Methods of treatment (removal) of warts

Perhaps most of the problems of all cutaneousa feeling of disgust in others it causes warts. They are synonymous with uncleanliness and dirt. Toads and frogs, for example, here at all to do with it. Although allergy attack can stimulate the expression of warts, but still they are not allergic and viral origin.

Perhaps most of the problems of all cutaneousa feeling of disgust in others it causes warts. They are synonymous with untidiness, dirt, communicating with something impure (remember how children are told not to touch a toad, it is frightening warts).

What is the sense in this, of course, there is - but notYou should not believe everything. Toads and frogs, for example, here at all to do with it, the most that they can cause - a short-term allergic reactions. Although allergy attack can stimulate the expression of warts, but still they are not allergic and viral origin.

Causes of warts

Warts - is a growth on the skin, something like a small skin tumors of 1-2 mm to 1 cm.

There are several types of warts:

  • ordinary (thick nodules 3-10 mm in diameter, painless, color matches the color of the normal skin);
  • plantar (reminiscent of the corn beam filiform papillae, painful attack);
  • human papillomavirus

  • flat (small nodules, barely protrude above the level of the skin);
  • genital warts (genital warts, genital, color - from light to bright pink);
  • senile (not associated with the virus, most age-related changes is a flat plaque size of 0.5 - 2 cm., of various shapes, gray or brown).

The cause of warts is a viruspapilloma. It enters the body through the skin microtrauma in direct touch to the carrier or to the subject matter, which concerned the media 2-3 hours ago (for example, the floor of the shower in a general pool, handrails in public transport, toys in kindergarten). The virus also can occur in those who have feet sweat a lot or if the person wearing the uncomfortable tight shoes.

After contact with the virus in the body nevercomes the immediate disease - the virus can survive in latent form, and manifest only after a mental shock and the general weakening of the immune system. Or do not appear ever. Even against the backdrop of a weak immune system the virus does not manifest itself earlier than after 4-5 months.


Warts on the finger
It is known that it is easier to prevent disease than to treat. This fully applies to the warts.

First of all, our site should be observedbasic rules of personal hygiene. It follows from what has been said earlier, do not go barefoot in public places, especially wet - type of shower, locker rooms, swimming pools; not abuse such a shoe in which the legs are constantly sweating, or at least find a way of quality it dry; Do not touch without having to his or other people's warts or to objects, which when you touch the patient.

You should also pay attention to the general state of health and, especially, the immune system - a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

It would be nice also to learn to relax and avoid stress - that you are guaranteed to get rid not only of the possible appearance of warts, but also has a whole bunch of possible diseases.

Should I be treated?

As a rule, there is no need treat warts. they often disappear by themselves - as soon as the immune system is restored. But there are exceptions.

First of all, you need to be sure that it isnamely on the wart and not a more serious illness, it disguises itself. So just in case, our site encourages seem dermatologist (just try to get at the time of the visit to the doctor for a wart had no medical or cosmetics - not to complicate it work to your advantage).

It is especially important to seek help from a doctor in the following cases:

  • If the wart quickly change the shape and / or color;
  • If the wart is a non-uniform color;
  • If the warts are vague border (then most likely it's not a wart);
  • If the wart is ill or permanently injured (it increases the risk of its degeneration into something more serious);
  • if the number of warts increases;
  • If the wart bleeds or itches;
  • if there was a wart in the genital area.

Seek medical advice and it makes sense when you wart interferes in the work (for example, on the tip of a finger), or simply delivers the psychological discomfort.

Folk remedies

Methods for the treatment of warts, wart removal
Treat the wart can be in so many ways. Someone help one, someone - else. Even in one and the same person one and the same method can be one wart work adequately, on the other - no.

For starters, our site will tell about the peoplemeans the treatment of warts - as a less traumatic (at a reasonable use). Having decided to resort to folk remedies, it is necessary to remember about the likelihood that you will not have a wart, but just something to it similar. Therefore, if the method does not work for a reasonable period (up to a month), it is wise to consult a doctor.

One of the desirable conditions for the people's way of treatment is the belief that this method will help. In some cases, even the most only enough belief (placebo effect).

Let us turn to specific examples. List of folk remedies is far from complete, but it is already possible to have an idea of ​​the progress of thought. At least you can try - chosen relatively harmless options.

