Recovery of view on the Bates Method

Many people over the years acquire not only knowledgeand experience, but also vision problems. Diseases of the eye may be different from myopia and hyperopia, and astigmatism ending. How much many people, faced with a similar problem, restore sight to dream again. It turns out, you can restore the health of the eyes, if you do special exercises Bates.

eye, vision, vision correction, the Bates method eye exercises

Ophthalmologist from America Williams Bates developeda unique method by which you can restore vision. Points with no need to wear. Suffice it to perform specific exercises to regain vision.

Williams, developing his technique was wrong,Considering that impaired vision (eye abnormalities) due to fatigue of the muscle fibers, which hold the eyeball. He missed that organic changes may occur in the lens of the apple. Currently contemporary ophthalmologists are skeptical Bates method, but still there are enough fans of this trend, which improved vision with the help of simple exercises.

In developing its methodology, the ophthalmologist for a long time practicing these exercises, not only personally, but also with the help of their patients.

As a result of years of practice he has come to the following conclusions:

  1. The main reason for surge - is nervousexhaustion. Since the brain is working intensively, he was very tired, this voltage is passed and the eye muscles. As a result, we "gain" many eye diseases that can be avoided.
  2. What should be done to restore vision? Just relax. That's all.

So why are so modern ophthalmologistsskeptical about this method? Quite simply, most of us want instant effect - bought glasses with the right diopters, for reliability even Supplements jar with blueberries and everything. That's what we limit ourselves. Rare to find such a specialist, who will not be interested in selling the next BUD, and recommend his patient a long road to recovery.

The reader will be interested to know that the developed technique W. Bates and psychologist G. Shichko joined into one well-known scientist V. Zhdanov. He believes that if we strengthen the psychological component, it is possible to achieve good results during treatment and to restore lost vision. The technique is as follows: because the word affects a person much better than the action should start with an assessment of psychological behavior. Ideally, exercises to start working, you need to get a notebook and write down on paper certain phrases. They act on the human subconscious magically. For example, if you every night will say that you have beautiful eyes, they are clear and keen, then so be it after a while!

Preparing for the exercises

eye, vision, vision correction, the Bates method eye exercises

Getting to the development of the Bates method, it is important notto overdo it, otherwise the eyes will be hurt badly, can worsen vision. Remember - only positive attitude and no stress. If you find it hard, do not try to just make the desired number of repetitions of the same exercise. It is better to take rest, relax.

Since the basis of a technique Williams - ismental strain, remember it and try to work in a relaxed atmosphere. Only then you can relax the muscles and get some other work. If daily exercise, the result will not take long - after working hard, you will improve circulation and muscle tone, and this will allow you to eventually even stop wearing lenses or glasses.

Making Sense of exercise

  1. Palming or palm. Once you feel that your eyes are tired, just do this exercise. In addition, be sure to perform palming before bedtime. Exercise Duration - no more than 10 minutes. How to do the exercise: Conveniently located in the chair, rub your palms against each other, when you feel the heat - can begin. Close your eyes with his hands so that you feel comfortable and pressure on the eyes was not, but sunlight does not penetrate through the palm. Now close your eyes and imagine that you see a black field. It appears only when you are relaxed and nothing will not think. To see a black field with no glare and gaps, it is important to present in his mind the objects of the same color. To soothe you can count up to 100, and the power of thought "push" highlights, gradually filling them dark. As a result of this exercise the eye muscles relax.
  2. eye, vision, vision correction, the Bates method eye exercises

  3. Soothing and relaxing. Try to remember something good, such as you traveled or any other pleasant moments. Well, if you can imagine a rainbow and stop look at each of the colors, as it were, strengthening its brightness. You can stay less than a second on each color. Duration of exercise - 5 minutes. You can do this exercise on a relaxation anywhere in your spare time.
  4. We meditate and represent certain things. Here is a piece of white paper, and now try to mentally write a word or sentence. We think only positive. And now again before us a clean sheet, in the middle of "draw" a black dot. Our task - to try to move this point from one place to another.
  5. We continue to do the exercises with your eyes closed. Imagine a beautiful large flower - is the center of the composition. Now you need to expand your imagination and try to see not only the beauty of the flower, but also to consider in detail the stem, leaves and insects that fly over the plant. The duration of exercise may be different, it all depends on your condition.
  6. Exercise "sun" - turn to the sourcelight with closed eyes and just think about something good. The best time to exercise - morning or evening. At noon this exercise do not. Lead time - 5 minutes. For training in the winter time, you can turn on a floor lamp or light the candles.
  7. To perform this exercise is neededtable for an eye examination. Table place at eye-level, stand 6 meters away from the table and try to read the small letters. Imagine the color of the letters, and connect the imagination. Eyes shut hands.
  8. Again, we need a table. We look first at the large letters on the top line, then close my eyes and imagine the same letter, but much smaller. We try to "see" small letters and imagine that they are much darker than the larger ones.
  9. Completing the training exercise "Palming".

It is important not only to engage in a systematic,you need to help the body recover faster - follow the diet, massage, engage in physical exercise. In addition, it is necessary to observe a drinking mode (to drink about 2 liters per day) to quit and give up other addictions.

Dr. Bates recommends to abandon the wearingpoints. When a person wears glasses, he hopes to them and the muscles stop working. Your task - as soon as the take off glasses (or lenses) does not strain your eyes to see something - after all the exercises will come by itself. Work and do not be lazy, and then you will see the first results.

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