ADHD in children


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    The child is difficult to focus, he constantlydiverted to other more interesting things, any activity quickly bored and it seems routine and boring. We are in a child with ADHD is fast, it constantly jumps from topic to topic, he said, choking. In the kindergarten kids are scattered and inattentive at home - natural and unmanaged.

    ADHD in children The difficulties begin with the school age, whenthe child has to sit at the desk and get new knowledge. Children with ADHD are beginning to really suffer - they find it difficult to sit still the whole lesson, I want to get up and run around the class, the lesson seems boring, homework seems impossible. And if the teacher does not understand what is happening with your child and do not show patience and care, the child is waiting for a stream of complaints and in the worst case - a stamp underachieving. At the same time, children with attention disorder can have very high intelligence and to be gifted (the latter often combined with attention deficit disorder).

    Perevi symptoms of ADHD occur in preschoolage and, as a rule, take place during adolescence (but 30 per cent, and the syndrome is for life). Diagnosis can be made not earlier than 6 years of age.

    The problem is not only that the children tooscattered, impulsive and bad learning. Such children may drop out in high school, have difficulty with social adjustment, barely meet with other people who do not fulfill their promises, and even suffer from addiction to psychoactive substances.

    ADHD in children What is the difference between normal activity and ADHD?

    Active children behave differently,Depending on the location and environment: at home they can romp on the doctor to exercise vigilance and unsociable. Active children can stay when their game is tired and wants to sleep. Children with ADHD can not stop, they will play as long as do not start crying or hysterical with fatigue. These children behave the same everywhere: noisy, moving quickly and a lot of talking, swallowing letters, ask questions and listen to answers, but the answers are not necessary - as long as he asked, his head appeared a few thoughts and the subject matter has already been forgotten. From the side it seems that a child lives at high speed - as if rushing to the high-speed car with failed brakes. In this there is a grain of truth.

    Children with ADHD are frequent sleep problems -perevozbudilsya per day a child can not relax at night and fall asleep, may wake up several times a night and after a long time to spin in bed. In the morning these children may not wake up and the first half of the day is carried out in a sleepy state.

    What to do if your child hyperactive? Not sure he has ADHD, there is a very mobile children who do not have problems with concentration. Manifestations resembling SDGV, children are under stress. Observe the baby for six months - if there is no change in behavior, then there is reason to consult a child psychologist. The main thing, show maximum patience and understanding, not discouraged. To date, there are corrective techniques and exercises designed for weight training attention and perseverance.

    Sooner or later the parents of hyperactive childrentry to pick them a sedative. The task is not simple - it is now the choice is great. We recommend to pay attention to children's products - they are specially designed for children. For example, "tenoten children" - soft and effective means, does not cause drowsiness or lethargy. "Tenoten" improves the process of remembering and learning, for this reason, pediatricians often prescribe its students.

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