  1. Autogenous training. Sit back, close your eyes, relax - and imagine how the warts disappear. The method is good for people with a vivid imagination.
  2. Take raw potatoes (as an option - an apple,beets, a vegetable / fruit), cut in half, rub the wart each half. Then fold the two parts together and bury potatoes (these steps to not believe in magic optional). When rot - and then the wart disappears.
  3. Take the silk thread (hair rope), and onevery wart in the air strike up on site, and then hide the thread to cut the potatoes (or something else) and buried. This is one of the treatments based on the belief in its efficacy. It is surprising, but some still helps to get rid of warts.
  4. Traditional medicine also has to rub the wart and sprinkle with chalk, and then engage in a woolen cloth. Try not to wet bandage.
  5. Firmly bandage the wart, and do not removebandage as long as possible - until they get dirty. In three weeks, the wart should go (at least, so say those who believe that it got rid of warts by this method).
  6. According to 2 times a day to smear warts juicefreshly picked celandine. Caution - caustic enough juice, so they only need to smear the wart and not the surrounding skin. The same can be done using the juice of dandelion or milkweed.
  7. Week bandage with mashed leaves of Kalanchoe every day changing to fresh.
  8. Take 3 tablespoons of sage, pour a glass of boiling water and insist 2 hours in a sealed container. Make a compress. And so - every day.
  9. Raw onion soak in vinegar for 2 hours at nightbind to the wart. Repeat for several nights in a row. Caution: not to burn the skin around the wart, you can use a patch or piece of plastic bag.
  10. Traditional medicine offers one more similar toprevious means of getting rid of warts: acetic acid is mixed with the flour in a ratio of 1: 2. Cut a hole in the plaster in shape warts - and stick it on the skin so that the wart sticking out of the hole. Wart Spread mixture on top and seal the second patch. Change the bandage 1-2 times a day, avoid contact with a mixture of healthy skin (can be burned). A week later, the wart should go.
  11. For plantar warts. Steam foot in hot water with soda and remove the horny layer carefully. Wipe dry with a foot put on the wart a little piece of raw meat, cover with a piece of oilcloth and wrap / sticking plaster, not 3-4 days watering. Then again, to steam, to remove softened. If the wart is not all gone - again.
  12. Another folk remedy for the treatment of plantar warts. Pribintovyvayut the wart, banana peel, its inner side.

When the wart will turn black from the top - this is a sure sign that its roots die
When the wart will turn black top - ita sure sign that die off its roots. During this period, do not attempt to cut off her top layer, it is important that the wart has disappeared completely - so increase your chances to protect themselves from the repeated appearance of warts in the same place.

Folk remedies are good because they can always betry to treat warts in children. A child may be afraid to go to the doctor, and to expose the delicate baby skin radical treatment methods of conventional medicine is not always desirable. Especially as folk remedies such as burning the warts with vinegar and the juice of celandine, though more time-consuming but also more forgiving to the skin.

With preschool children folk methodsTreatment can even be turned into an entertaining game: rub the wart with something from the proposed above, for example, an apple, and offer your child to dig apple. Of course, at the same time engage in strengthening the child's immunity.

Means of official medicine

The official medicine could offer arange of methods to get rid of warts. Selection of a particular method depends on what type of warts, as well as the specific features of your body. In addition to removing the actual wart, you are likely to prevent recurrence appoint a general course to strengthen the immune system.

Consider each of the methods in detail.

Cryosurgery (freezing with liquid nitrogen)
Cryosurgery (freezing with liquid nitrogen) warts
The destruction of the warts with liquid nitrogen. It is applied to the wart using a swab mounted on a wooden stick or by a special krioapplikatora. Freeze the wart for 10-30 seconds. At the same time the wart turns white and dense, but somewhere in an hour in its place formed a bubble, which is kept 5-7 days, gradually dries. Finally, the crust moves in two weeks, leaving a light pink spot.

For plantar warts need a longer course - several freezes at intervals of 2-3 days.

Warts "cut" thin metal loopa high frequency current, which helps to avoid bleeding, and at the same time disinfect tissue. This leaves sufficient material for histological examination - if there is a suspicion of oncology, for example. The operation is performed under local anesthesia. After the impact of current small crust is formed, which will disappear in a week (all the time it is better not to wet and does not cover cosmetics, not to leave scar).

laser coagulation
Warts are removed layer by layer using a laser under thelocal anesthesia. At the site of the wart is a small depression, which is leveled for 2-3 weeks. If we are talking about a plantar wart, then you need to consider that these 2-3 weeks is necessary to protect the foot - walk as little as possible.

Surgical excision
This method is used only when wartslarge enough (or more fused into one). Under local anesthesia, all the excess is cut with a scalpel, and always goes to trial. The skin is sutured cosmetic seam, after which there will be only a thin bright flat scar.

Chemical methods
Chemical treatment of warts is wart lubricated enough caustic acid or alkali
They are used relatively rarely. This lubrication warts enough caustic acid or alkali - or one-time, or as a course of treatment. At the same time a high risk of damage to the surrounding tissue, or enter an infection, and a pleasant enough.

An exception may be except that the treatmentwarts salicylic acid. It can be purchased in a pharmacy in a liquid form, as an ointment (in combination with something else), or a special adhesive. For some types of warts it works quite well. The main thing to remember that only need to remove the wart and not a flap of skin, where she grew up - that is, only need to lubricate the wart, to stick a special patch - ONLY wart too. our site advises to do so: cut a hole in the usual band-aid in the form of your warts and paste it to protect the skin. Then apply the salicylic acid in one form or another to the wart and fix the structure with another layer of plaster. Fold change 1-2 times a day. There is only one caveat: some doctors do not recommend this method for those who are suffering from diabetes or circulatory disorders - so people better treated under medical supervision.

Someone helps one method of treatment, someoneother. Usually difficult to say what exactly went on a wart - and do not need it, because even one person it happens that one wart has one method, but on the other - it does not work, but other acts ...

After the treatment the specific warts would be nice to go through and tonic course - in order to prevent recurrence, at least vitaminchiki drink (which specifically tell your doctor).

But the main thing - now you have a new experience, and if suddenly warts occur again, you already know what to do!

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