How to build a diet

The number of articles, forums and other materials and resources devoted to the problem of weight loss, diets, healthy diet everywhere huge. Even those who specifically go on thematic pages are noticed, and those who come - and not at all imagine a portal without a loss article. What new can be added to what is written, rewritten?

The number of articles, forums and other materials and resources devoted to the problem of weight loss, diets, healthy diet everywhere huge
The number of articles, forums and other materials and resources devoted to the problem of weight loss, diets, healthy diet everywhere huge. Even those who specifically go on thematic pages are noticed, and those who come - and not at all imagine a portal without a loss article. What new can be added to what is written, rewritten? Tips for psychologist? New nutrition system?

And what if you go not stitch, but deep into! Everyone who at least has studied independently a foreign language knows that there is no textbook or disk «in English» In general, for all. There is English for beginners, for secondary and higher level, and even smaller topics - for children, businessmen, travelers, and t.D. Everywhere alone, and the approach to his study is different. And in nutrition.

Most articles are designed for people who have never read anything about healthy nutrition, and there are probably a lot of such. And if you consider yourself to this category, I recommend first to get acquainted with the selection of articles on the topic of weight loss and proper nutrition (you will find links immediately under this article in the section «Read also»). Well, and if you have been combining vegetables with meat for several years, and pasta - with tomato sauce? If you forgot the taste of sweet soda, and the steamer has become the most popular instrument in the kitchen? It seems, everything is as necessary, but extra kilograms do not go. More precisely, with each new diet, they begged to leave, but it takes a short time, and you break up, blame yourself, scolding and breaking even more, pick up for the same weight - and everything starts again ..

Domestic do not ask if you have dinner - and suddenly the new diet can not be it, and my colleagues have no name for joint tea - you are constantly on the diet, and all the long time has lost your bill, what exactly, you eat fractionally, by watch. But strange - all the past years you still remain in the same weight, and colleagues, «chasing tea» with patties, as before, slender and energetic. «well», - you sigh sadly, - «Probably all this is not for me. Maybe encoded? Or go to trainings?». Our site should say that the coding also helps everyone. It just came to translate the number of accumulated knowledge in quality - go to the new, average level. On the first you learned the rules - it's time to talk about exceptions, about the application rules to a specific person, with his features - the body, psyche, lifestyle.

Century traditions in nutrition

The traditions formed by centuries, in power mode, in principle cannot be stupid, incorrect
I always thought that the traditions formed by centuries, including in power mode, in principle could not be stupid, wrong - otherwise they would have forgotten and created others. Let's remember how the daily diet was built 100-200 years ago. Anyway, in Russia or in Europe. Let's leave aside hard working people, they spent a lot of calories and could eat anything (just enough food!). Recall the class of increhensible, those who did not work much, and for whom the servants were performed for their homework. This is written a lot, filmed films ..

In the morning - breakfast, quite dense, like, for example, the British. Then - Lunch, also not scant. At five o'clock - tea that drank is not empty, always with fresh pastries, sweets. And finally, dinner - he is now in «light» Society will take place in 19-21 hours. And pretty abundant. And not always after him, like Evgeny Onegin, rushed to the ball and danced there until the morning. Most often after him went to bed! It turns out, ate for the night, against all the rules of dietology! But in those times, obesity existed, as a single case, not as an epidemic for all continents. Why? Really, our body has changed so for 100 years? Not at all, but some habits changed very much. Together with our site we will try to figure out what has changed, which allowed our ancestors so «not properly» eat and stay slim, and then think about how it can be applied to our life.

Food is not a simple food absorption, it's a ritual!

Food is not a simple food absorption, it's a ritual
So like people ate? Necessarily all together, with family, guests, friends. Nutrition alone was completely not welcomed - everyone eats when he came! - And the public opinion was then much more. Probably, those who have broken from the diet remember that it usually happens not at a party, but at home, alone, when in a longing or alarm you go to the kitchen - and «Meteancy» all.

