The use of tincture of water pepper

Water pepper - a weed. And it is growing everywhere. It can be seen near the pond, ditch, lake. And few know that this herb is used in folk medicine, and because it helps to cope with many diseases.

Beneficial features

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Water Peretz belongs to the family Polygonaceae,It reaches a height of 60 cm and blooms from July to September. Harvestable grasses need at the end of the summer, fasting how the stems begin to blush. Cut off the stem should be all at once to the root, so that the beneficial properties contained in each piece of paper. After collecting the grass to dry, spreading it in the open air, after dividing it into layers.

The first researcher of this grass was a biologistKravkov. Back in 1912, he found that the water pepper has properties to stop the bleeding. Previously used for these purposes only goldenseal.

Also remarkable water pepper strengthens blood vessels, Accelerates the process of blood clotting, itapplied to reduce uterine muscle. All this thanks to the presence in the chemical composition of the glycoside, which affects blood is clotting. About 3% of the plant and contains tannins. And in large quantities contains malic, acetic, valeric acid. They seal the blood vessels, making them less brittle. In addition, the composition has a water pepper vitamins and minerals. Rich water pepper, silver, titanium, manganese, magnesium, vitamins C, E, D, K. All these substances together heal wounds, and ascorbic acid also helps to calm the nervous system.

The use of tincture of water pepper

water pepper, medicinal plants, tincture, tincture of water pepper, herbal medicine

There are several ways how to prepare a tincture of water pepper:

  1. Take 25 g of water, 100 g of vodka. Finely chop the dry grass and fill with vodka and water. Leave to infuse in a dark place for 2 weeks. Then strain and take three times a day to 30 drops.
  2. Take 15 g of dry grass, grind, to shiftin a glass bowl. Add 200 grams of vodka. Insist 2 weeks. Always in a dark place. Then strain and take three times a day, 10 drops. This recipe is used, if there are problems with the menstrual cycle.
  3. To prepare the water pepper extract, you need totake the dry grass, which is collected at the end of July. Grind it and pour the alcohol 1: 1. This extract will be a good drug for bleeding in the intestines, uterus, bladder. Before use, strain and drink half an hour before meals, three times a day, 30 drops.

Instructions for use of tincture

MirCovetov draws your attention to the fact thatunified instructions for all patients does not exist. For each type of disease its dosage may be only slightly generalized basis of kinds and forms of the disease.

Sometimes water pepper tincture prescribed foroutdoor use to compress. Yet often it is used in. The average dose for adults - 30-40 drops three times a day. The most common use tincture before meals. And the course and receive individual dose prescribed by the physician. Handle the medicine carefully because it is very poisonous. Overdose and illiterate use can even lead to death.

Treatment with tincture of water pepper

water pepper, medicinal plants, tincture, tincture of water pepper, herbal medicine

Tincture of water pepper is used in various diseases:

  1. After childbirth. To reduce discharge after delivery and make rapid contractions of the uterus, it is necessary to make a tincture of water pepper. Start receiving needed in the first days after birth. It can be taken without fear that it will penetrate into breast milk. Neither the composition nor it does not affect the amount of milk. Must take 40 drops three times a day, half an hour before a meal. The course is to continue until the uterus is not completely cut and isolation disappears. Usually, it is about 6 weeks.
  2. When a heavy period. If you have a plentiful allocation in the critical days, it is a chance to see a doctor. Most likely, he will appoint a tincture of water pepper. Usually its use 20 drops twice a day 30 minutes before meal. If the course proves to be effective, it was repeated a month later.
  3. Tincture of water pepper hair. This herb is not only struggling with bleeding, but also eliminates the inflammation, including on the head. Therefore, dermatologists remove her dandruff, and simultaneously strengthen the hair. To make your hair look luxurious, you need to take in equal proportions with 15 ml of tincture of water pepper and alcohol, and add 10 drops of oil solution of vitamin E. Apply to scalp and gently spread over the entire length of hair. Use a comb. After 15 minutes the mask rinse under warm running water and shampoo. Also for the beauty of hair can be prepared and rinsing lotion: Take 2 tbsp. l. tincture of water pepper, add 1 liter of water. The water may be replaced by a decoction of chamomile, if the hair will be even and shiny. Stir well and after shampooing the hair of the head to rinse data solution, then with water, do not rinse. You can also prepare and strengthen hair mask. Take 2 tbsp. l. castor oil. 3 h. L. tincture of water pepper, mix well and coat the roots and the entire length of hair is soaked in castor oil, put on a cap and hold the hair in the heat for 15 minutes, then wash with shampoo.

Apply tincture of water pepper and external way. For example, it is good to gargle with sore throat, Wash sores and make compresses for skin diseases. Hemorrhoids are treated as follows: water pepper tincture is diluted with milk and do an enema. The course of treatment - 2 weeks.


water pepper, medicinal plants, tincture, tincture of water pepper, herbal medicine

Any drug has its ownContraindications. For example, you can not use the tincture of water pepper to those who suffer from this disease as nephritis, an inflammation of the bladder and during pregnancy. He actively leads in the tone of the uterus, and may begin miscarriage. Also, do not be treated with tincture of children under 12years. Doctors warn that the treatment should not be long, because the pepper water constricts blood vessels and can lead to increased blood pressure. And those who suffer from this disease in the chronic form, and is not worth taking the drug. Apply the medication is necessary only after tests that prescribed by the physician. Self-medication can be dangerous, as tincture and has toxic properties.

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