Diabetes mellitus is a child: be vigilant, not insecure


  • Diabetes mellitus is a child: be vigilant, not insecure
  • Allow the child to live, but beware
  • Do not make your child "hothouse" conditions
  • Nurture a child's healthy eating habits

  • Diabetes mellitus is a child: be vigilant, not insecure

    Diabetes mellitus is a child: be vigilant, not insecureTo protect your child from disease, to do everything,to heavy heredity not played a fatal role in the fate of a loved man on earth! Parents who are suffering from diabetes and do not know firsthand about the problems that brings this disease, rightly fear for their children's future. After all, children's diabetes mellitus or type I diabetes, or insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, really has genetic roots. Try to understand how the disease is preventable, and what to do mothers and fathers living with this disease?

    Diabetes mellitus is a child - it's always sugartype I diabetes, type II diabetes - a disease of adults. Diabetes mellitus type I is inherited, rather transmitted predisposition to the disease, but the role of the genes finishes. For in order that the child was ill, during the metabolic processes in the body it needs to be broken from the outside, often severe stress or serious infectious disease.

    Allow the child to live, but beware

    It is important not to see the potential in a child patient. Constant sympathetic, anxious glances parents only undermines psyche of the child, his body weakened, while, when it is especially important to be strong spiritually for him. Training, hardening, raising the child self-confidence and the ability to easily relate to temporary setbacks, understanding and optimistic in the family - that's what helps to overcome the "genetics" of diabetes and to handle stress and infection, which is the real reason, the starting point for the development of diabetes in children.

    The high risk of developing type I diabetes are:

    • children whose mother or father with diabetes;
    • children born weighing more than 4.5 kg;
    • children with metabolic disorders, quite simply, the obese children;
    • children with reduced immunity, that is often and long ill.

    Again, we recall, the increased risk, burdenedHeredity does not mean that the child is sure to fall ill with diabetes. The trigger point is the stress and infection. If you notice any abnormalities in the child's health, there is always an opportunity to consult with a doctor - an endocrinologist and pass the necessary examination.

    Do not make your child "hothouse" conditions

    The desire of parents suffering from diabetes Itype, at every step, "podstelit daze straw" leads to the fact that the child himself begins to perceive the world as hostile. To live in a vacuum does not get any trouble in the child's life causes stress. So, without even knowing it, trying to protect their child, parents become accomplices of the disease and accelerate the development of diabetes.

    It is important to cultivate the child's ability to evaluate themselves, others and their surroundings, to see positive aspects even in critical situations, to retreat and learn from mistakes.

    Even with a high risk fordiabetes, the child has to communicate with peers, attend kindergarten, frolic, play, play sports at the amateur level. Adequate development of the baby's age and physical exertion, lack of isolation from social immunity only benefit, strengthen the health of the child and negate the heavy heredity.

    Nurture a child's healthy eating habits

    Naturally, if there is a predispositionto type I diabetes, the pancreas of the child should be relieved of load in the form of sweets, cakes, pies and muffins. But if it is true to prioritize, sweets and flour products are not attractive to the child, and favorite delicacies will be fresh fruits and berries.

    In general, the nature of human nutrition, havingpredisposition to diabetes should not differ from the global diet, recommended in pancreatic diseases. Certainly, if someone in the family is ill with diabetes, the basics of good nutrition are already known to all members of the household. Create your own in the house cult of health, after all, the rejection of rolls, cakes, sweets, sugar and other unhealthy foods will not harm even healthy, the more it costs to maintain the health of the baby.

    Mistrust - not an assistant in the fight for healthbaby, but should be vigilant, parents and teachers of kindergartens and teachers who are close to the child. The ability to soberly assess abnormalities in his health will allow to notice the first signs of diabetes and prevent that disease was discovered at a late stage, when cure it already extremely difficult.

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