The table for food was nicely served, and people did not eat where food was prepared - and in the living room, dining room. Dressed beautifully, not in bathrobes, for meals a leisure conversation, solved problems. I generally doubt the correctness of the saying that «When I eat - I am deaf and it». In any case, it is wrong for losing weight. When we talk, eat food stretches in time, and this is already important. Remember if you are visiting or in a restaurant with someone enthusiastically talk, argue - you completely forget about food. The presence of loved ones did not give the opportunity to take the second, third portion. Regulation was never welcomed. And ask for a servant: «Bring me to me another soup plate ... and please ..» - It's hard to imagine. Therefore, the idea «Little Portions», The habit is little, I think, one of the main it is to raise. Even if you are not on a diet today (and ideally - all my life).

Next, our site would like to bring some more useful for reflection of facts. Food took at the same time and «Spots» did not have. From children from small years hid on the upper shelves of buffets of sweets, candy, well, and adults and did not have the habits of constantly chewing, how sometimes it happens. Food was prepared diverse, with a lot of seasonings, sauces, was taken to feel the taste, and not to fill the stomach than.

Personal attitude

What can we take into our lives from the traditions of ancestors? In principle, all. Although it is not necessarily not necessary to turn into an aristocrat. You do not have a big family, and everyone got used to eat himself - it means that rituals need to come up with the most. Personally for yourself, based on your hobbies, addictions.

Opinion about the dangers of food in front of the TV, I think greatly exaggerated
Take a beautiful plate, put on her that portion that they were going to eat, and leave the kitchen. To music, to tv. By the way, the opinion of the dangers of food in front of the TV, I think he is very exaggerated. Because, slowly absorbing your portion under an exciting detective, you are unlikely to beat the additive, skipping a picture from the plot. Well, and when the advertising pause comes - you look, there is already a breakdown. The whole thing in the famous truth that «signal» On saturation comes from the stomach in the brain late. Someone in 20 minutes, and someone and in 30. Here are these minutes it is important to fill something, and let it be a pleasant music, a sharp plot, a nice conversation. Well, revealed half a portion, do something else. For example, you eat in the kitchen (bad, oh, how bad, because «additive» near and no one to take the hand!). Then, sowing a little, decide to clean the potatoes until you do - she will boil. Or run the washing machine ... but you never know what else you can come up. Then, sowing again for your portion, you will add it, and all!

In addition, our site considers it useful to teach yourself, as it would be difficult, while eating thinking about food. Yes, not about family issues and bad weather, and that life, in principle, failed - precisely about food. Then there will be no mechanical absorption of food. Try to feel the taste of food, its shades ... Well, for this you need to cook delicious, and sometimes if finance is allowed, trying completely new dishes. I do not agree with the famous Academician Amosov, in order to eat less, you need to cook tastefully. Yes, not a lot of taste, but then the body that has not received pleasure, will take his dead end.

Eat when you want

Eat when you want
Another «Harmful advice» - about fractional food. It, in my opinion, is shown to those who have disorder with the stomach, liver, etc., and also those who are used to run hungry all day and ride at night. But you are already «average level». You eat a long time after 3 hours, regardless of whether you want or not, the feeling of hunger you have almost no appear, only the thought that you need «Rule Rule». So - no need!

If you used to end the meal with a sense of pleasant saturation - and do not break yourself. Sat down, but only if I really want to eat. And never -. Now you can always eat and everywhere, without resorting to the ill-fated fast food - a jar of yoghurt, cottage cheese - it is always available, so there is in the calculation that it will not be possible - it is necessary to leave! Will pass time, and the body itself will adjust the clock - 2 or 4 times he wants to eat.

Ration only «taste»

The last thing I would like to discuss - our diet itself. I think diet with predominant use of fresh vegetables ... good, but only when you are an amateur of these most vegetables. And if you hate them, that is a sense, anyway with diet you «Fleet», And nothing but sadness and feelings of guilt will not remain. Vegetables should be in the diet, like grain bread, but do from these products «icon» Not worth it.

