the breast for women, heart, kidneys and spine.

How to shoot cans

Removing the cans can be quite painfulprocess, if it is done incorrectly or carelessly. On completion of the procedure should be careful with your left hand, take the bank to the side, and the right to put pressure on the skin of the patient. Then vacuum the air and hit the bank "depart" in itself.

Now with the skin need a towel to remove allremnants of Vaseline or massage oil. The patient is best again to wrap up in a warm blanket or a rug, make warm tea (if you are dealing with respiratory diseases) and leave to lie down for 30 minutes.

How often you need to put the banks

bronchitis, cough, health, banks, traditional medicine, put the jars, cold

Do not forget that should be closely monitoredcondition of the patient: even after consulting a doctor and permission for the procedure, prior to its beginning, it is imperative to measure the temperature. With its rising above 37 degrees is best to delay treatment until the banks, while the body temperature is normal for 24 hours.

If any contraindications are absent,treatment should last about a week and contain about four procedures. It is best to put the banks in a day. Each time try to put the banks on a new place, so they do not fall for the past bruises (as far as possible, of course).

By the way, you should know that the hematoma will gofully only after 2-3 weeks, not before. Because if you have plans to go to the sea or to go to a party in the open dress in the near future, it may be, such treatment should be preferred to other types, for example, the same mustard.

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