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  • Measles symptoms in adults, what to do?This acute infection begins abruptly with increasingbody temperature to 40C, and inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes - conjunctivitis. The process also involves the mucosa of the nasopharynx, there are small white spots with a red rim on the oral mucosa, namely, on the cheeks, in front of the molars, called Koplik spots, Filatov. Besides measles, the symptoms of which are similar in adults literally with its symptoms in children, appears red spots on the mucous soft and hard palate and, of course, large bright red papules over the body. The causative agent - a virus that is contained in small droplets of saliva and sputum of the patient. When coughing or sneezing, he gets into the air and spreads easily in the room. Everything from small to large are susceptible to measles. Symptoms in adults and the disease have more severe, sometimes joins severe headache, vomiting, local lymph nodes are increased considerably, appear dry and hard wheezing and in some cases even delusions and hallucinations. In children, the disease is usually easier to recover all produced proof lifelong immunity.

    measles Treatment

    Preventive vaccination against measlesAt the first manifestations of the disease isseek medical advice immediately and decide on further course of therapy takes a doctor. Particular antiviral treatment of measles does not exist, it is only symptomatic, and therefore in the treatment of infectious measles fundamental importance, above all, hygienic measures, care and light diet. It is necessary to organize regular and thorough ventilation of the room where the patient, ensuring a comfortable temperature of 17 0C to 19 0FROM. If you allow the general state of health, ill, you should regularly visit the street or stay at the open window. The treatment also provided a constant skin care, namely washing and wiping, which are sometimes simply necessary to relieve itching. It is not necessary to provide shade in the room, even with the appearance of photophobia, when adults and children are very watery eyes. It is enough to wash the eyes several times a day with 2% solution of boric acid or wipe with a damp cotton swab. After the meal, the patient should frequent regular oral rinse but this requires excessive fluid intake. Great importance should be given a diet rich in vitamins, especially vitamin A, an important role is played herbal medicine.

    Reliable protection factor

    Svopoby treatment of measles in adultsThis disease is especially dangerous for toddlersthe age of 1.5-2 years, fraught with serious complications for adults, and therefore the question vaccinated against measles requires a serious approach. Vaccinations against measles acute create immunity to the disease, ensuring the production of proof of immunity. Any vaccine - this is a significant burden on the immune system, and therefore the occurrence of adverse reactions should not frighten, especially when you consider that the sick can not only child but also adult. Diseases such as measles, rubella, mumps are characterized not so much the severity of the disease, how possible complications. Sometimes it is a misconception about the impossibility of these infections diseases in adulthood and even old age can lead to the most serious and unexpected consequences when a late diagnosis or no adequate treatment lead to an exacerbation of pre-existing chronic diseases.

    Vaccination - the key to prevention of measles, rubella, mumps,

    Prevention of measles and rubella,mumps is immunization of children aged 1 to 8 years of live vaccine according to the vaccination schedule. For the non-vaccinated for some reason children and adults applies gamma globulin, it avoids the introduction or make it more easy for the disease. Special care should be pregnant women, as measles, rubella are characterized by an increased risk for the health of future children. These are not very heavy, but unpredictable disease can provoke very dangerous congenital malformations in the fetus.

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