Diets with predominant use of fresh vegetables are good, but only when you are a lover of these most vegetables. And if you hate them, that is a sense, still with diet you & laquo; swinging & raquo;, and nothing but sadness and feelings of guilt will not remain
I think, choosing a nutrition system or a diet for the initial, short dropping kilograms (such has the right to use, the diet disciplines, makes you begin to think about my food, and this, as we have already decided, it is important) you need to pick up such that would meet most of your habits, lifestyle. Yes, there are volitional people, adorable chocolate, And the weighing herbs, but there are few things, for this you need a very strong motivation (the role for which you get a million dollars!). And still for the body it is stress, and there are few benefits. So why not try to listen to the requests of your body, while observing those simple rules that have already been learned.

I think, exclude from the diet do not need anything, the concept of «harmful» (in our case of calorie) products matter if you eat them a lot, and we have already decided to get used to small portions. So - you love fat, and after all, a thin piece of Borodino fragrant bread with 10 grams of fresh cream oil will give only 120-150 kcal, add a glass of coffee, even if there is no sugar milk and a spoon - more than 200 do not get. Well, than not breakfast or dinner?! Only besides this piece and glasses - nothing else is not necessary. So get a small calorie and great pleasure. Believe me, the eating of the mountain of vegetables with vegetable oil will not give the effect, and in a couple of hours it will still eat you, and God forbid, so that the panari pan does not get to her hand! The only thing that our site recommends excluding from the diet is a yeast dough from white flour, bold cakes - a very strong insulin jump in blood gives this food! Did not notice?! Drink tea with a cake - a piece, the other, it would seem, you need to nourish the day, and in an hour I want to. It's just he insulin!

The evening hunger is not our fault, it is quite clear and is due to hormonal fluctuations in our body, and instead of fighting with varying success with him, try «fool» your body. In the evening, a little tasty: 2 spoons of pasta with a thin piece of cheese - Eat, enjoy, we think that there are quite a bit calories here, we will not choose from this, but I do not lay down hungry. You can come up with another way - to eat as it should, satisfy, but, of course, following our rules - hours in 17-18. And then, perhaps, there is no longer wanting to sleep, even if we go to 23-24 hours.

General Power Supply Principles

How to build a diet
You can talk about this topic indefinitely, however, general principles, I think, understandable.

  1. You can begin to lose weight with any suitable diet personally to you to get an emotional charge, faith in yourself. Next, it is necessary to try to change the entire system of nutrition, let him slowly, not the day and not for a month, but to choose the one you will do without tension, joyfully, let it not succeed to rapidly get rid of extra kilograms. Think: if you lose 1 kilogram per month, we will lose weight for 12 for a year, and for two - in general, you will become a cane. How many years you are already tormenting yourself?!
  2. Try to understand what you personally do wrong - maybe you often and remember, maybe you combine incompatible or just used to eat so that the stomach felt «Pleasant warmth» - and invent for yourself how to fix the provisions, having minimally raping your nature.
  3. Try not to eat one - friends and colleagues will take the hand in time, laugh at your excess kids - you will not allow it! Of course, it is not in the case when you are forced to eat - with such people just do not sit down at the table!
  4. In any case, there are not a trace there, where a lot of food is and maybe take the additive three times, to create maximum «ritual» food, interrupted on some important things - in the end you always eat less.
  5. And finally, all readers are our site. I want to advise not to panic, if you suddenly broke and eat from the soul, nothing, you are not on a diet - just after unload, give up the next meal, the next day will make a unloading day, drink juices - and your body will not have time Even notice anything.

Everything that is written here is the fruit of my study of healthy nutrition, diets and personal experience. Of course, someone has experience and knowledge can be different, someone will say that all this is complete nonsense and must be done up to the opposite. And he will be right. And I am rights. Just choose for yourself what is closer.

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