Manifestations of vitamin deficiency in the skin in children


The role of vitamins in the body is huge. They participate in
the flow of many important internal processes, enhance
immunity, are responsible for the beauty of hair, nails and skin. And that skin
first begin to give signals about the lack of certain vitamins.

Manifestations of vitamin deficiency in the skin in children

Vitamin deficiency in children: skin lesions

Vitamin deficiency in children on the skin may occur due to a lack of B vitamins, vitamins A, E, C and D.
corners of the lips appear characteristic 'll pick ", cracks, and the person becomes
flaky and dry. All these vitamins are found in foods, but
some diseases of impaired absorption of many nutrients that
often lead to beriberi. When poor nutrition can also start
vitamin deficiency in children occur on the hands,
face or the rest of the body.

skin reaction to the lack of vitamin A

  • decreases
  • Worsens
    vision, developing "night blindness".
  • appears
    dry skin, rash papular characteristic covered horny
  • There
    decrease in the density of hair, seborrhea.
  • It appears hyperpigmentation of the skin and mucous membranes.

Symptoms of beriberi vitamins C and B
in children

B vitamins include: tiaminbromid (B1), riboflavin
(B2), nicotinic acid, pyridoxine (B6), pantothenic acid,
parabens, lipokain. With the shortage of, for example, nicotinic
acid deficiency disease occurs on the hands: children appear hyperpigmentation,
bullous dermatitis develops.

If the child's body is lacking of vitamin B6, then there
inflammatory reactions in the skin in the form of rashes and chronic dermatitis. When vitamin deficiency of vitamin C on the skin in children appear bleeding gums are
loose, prone to bleeding.

Prevention of vitamin deficiency in children

Manifestations of vitamin deficiency in the skin in children

  1. Follow
    child nutrition. all the necessary vitamins should be present in its diet
    minerals and amino acids. Avoid eating cold food and eating
    unnatural food.
  2. By appointment pediatrician in autumn and winter, give your child special
    vitamin complexes, which contains all the necessary nutrients.
  3. More walk with the baby in the fresh air, go on nature. A moderate amount
    ultraviolet radiation has beneficial effects on the synthesis of vitamin D, immune system and health
    musculoskeletal system of children.
  4. The diet of children should be a lot of fruits and vegetables. Encourage your child to healthy food,
    which is rich in nutrients and well absorbed. Fruits contain
    a large amount of fiber, which has beneficial effects on the intestine, cleans
    and it normalizes the chair.

Remember that vitamin supplements should choose
Only the doctor. It is impossible to decide on the use of a
other means. Only a specialist, examined the child and performing the necessary
Diagnostic tests may be necessary to assign a combination of vitamins
and determine the multiplicity of taking the drugs. Excess of vitamins (hypervitaminosis)
It can be very dangerous to the health of the child, and at least vitamin deficiency.

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