Child Treatment of osteopath - personal experience

I think that every mother would agree that the mostworst thing that can happen in the life of the parents - child's illness. Of course, I do not mean the usual SARS (though still going through), it comes to more serious illnesses. I do not think I can offer a panacea for all ills, but will share his story of treating a child from an osteopath.

About osteopathy, I learned a few years ago. First encountered the reviews of these professionals in the forums for moms. Then the story of cure serious neurological disorders of their twins told me a friend of Russia. And then I accidentally found a wonderful osteopath in his city. No wonder they say: the teacher comes when the student is ready.

our history

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The problems began with my child since its birth. The delivery was swift in the map Discharge diagnoses were listed fetal hypoxia and umbilical cord entanglement. And from the very first days of motherhood, I was faced with many problems. The son was a large and asymmetric head, he was constantly crying poor took the breast, almost did not sleep. Pediatricians chorus repeated - the baby is healthy! And my mother-in-law insisted on the complexity of the baby. Parent intuition has not been canceled, but the advice of friends, mothers and relatives forced me to believe that this behavior is in healthy children. Somehow having established breastfeeding, I have long fought for calm child dream. In the afternoon, he was an active and quiet, and that the night - time to sleep, I had forgotten for years to three years. Synulya spoke late (my grandmother said that the boys it is not uncommon), often capricious and did not want to play with the children. The situation was exacerbated a hundredfold, when the child had surgery on the intestines and become simply afraid of people, loud sounds and touch. Problems postpartum period seemed to me sheer trifle. We found a good psychologist and gradually won almost all the fears. A reluctance to communicate with the children left. It was only at school entry neuropsychiatrist "gently hinted" on the autistic spectrum symptoms. It was a low blow.

I read everything I could on the subject at allrespected medical portals. And when he reached the site of one of the Israeli clinic specializing in the treatment of this disease, I realized that the need to urgently look for osteopath.

Who are the osteopaths

joint disease, childhood diseases, healthy joints, bones, osteopath, osteopathy, joints

Osteopathy as a science there, but wikipediapositioning it as the direction of alternative medicine. Neither Russia nor the Ukraine there is no official specialization doctors. But in Europe, for each hospital operates an osteopath. He inspects the newborn and soft hands impacts gives the body a boost to heal itself. It does not hurt, and almost negligible at first glance smacks of quackery. In fact, all very serious. Osteopath have higher medical education and years of developing sensitivity fantastic hands. It hands they "listen" all the joints, muscle knots and bones of the skull with the aim to capture a special fluid pulsation rhythm in the blood vessels and tissues.

Explain in a few words all the details of suchPhysicians impossible. I can only recommend to all parents reading a book Solano Raymond "Osteopathy for babies." It clearly describes all the details of craniosacral therapy. Here you will find a description of the children's problems, which can solve the osteopath and symptoms that should alert the moms and dads.

How is the reception at the osteopath

joint disease, childhood diseases, healthy joints, bones, osteopath, osteopathy, joints

In the search for the doctor I metwoman, a grandmother, whose grandson was able to completely heal autistic. He "left to himself" after his parents divorced three years and completely lost contact with the outside world. Not to say that the child has only worked with the osteopath, he was also speech therapists, psychologists and homeopath, but the results amazed me. And I turned to the same doctor.

The fragile woman with a calm voice, longI examined my son, raised, lowered his feet, asked to squat, bend sideways. Attention is not spared even shoes son and his foot. Then he laid the child on the massage table, asked me to distract him (I quietly counting sheep), and became the fingertips touch the head, back, heel. Then, with his hands behind the sacrum and listened for a long time, his eyes closed. At the end of the session (forty minutes) it is a little to move his legs, very gently, as do exercises kids. That's all. Then we had a long talk with her alone, she was asking about childbirth, infancy, the features of his son. She told me that all human skull bones of all ages moving, as if they "breathe" and my son, they move and pulsate in spite of even the most average standards. The doctor found two infringements of the cervical vertebrae, and suggested that it is likely to birth trauma. It reassures that all this body will adjust their own, as soon as it removes some blocks. I asked a well to water and subsequent child for his chair.

I left the office a little distressed. After all, if we turned to the osteopath immediately after the birth of her son, all this will be corrected in a few sessions. And I was struck by the power of light touch. The doctor took my brush, put it on her own and without taking your hands a little (just a millimeter) pushed his hand. Cold chills ran up to the shoulder. That's slightest movement can affect the tissue, muscles and even bones.

Since then, it took almost half a year. First we visited the doctor once every two weeks, then once a month, now - every two months. I understand that it sounds strange, but without any pills, injections, procedures, my son goodbye with his diagnosis, he became sociable, kind, curious and friendly. During the first 3-5 days after each session, my whole family (teacher, relatives and acquaintances) noticed sharp spurts in development, speech and qualitative improvement in the child's behavior. Of the drugs we were having straightforward glycine, which itself had no previous exposure to similar child.

I hope that this article will read mothers of children withsimilar problems, know that miracles do happen and believe in them! For those who will insist that the child simply pererostet, I say that such a thing, unfortunately, with age will not go away. And further. In Israel, where the level of medicine much better than ours, osteopaths work in all rehabilitation centers for children and adults from injury, help people to get rid of migraine headaches, Spinal diseases, diseasesinternal organs, etc. I want to recommend the readers to our site first study reviews about the doctor, to which you want to apply (in forums such information a lot), and not to fall for the bait scams, which, unfortunately, are everywhere.

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