Causes of bronchial asthma in children


Bronchial asthma in the child develops gradually. how
Typically, these children are burdened with history and more allergic
disease (perennial rhinitis, atopic dermatitis). When the first
asthma symptoms, contact your doctor. Comprehensive survey will help to identify
the true cause of the allergy. In the future, parents must protect
baby from exposure to allergens, monitor compliance with the diet and all medical

Asthma in Children: Possible

The exact causes
asthma in children can only be set in the process
a careful study of the history and complex examination. Typically, children with
this pathology have relatives suffering from chronic allergic
diseases. But apart from a hereditary predisposition to progression
asthma is influenced by predisposing factors:

Causes of bronchial asthma in children

  • Inefficient food surplus in the diet
    sugars, simple carbohydrates, fats.
  • Frequent bacterial, viral infection.
  • Accommodation in unfavorable environmental
    performance areas.
  • The presence of particles in the air and saliva flesh
    pets, dust mites.
  • Pathology of the gastrointestinal tract: gastritis,
    pancreatitis, cholecystitis, gastric ulcers and erosions.
  • Early introduction of the first lures.
  • Artificial feeding, abrupt discontinuation
  • Taking certain medications.
  • Physical, mental fatigue.

The reason
asthma in children often act bacterial pathogens
(Staphylococci, streptococci, influenza viruses). Often the disease develops in the background
chronic upper respiratory disease (angina, obstructive bronchitis, allergic

Recurrences usually provokes a stressful situation,
hypothermia, breathing smoky air, the use of
certain foods (chocolate, oranges, tangerines, nuts,
honey), the use of poor-quality cosmetic products containing
dyes, perfumes and extraneous components.

The pathogenesis of asthma

The mechanism of development of bronchial
asthma (pathogenesis) in infants involves several steps. But fundamentally
pathological process is the contact with the allergen, resulting in
begins to produce specific antibodies ige, accumulate in fat
cells of the bronchial tubes and other target organs, and released mediators (they
provoke the appearance of swelling of the bronchi and increase the secretion of mucus).

When repeated contact with allergens or
predisposing factor of asthma attacks result from
action conditional reflex mechanism. Pathogenesis
bronchial asthma deteydolzhen examined by experienced specialists.
Only having understood the root causes of the disease, we can choose
really effective therapy.

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