How to treat insect bites

If you know how you can quickly helpsuffered insect bites, will carry a minimum of essential medicines, the situation with a bite will not catch you by surprise. Today, with the magazine and our website, we will consider how to proceed in the case of insect stings (bees, bumblebees, etc.).

How to treat insect bites
- A-ah, Mom, Mom, I was bitten by a bee - hearyou loud roar of their child. You run up and try to calm him down, but the pain and itching after being bitten by a bee does not let go, and your child continues to cry. You are trying to distract the child from the pain: "Oh, look, what a bird flew!", And at this time looking for a first aid kit with green paint, and you think "more in this forest for a walk, we will never go!". But! Bees are flying everywhere and completely protect your baby from a small bee sting, bees and other insects is simply impossible. And you adults can themselves be bitten all the same wasps, mosquitoes, bees everywhere: on the street in the city, and in the garden and in the park and just in the woods in the fresh air. If you know how you can quickly help the injured insect bites, will carry a minimum of essential medicines, the situation with a bite will not catch you by surprise. Today, with the magazine and our website, we will consider how to proceed in the case of insect stings (bees, bumblebees, etc.).

Bites from bees, wasps, bumblebees

Bites from bees, wasps, bumblebees are dangerous for people withincreased sensitivity to their bites (it can be and adults with sensitive skin, but often sensitive to bites children). Also, the bites are dangerous, in that case, if the person is not one insect bite, but several, or a swarm, so it will be necessary to act immediately!

When bitten by bees, wasps, bumblebees, a sharppain, and then redness and swelling of the skin around the bite. A person bitten by an insect may have nausea and even vomiting, or simply general weakness of the body. If a person is allergic to insects, then there may be red rashes on the skin in the form of a red rash, or the so-called “urticaria”. If a person suddenly suddenly faints after a bite, our site can reassure you, this is also possible, since each person is individual, and everyone has a different reaction. Loss of consciousness is an organism’s reaction to the poison secreted by an insect into human blood. It is necessary to immediately take appropriate measures to bring a person to feelings. Consider the basic rules of first aid for bites of bees, wasps, bumblebees.

Terms of first aid

Firstly, you need to get the stinger if itIt remained at the site of the bite. If there is a handy tweezers, the sting can be removed with tweezers, if not, then reach for the toes. Try to remove the stinger as a whole, without breaking, especially if you are bitten by a bee sting because she has no direct form of "needles" like a wasp, and the "needle" with notches. If the particles will sting, then the remains of the wound can fester and will heal for a long time. Therefore, our site does not recommend that you take the time too, but on the contrary, try to slowly and as gently as possible to remove the sting from the wound.

Second, if a person has lost consciousness can bring him to his senses, rubbing whiskey ammonia or letting him smell it.

Thirdly, it is necessary to apply to the site of the bitegauze or a cotton swab dipped in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate that is common), vodka, wine alcohol, cologne, ammonia, or simply apply a cold compress of cold water (ice).

Fourth, let the victim of the bite of insects to drink plenty of fluids to neutralize harmful substances getting into the blood poison.

Attention! If the victim does not come to mind or were complications in the form of a rash, vomiting does not pass, take a trip to the clinic, or call the doctor at home.

Bites from mosquitoes, mosquitoes and other small insects

Multiple mosquito bites, mosquitoes, horseflies,gadflies and other small insects are also dangerous to humans, especially for those who are allergic to their bites. When the bite of these insects occurs brief pain, followed by itching and slight redness of the skin. In case of hypersensitivity of man to mosquito bites, mosquito allergy can appear as a red rash. When the bite of mosquitoes, mosquitoes and other small insects CPR and first aid is almost the same as that of a bee sting, bees and wasps. Consider them.

Terms of first aid

Firstly, you need to refrain from rubbingthe skin at the site of the bite, even if you really want. Our website would like to remind you that, too, and you need to warn a child not to comb bite to redness, as it will lead to more itching and prolonged healing of.

Secondly, put the bite on a gauze bandage soaked with ammonia or vodka.

Attention! If you are bitten by the anopheles mosquito, rightrefer to the infectious diseases hospital for help. To distinguish from the common mosquito is easy enough: body mosquito sitting on any surface, at an angle to it, whereas an ordinary mosquito body at rest is located in parallel with respect to the same surface. Among other features of the malaria mosquito - longer legs and dark spots on the wings.

Alternative medicine

Alternative Medicine advises: If the sting is not able to remove from the wound fester, and began warming needs to be done (!) compress of alcohol or vodka, or make a gauze bandage on the site of the bite of a cotton swab soaked in carbolic oil.

If the sting is entirely retired, but remained itching and swelling, it is necessary to attach to the sore spot cotton swab soaked in the juice of garlic. Garlic reduces pain and swelling.

And in the case of a bee sting, wasps, bees, and in the case of mosquito bites, mosquitoes and other insects to relieve itching and prevent the tumor must be imposed on a sore place a cold compress of urine.

Tips: How to protect yourself from insect bites

In the room where you sleep, pre-light the plate, spiral from mosquitoes, black flies and other insects, and then at night you will not be bitten by insects
First, for preventing mosquito bitesmosquitoes and other insects is necessary to lubricate the exposed areas means against mosquitoes. Now there are a large number of sprays, creams, mosquito, mosquitoes, etc. This maskitol and fumitoks and taiga, etc. Smear them before going out, and every time you exit the water when swimming.

Secondly, it is possible to use specialProtective mesh clothing that protects the face and the entire body from the bites of mosquitoes, flies, etc. Or to dress entirely in closed clothing, long-sleeved shirt and long pants.

Third, do not come close to the swarm of bees, wasps andbumble bees without special clothes and do not make any sudden movements, being with these insects, not waving his arms, his head, not to run. If a bee or bumblebee sit in your favor, try to simply brush away the other hand, not to kill, or else you can annoy an insect, and it will bite you exactly.

Fourth, in the room where you sleep, pre-light the plate, Spiral from mosquitoes, Midges and other insects, and then at night you do notYou are bitten by insects. If you are allergic to scents spiral, plate, you can put on the windows and mosquito nets to sleep peacefully through the night with the windows open.

I would like to remind that earlier our site has already represented the material in case of a tick bite. All safety precautions and any necessary follow-up actions were discussed in the article "Prevention of tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme disease".

So, our dear readers, you learned how toshould behave and how to help a person at stings of bees, wasps, bees, mosquitoes, mosquitoes and other insects. And the most important advice we can give you: Be attentive to the world around them, and no one will not bite you!

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