Hyperactivity Disorder Syndrome


  • Active or hyperactive children?
  • Signs of hyperactivity
  • Causes of hyperactivity
  • Prevalence and forecast
  • Treatment of attention violation syndrome with hyperactivity

  • Active or hyperactive children?

    follows any excited child to refer to the category of children with
    Syndrome disorder with hyperactivity. If your baby is full
    Energies, if it beats through the edge, why the kid sometimes becomes
    stubborn and disobedient - this does not mean that he is hyperactive. If you
    squeezed with their girlfriend, and the child begins to be angry, can not
    resist the place to stop at the table - this is normal. Tear children I
    Long journeys.

    From every child from time to time
    Minutes of amphibes occur. And how many children start «clear up»
    in bed when it's time to sleep, or indulge in the store! That child
    becomes like a clockwork, giving a yield of boredom, not at all signs

    Noisy baby-dancer or kid who
    no light, nor dawn, full of strength and energy is joy, not
    Reason for concern.

    And finally, a child who has motivated deviations in behavior, also does not refer to the discharge of hyperactive.

    Signs of hyperactivity

    Diagnostic criteria for hyperactivity disorder
    over the years changed. Symptoms almost always appear up to 7 years, usually in
    4 years. Middle age when contacting the doctor - 8-10 years: in this
    the age of study and work on the house begin to demand from the child
    independence, purposefulness and concentration. Children more
    An early age is usually diagnosed with the first handling, but waiting
    several months during which symptoms should persist. This is
    Allows you to avoid diagnostic errors: so, the transient violation
    attention can be a reaction, for example, on a quarrel or parental divorce.

    Basic signs
    - Violation of attention, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. In action
    from the presence or absence of specific signs of disrupting syndrome
    attention with hyperactivity is divided into three subtypes: attention deficit,
    Hyperactivity, mixed.

    To diagnose violation syndrome
    attention with hyperactivity requires six of nine
    Symptoms of the following categories. Signs should be present in
    For at least six months

    Launch of attention:

    • Hyperactivity Disorder SyndromeReduced selective attention is unable to focus on the subject, the items of the subject, makes the negligent errors.
    • Can't save attention: the child cannot perform the task to the end, is unsalted when it is executed.
    • The impression that does not listen when they are directly referred to.
    • Does not fulfill direct instructions or cannot finish them.
    • He has difficulty with the organization of its activities, often switched from one classes to another.
    • Avoids or does not like tasks requiring long mental tension.
    • Often loses things in which he needs.
    • Easy distracted by an extraneous noise.
    • Increased forgetfulness in daily activities.

    Hyperactivity and impulsion:

    • With excitement of intecivary movements with hands or legs or boosters in a chair.
    • Must often get off.
    • Sharp lifts from place and excessive run.
    • Difficulty to participate in quiet leisure activities.
    • Acts as if «routine».
    • Shouts and other noisy tricks during classes and t.D..
    • Says the answers before the issues were completed.
    • Inability to wait for its turn in games during classes and t.D..
    • Interferes with the conversation or activities of others.

    Causes of hyperactivity

    The reason for the syndrome of violation of attention with hyperactivity was considered
    intrauterine or perinatal brain damage. Now
    Data on genetic predisposition to disorder syndrome
    attention with hyperactivity. twenty—30% of patients' parents suffer or
    suffered by syndrome violations with hyperactivity. Besides
    parents more often than among the population as a whole are alcoholism,
    Asocial psychopathy and affective disorders; The receptions of the same
    parents frequency of these diseases ordinary. Hypothesis that cause
    attention violation syndrome with hyperactivity is food
    Allergies, in controlled tests were not confirmed. In some
    Cases The cause of the disease may be disorders of the intrauterine
    Development. It is also believed that the development of attention disorder syndrome
    Hyperactivity can be facilitated by the Ray Syndrome,
    fetal alcoholic syndrome, lead poisoning, but these
    assumptions have not yet been confirmed.

    Prevalence and forecast

    Warning violations with hyperactivity is more common in boys.
    Relative prevalence among boys and girls - 4: 1. IN
    Currently, schoolchildren of primary grades prevalence
    The syndrome takes equal to 3—10%.

    More than half of children,
    suffering from the syndrome of violation of attention with hyperactivity in the initial
    classes, this syndrome is preserved in adolescence. Such
    Teens are prone to addiction, hardly adapt to the team. IN
    Approximately 60% of cases of symptoms pass into mature age.

    Long observations of patients and retrospective studies
    showed that hyperactivity in adolescence in many
    decreases even if other disorders remain. In people who suffered in
    childhood by severe forms of syndrome violation of attention with
    hyperactivity, in adolescent and mature age is high
    Social dezadaption.

    As noted above, disrupting syndrome
    attention with hyperactivity (usually in combination with behavioral
    disorders) may be a harbinger of a number of violations
    Personality, above all asocial behavior (theft, alcoholism,
    Drug use, indiscriminate sex). Children without
    hyperactivity less aggressive and hostile to others. They have,
    Apparently, more often there are partial delays in development, including -
    School skills.

    Treatment of attention violation syndrome with hyperactivity

    Educational work.
    and the child (in understandable form) necessarily clarify the meaning
    Upcoming treatment. As a rule, parents do not understand what is happening
    with their child, but his behavior is annoying. Explaining everything «Incorrect education», they start blaming themselves and friend
    friend. These accusations are even more strengthened after communicating with
    a low-informed doctor who does not know about hereditary nature
    Disorder Syndrome with Hyperactivity and Relative Disease
    Child entirely on parents' errors.

    Hyperactivity Disorder Syndrome
    Almost always parents are not
    know what to do with the child, and disagreements about this lead to
    new conflict. It is necessary to explain to them the causes of the child's behavior.
    It is largely due to the congenital features of the psyche (this is
    particular, violations of attention), to change which parents cannot. But
    Some symptoms (disobedience, a sense of contradiction) arise or
    amplified precisely as a result of improper education, and eliminate
    Their parents must. Thus, the tasks of the educational work here
    the same as with mental retardation: to help parents understand
    the behavior of the child, dispel the illusions, explain what can actually
    Hope and how to behave with the child. It is necessary to discuss common and
    Private education issues, introduce parents with methods
    Remuneration, behavioral psychotherapy and t.NS. The effectiveness of these
    methods in the syndrome of violation of attention with hyperactivity to the end
    clarified, but, as recent studies have shown, use them

    Conditions of education. If
    Child is difficult to study in the usual class, it is transferred to
    Specialized class. As already mentioned, the reasons for bad progress
    Children with hyperactivity disorder syndrome —
    Inattention and absence of perseverance (the main signs of the syndrome),
    Sometimes in combination with partial delays in the development of school skills.

    Symptoms can be reduced by medication, but
    Preparations for the treatment of delays in development. Then the child can
    help only learning in special conditions corresponding to it
    opportunities. In the case of partial delays in the development of school skills
    This may be a correction class, in the case of low performance when
    Normal intelligence and absence of development delays - class for
    catching up. Unfortunately, opportunities for specialized learning
    There are currently limited children.

    Medicia treatment
    Syndrome disorder with hyperactivity effectively about
    75—80% of cases. However, his action, although pronounced, yet
    Symptomatic. Therefore, drug treatment in children spend
    years, if necessary, continuing him in youth and
    Adults. The fact that drug treatment does not allow to heal by syndrome
    violations of attention with hyperactivity should not diminish his roles: yes
    Many other chronic psychiatric and somatic
    Diseases in which only long-term therapy is effective.

    Symptoms facilitates both intellectual and social development
    child. Treatment in most cases is already completing in adolescence

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