Botkin's disease in children: the main symptoms and treatment methods


  • Botkin's disease:
    Symptoms and Treatment
  • prevention
    Botkin's disease development

  • Botkin's disease: Symptoms and Treatment
    Botkin's disease (hepatitis A) in children is caused by the use of
    water and food, in which the virus is present Hepatovirus kind.
    Development of the disease are most prone to kids 5-7 years that a lot of time
    carried out in preschool. When the hepatitis A virus enters the reservoirs
    of water for public food, he can survive
    up to several weeks, causing epidemic
    hepatitis outbreak (Botkin's disease) have
    children. Infection is possible and at the household contact.

    Botkin's disease:
    Symptoms and Treatment

    The incubation period for
    hepatitis A about 2-4 weeks, begins the process of acute infection. Epidemic hepatitis occurs in a few

    • Dozheltushny.
    • Icteric.
    • Step convalescence.

    The prodromal period
    (Dozheltushnom) in children may show signs of fever, intoxication.
    Kids lose their appetite, have complained of general weakness and headaches. some
    children can appear dry cough. Catarrhal symptoms are combined with
    nausea, belching, abdominal discomfort. Many children's disease
    Botkin proceeds with chairs disorders, pain in the epigastric and right

    This state is observed at
    for 7-10 days. In the next phase of the child's condition improves,
    feverish syndrome becomes less intense. But nausea, belching may
    persist or become even stronger than in dozheltushnom period. Gradually
    skin and mucous baby becomes yellow (and changes
    urine color).

    Botkin's disease in children

    When an infectious disease has severe symptoms, treatment
    carried out subject to strict bed rest, under control
    dynamic performance. Some children with hepatitis A occurs
    liver tenderness. They need serious deintoksikatsionnaya therapy. Stage
    convalescence lasts up to several months. The child's condition gradually
    restored, appetite returns to normal.

    Treatment of hepatitis A should be assigned a doctor.
    For the period of active manifestations of the disease are advised to take the child
    thermally and mechanically gentle food, avoid fatty, fried foods,
    dishes that enhance the production of bile. To reduce the signs of intoxication
    children is recommended to drink more, some shows infusion therapy.

    To improve digestion using lactulose,
    lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. The power child with hepatitis A, certainly
    They include low-fat dairy products. Cramps in the intestines removed
    analgesics. After recovery, the children should be evaluated regularly in
    gastroenterologist, held a series of diagnostic procedures to take drugs,
    liver regenerating work.

    Botkin's disease development

    • Quality control of food and drinking water (especially
      in public institutions for children).
    • Compliance Quarantine in identifying cases of virus infection
      Hepatitis A in preschool institutions.
    • Responsible
      personal hygiene, preventive conversations with their children about the importance of compliance with the rules
      infectious safety while in kindergartens, schools, summer
      camps, ponds.

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