Pertussis: Diagnosis and Treatment


  • How does whooping cough
  • How is the diagnosis of pertussis
  • Complications of pertussis
  • Treatment and prevention of whooping cough

  • Translated from French pertussis means "cock
    cry. " A similar sound is children during coughing - basic
    symptom of the disease. It is long-lasting cough when
    a reasonably good state of health makes parents still refer to

    How does whooping cough

    Children pertussis is manifested as a result of the body's infection
    Pertussis coli (its other name - stick Bordet-ginga, named
    on behalf of the sponsors, who have studied its properties). The stick is transferred from
    patient with pertussis by droplet infection. Very susceptible to this
    disease preschool children, especially in autumn and winter.

    Children under one year of whooping cough are at risk more than others. The thing is
    that the child's own antibodies yet, but with his mother's milk,
    Even if one has immunity, it is not transmitted. In this age
    Whooping cough is very dangerous. He runs hard. Before it was invented
    pertussis vaccine, mortality of children under 1 year was 50-60%.

    Getting with microscopic droplets of saliva and mucus on the skin
    upper respiratory tract to a healthy child, the infection is embedded in
    mucosa into the blood and then spreads throughout the
    body, while actively reproducing.

    The first symptom of pertussis - high body temperature and heavy
    attack of spasmodic cough, which ends with a characteristic
    whistling breath. But last symptom manifests itself only after a week
    after a person is infected. So during this time the patient
    pertussis manages to infect their loved ones. So, the first thing that should be
    Remember parents - the baby is contagious to others until one week
    cough and appearance after three weeks.

    How is the diagnosis of pertussis

    Pertussis: Diagnosis and Treatment
    The first manifestations
    whooping cough in a child: a malaise, refusal to eat, easy runny nose and dry
    cough, temperature rises to 39 C (more often in the evening and in the morning it
    becomes normal). Cough over days increases, there
    attacks and eventually turns into a seizure. pertussis
    coli secretes a specific toxin. It affects the nerves,
    blocks them, and as a result, the nerve center of the cough coming
    pulses. They cause the manifestation of this type of cough.

    If in
    process involving neighboring nerve centers, can appear and vomiting.
    Night cough frequency of attacks is increasing; it does not give the baby to sleep.
    During an attack the patient pipsqueak can not breathe the air, and as soon as
    It makes this starts again cough. Such an attack can last 4-5
    minutes and be repeated, depending on the severity of the disease, up to 20 times
    in a day. Since there is a spasmodic contraction of the glottis, in
    the child appears noisy breathing. Sputum whooping cough, viscous and sticky,
    cough with difficulty.

    After coughing, finally,
    passes, the child may complain of pain in the chest and abdomen. In
    Most sick children cough observed one and a half or two
    weeks, in rare cases, they last up to 2 months. At the same time they
    undergo certain changes: at the beginning of the disease heavy, but
    gradually become easier and occur less frequently while not
    come to naught.

    Complications of pertussis

    Whooping cough is dangerous complications. By this disease
    joined by other, less serious, - pneumonia, encephalopathy. AND,
    Of course, the main difficulty lies in the fact that immediately reveal
    disease and pertussis is not confused with other diseases of the upper
    respiratory tract. Methods of treatment are completely different, and when
    wrong treatment due to incorrect or late
    Diagnostics can only harm the patient. Confirm that the baby
    really whooping cough, is possible only after laboratory tests -
    upon detection of pertussis bacillus.

    Of course, to diagnose whooping cough on the first day of the disease is almost
    impossible. Children being treated for long-term respiratory catarrh, bronchitis, tracheitis. But
    conventional means do not help. Prolonged cough compels parents again
    and again to the doctors. And only then, after careful survey
    parents at the pediatrician is suspected whooping cough. On examination, the doctor
    be sure to try to provoke an attack to listen as
    child coughs. These points are crucial in the formulation of the correct diagnosis.
    If a baby has worn out, that is softly pronounced form of the disease, to
    aid of laboratory examination methods. This research
    mucus from the back of the throat to detect stick Bordet-Zhang and
    blood sample from a vein for the detection of antibodies to pertussis.

    Treatment and prevention of whooping cough

    Pertussis: Diagnosis and Treatment
    If you suspect whooping cough in a child or an adult, call the doctor at
    house. He determines to leave the "suspect" at home or sent to
    hospital. Treatment with antibiotics. To loosen the cough
    seizures and spasms prescribe a mild sedative and antitussive
    facilities. If the disease is able to detect at an early stage, are discharged
    pertussis gamma globulin. And, of course, can not do without
    vitamin therapy and physical therapy. whooping cough patients
    the child needs as much fresh air as possible.

    Therefore, during
    treatment it should be in a well ventilated area.
    Be sure to comply with bed rest at a time when rising
    temperature. Nutrition should be a fraction (small portions, but often)
    varied and nutritious. Meals are more easily absorbed in the digestive
    tract of the patient kid in liquid, semi-liquid, shabby.

    The only preventive measure is by far the
    vaccination, in other words, the vaccine DTP. It is made even in the first year
    a child's life. Therefore, a reasonable solution for parents is not
    to refuse immunization. Vaccines are only healthy children without
    any disease symptoms: runny nose and temperature. The same kids that still ill with whooping cough, acquire a strong immunity, usually for life.

    Traditional medicine in the treatment of whooping cough:
    • With a strong cough can be used for rubbing the breast of pork
      oil mixed with garlic. To make this means you need to take
      1 part powdered garlic to mushy state, and 2 parts
      lard, mix thoroughly. Get a lot of rubbing
      child chest 1 time per day, better in the evening, before going to bed; making
      rubbing, chest wrap well.
    • Achieve liquefy viscous mucus and thereby facilitate
      the child will cough tincture, prepared on the basis of such
      collection: nettle leaves (1 part), leaves his mother and stepmother
      ordinary (part 1), plantain leaf (1 part). that
      prepare the infusion should take 1 tablespoon of the dry mixture,
      raw pour 200 ml of cold water, leave for 2 hours, after which one
      again bring to a boil, let cool and strain. Infusion of a drink in 4
      during reception of the day.

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