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Migraine - a very painful and unpredictabledisease. Since ancient times, people have studied this disease, which was later referred to the "noble" category. Migraines have been exposed to the wisest of this world - rulers, priests, clergy. Migraine is known to mankind for many centuries, and today about 20% of the adult population suffer from recurrent severe headaches.

Disease history

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The first written evidence about the symptomsmigraine have been made for more than 5 thousand. years ago. Drevneshumerskaya cuneiform describing it as intolerable pain in the head, blurred vision, and intellect. Hippocrates, Celsus and Avicenna also mentioned migraine in his writings.

Ancient Egyptian papyrus, preserved to ourdays and belonging healer Aretha Cappadocia, describe in detail the disease, similar to migraine. The doctor called it "geterokraniya", which translates as "someone else's head."

Its present name has received from migraineRoman healer Claudius Galen. It was originally called the disease "hemikraniya» (hemicrania, where hemi - half and cranion - skull). Galen was guided by the fact that during the attacks of localized pain in only one part of the head. Over time, the Romans changed the name to the ancient Greek hemicranium, that in colloquial version sounded like migrana. Russian transformation of the word and created the famous all over the world "migraine".

Characteristics of disease

headache, migraine treatment, migraine, neurological disease

There are two types of migraine, other than on the symptoms and manifestations of nature.

Usual migraine - An attack occurs suddenly, accompanied by sharp throbbing headachesWhich may last from a few hoursto several days. Man feels the pain in only one half of the head. Its activity falls sharply, there is an acute response to daylight and electric light, sounds (even quietly). There may be a feeling of nausea and vomiting.

Migraine with aura - Classical form of the disease, the most frequentlyoccurring in humans. Aura - the so-called warning of an impending attack, which appears for 10-20 minutes before him. It is shown as flickering vision, partial loss of vision, or sensitivity. Classical migraine attack does not differ from the usual, except that a person sleepy, disturbed vision (flash, circles before the eyes), and pain duration - no more than an hour.

migraine Causes

There are several reasons that lead to the occurrence of migraine attacks in humans:

  • heredity;
  • frequent stress;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • nervous or physical exhaustion;
  • pressure differentials;
  • failure to sleep;
  • unhealthy food and alcohol abuse;
  • narrowing of cerebral vessels (abnormal blood flow);
  • disorders in the CNS (central nervous system);
  • metabolic disorder.

migraine Treatment

headache, migraine treatment, migraine, neurological disease

Migraine Treatment is carried out byrestore the normal functioning of the nervous system of the person. Although a large number of people subject to migraine believes that it can not be cured, their main mistake is that they try to get rid of the symptoms without addressing the source of the disease. The main misconception - to consider migraine vascular disease, when the problem is in the nervous system. Therefore, an object as the treating physician and the patient is the arrangement of the nervous system and preventing its excessive excitation.

Modern medicine is practiced two types of treatment:

  • emergency intervention during attacks;
  • prevention and the prevention of new manifestations of migraine.

To eliminate the attack, the patient should always carry a tablet, selected according to the characteristics of the organism and the nature of the disease. Typically prescribed paracetamol, Triptans, aspirin, Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

It is necessary to carefully read the drugs,before you start using them. Today in pharmacies can find a variety of drugs for migraine, and each in its own way helps to cope with the pain, but in some cases, getting rid of the attacks drags dire consequences. Preparations with caffeine or codeine can cause severe dependency due to its stimulant properties. Simply put, the brain remember the pleasant feelings of their effects, and will try to trigger an attack of migraine, to get another dose of medicine. The same applies to analgesics.

Preventive manipulation allowed in casesfrequent repetition of episodes - 2 times a month. The treatment takes a long time and continues gradually. The doctor for the patient develops a scheme according to which the work of the brain is balanced, without affecting the capacity of man.

Lifestyle plays a big role in the successful outcome of the treatment!

If you are susceptible to migraines, you should avoid these manifestations of "human weakness":

  1. Artificial stimulation of the body - exercise, energy drinks, etc...
  2. Sleep - Sleep is an important normalizationdeterminants of health. This is the main source of our energy. During sleep, the body recycles obtained from food nutrients, delivering them into the blood. But lack of sleep is just as harmful as too long dream - to 3 o'clock in the morning the body is part of the energy consumption of the stage, and if a person is sleeping longer than the norm, it threatens to energy depletion.
  3. Bad habits - alcohol, smoking, Drugs, coffee. Yes, overuse of coffee, too, can have a negative impact on your health and prevent a cure for migraine.
  4. Balanced diet. This does not mean that you should go on a starvation diet and only eat steamed chicken and lettuce. The body has to get the necessary nutrients from a simple, but healthy food and in moderation. Remember, even if you eat a kilo of apples, your body will take only a small fraction of the vitamins that they need. And the rest is just stretch the stomach and lead to discomfort. Follow the simple old rule "breakfast eat yourself, share dinner with a friend, a dinner give to the enemy."
  5. Physical activity - more often in the open air, participate in sports or exercise, but do not overload the body. Otherwise, it can cause stress.

Treatment of folk remedies

headache, migraine treatment, migraine, neurological disease

Since migraine has a long and rich history, our ancestors took care to find natural remedies for pain relief.

Herbs for migraine:

  • Clover - broth as prophylaxis of migraine;
  • lilac leaves or cabbage - if you put fresh leaves to the affected area, the pain subsides within an hour;
  • Fresh potato juice - a means of emergency. It is drunk for the elimination of acute pain;
  • Green Tea - strong tea to drink during the attack;
  • currant juice or viburnum - a means to facilitate the attacks.

Before resorting to treatment folkmethods, our website is strongly recommended to consult a doctor. Remember, even a seemingly harmless thing like potato juice can harm your body. Effects of herbs and herbal requires more attention. Make sure that all the components are perfectly safe for you.

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