How to strengthen the blood vessels

With age, more and more often appear in many peopleheadaches, weakness, dizziness, increased meteosensitivity, deteriorating memory ... This is a signal that the state of the circulatory system deteriorates. Is it possible to strengthen the vascular tone and maintain their firmness and elasticity? At our site in store a few simple recommendations for readers.

From anatomy we remember that in the bodytwo blood systems are involved - arterial and venous. As blood moves from arteries of the heart muscle to tissues and organs, but through the veins is pumped back to the heart. Peripheral blood flow is represented by a plurality of capillaries. Due to poor nutrition, physical inactivity, chronic stress, bad habits, environmental degradation and other internal and external negative factors deteriorating state of the bloodstream. And because of the progression of pathological changes in blood vessels occurs in people hypertonic disease. hypotension. cardiac ischemia. If cholesterol deposited in the blood vessels, owing to the atherosclerosis deteriorates bloodstream. To support the health of the transport system, in which the blood circulates, help: avoiding harmful habits, hardening, proper nutrition, Physical activity, regular exercise, the ability to remain calm and optimism in stressful situations.

About nutrition

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Many years of research show thatvascular tone is reduced, disrupted the normal flow of blood in people who eat monotonous. But varied diet has a beneficial effect on blood vessels. Vitamins A, E, C, with antioxidant properties, help to strengthen the vascular wall. Therefore, the diet must necessarily present the products containing them.

Vitamin A lot in butter, egg yolks, cottage cheese, cream, milk, cod liver oil, liver, carrots, bell peppers, pumpkin, melon, mango.

Vitamin E rich: unrefined oil, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, nuts, parsley, rose hips, spinach, tomatoes, peas, avocado, sprouts, liver.

Vitamin C is present in citrus fruits, cabbage(Color, white, Peking), onions, black, white, red currant, gooseberry, sea buckthorn, dogwood, cranberry, mountain ash, kiwi, pineapple guava, pineapple, salad greens, dill.

Many of the berries, fruits, herbs containbioflavonoids prevent blood vessels fragility, reinforcing their walls, the warning process sclerosis. Particularly useful in this regard those products where there is a lot of vitamin C and bioflavonoid rutin. We call these goodies: grapes, raspberries, mountain ash fruits, rose hips, currants (black, red), hawthorn, citrus, sweet Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, beets.

The group of flavonoids called catechins,regulate the permeability of small capillaries - the capillaries, increasing the firmness and elasticity of their thin walls. Catechins rich green tea, cherry, blueberry, sea buckthorn, apples, raspberries, peaches, apricots, cranberry, dark chocolate, cocoa.

artery, Vienna, cardiovascular system, blood vessels, blood vessels strengthen

The more trained human vessels, the calmerthey respond to changes in the environment (weather changes, atmospheric pressure). Simple procedures that train vascular tone: contrast shower, bath or wipe. For contrasting wiping you will need two terry towels, two buckets. Pour hot water into one, and cool into the other. Wet one towel with hot water, and then actively rub your body with it. Then dampen a second towel with cool water and re-engage in intensive wiping. Now again the turn of the warm wiping. This is followed by a cool wipe. Complete the procedure after several repetitions with a warm wipe.

Douches will take you a little time, andNow bring tremendous benefit. First, poured warm water for a minute or two, then add cold water, it is also poured one to two minutes. And so a few alternations. Each day, gradually increase the temperature of the hot water and cold temperature, on the contrary, decrease. Listen with their inner feelings. Duration douches shower also can be gradually increased. But just remember that during hot douches should be twice longer than the time dousing with cold water. The final step should always be pouring cool water. Such procedures shall be carried out only in a good mood.

Positively affect the vessels: swimming, cycling or cross-country skiing, ice skating. But at first it is necessary to start with small physical exertion, so that their zeal does not cause muscle spasm, then what goes around comes around pain. For the elderly is very useful hiking and feasible work at their summer cottage or care beds in the yard.

Recipes of traditional medicine to strengthen the blood vessels

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To strengthen the vascular wall can bedrink infusions of herbs: knotweed (the people it is often called Knotweed), horsetail, a lungwort. Herbs can brew one or make a medical collection. A method for preparing infusion follows: two tablespoons of chopped dry grass (or collection) put in a thermos and pour 500 ml of boiling water. Ukuporte and leave for an hour (or more). Take strained infusion should be a third cup (meaning-ounce) four times a day.

In the holiday season make this mixture in the morning: 100 ml of apple juice and a tablespoon of the juice squeezed out of the nettle. After 30 minutes once for breakfast. Course - 21 days, followed by a 10-day break, after which the course is repeated.

In autumn and spring conduct such coursesvascular healing. Scroll through a meat grinder (or just a good mash) 1 kg of washed berries cranberries, add the berry weight of 200 grams of garlic, which previously passed through chesnokodavilku (press). All stir and leave for 12 hours in a dark place. Then add the 500 grams of high-quality honey. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator, take it twice a day, before eating a tablespoon.

In the autumn you can cook a healing balmfor vessels. You will need a glass (200 ml) grated grated horseradish root (or passed through a meat grinder), a glass of carrot juice, a glass of beet juice, a cup of honey and 50 ml of vodka. All the mix, send it in the fridge. After a day of one big squeeze of lemon juice and send it to the prepared mixture the day before. Once again all mix well. Keep makeup in the refrigerator, take it three times a day on a tablespoon per hour before a meal. Such courses per year, it is desirable to repeat at least twice. The second course was conducted two months after the first.

A few more tips

artery, Vienna, cardiovascular system, blood vessels, blood vessels strengthen

Massage - a kind of gymnastics for capillaries. In the evenings, make the massage tired feet per day. Start with your fingertips, moving then to the foot soles of the feet and above. Use while stroking, kneading, rubbing, "fingertip shower". Do not forget to massage clockwise for 30 seconds so-called "point of longevity", it is located between the second and third toes. When pressed, you will immediately feel pain in that area.

Hands also take a few minutes. For the massage hands can be purchased at the store, "Medtech" special set consisting of a ball with a lot of sharp edges and rings made of spring. So you stimulate circulation, Influence on biologically active points. Fingers should be massaged from the tips to the palmar surface.

To improve the condition of vessels are sessions of breathing exercises, performed Strelnikova method.

Forget the cigarettes, nicotine is very harmful to blood vessels.

Do not abuse alcoholic beveragesThey act as a depressing the central and the peripheral nervous system, impair the liver condition of the kidneys, which soon will have an impact on the vessels.

Do not overeat, overweight - one of the risk factors of cardiovascular pathologies.

Overwork, overvoltage, wrong attitude to stressful situations have a negative impact on the state of the circulatory system and the heart muscle.

Once filled with physical and mentalactivity of the day must follow the physical and mental relaxation, proper rest, peaceful sleep. Try to live in love, harmony and peace with yourself and the people around you. Do not fret over trifles, often listen to your favorite music, energizing, being in nature. Take care of your nervous system, and then your vessels will be healthy for years to come.

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