Diet for belly

If you put yourself a goal to make your belly flat, then for its achievement you can take advantage of a special diet for belly. This diet is designed to burn extra sediments in the waist area. In addition, this diet allows you to streamline and normalize the work of the gastrointestinal. Tell readers our site more about this diet.

General rules

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So, if you wish to become the owner of a pretty flat tummy, then must, first of all, completely abandon tobacco and alcohol. After all, if you abuse something from this, then establish a normal metabolism It is simply impossible. This especially applies to people who are already more than thirty years. In addition, alcohol, and in particular the beer, which the modern youth loves so much, simply reduce the literally on no effort while compliance with the belly diet. It is said that beer brings many female hormones, the excess of which is postponed, as a rule, it is on the waist. In general, make the belly flat in the abuse of alcoholic beverages are very problematic.

In order to successfully make the belly flat, the diet is suitable, according to which it is recommended to take food quite often, but in small portions. In this case, the diet should supply a sufficient amount of protein to the body, which is necessary for a flat abdomen. Therefore, at least twice a week in the daytime, it is recommended to include fish with any vegetable garnish. Also once a week it is necessary to add chicken white meat to the diet. In addition, two egg squirrels and one orange are recommended for dinner.

In addition, during the diet it is important to include in the diet of seeds and nuts. These products are a source of useful protein and oil. Nevertheless, you need to remember that nuts are a considerable burden burden. Therefore, you need to limit nuts to 50 grams per day.

Another important factor that will help make the belly flat, is water. The fact is that the process of metabolism in our body is unthinkable without water participation. In order to speed up the process of metabolism, the diet is recommended to use talu water. It is believed that such water quickly cleans lymph and helps burn fats. In order to prepare such water at home, you need to freeze about one liter. The next day, it should be hung out this water and drink it during the day in small sips.

Diet for belly for two weeks

Protein, diet, flat belly, weight loss, slimming in the abdomen, diet

This version of the belly diet takes the basis of products that contain proteins and fruits. Protein, in particular, contains in meat, fish, cottage cheese and eggs. Fruits should be in the diet every day. In addition, you need fibers that can be obtained from vegetable salads. The approximate menu may be as follows.

First day. For breakfast eat 100 grams of cottage cheese, one green apple, as well as green tea without adding sugar. For lunch, I eat 200 grams of chicken breast and cabbage salad. For dinner drink just half liter kefir.

Second day. On this day, for breakfast, we eat omelet from a pair of eggs with tomatoes. For lunch, we eat 200-300 grams of stew and one apple. For dinner, we have a salad of tomatoes, greenery and cucumbers.

The third day. The breakfast will be yogurt, one apple and green tea. For lunch we prepare 200 grams of chicken breast and one orange. For dinner, we cook a salad with cucumbers and crab chopsticks.

Fourth day. For breakfast, we eat porridge on the water, which is prepared from oatmeal and one apple. For lunch - fish for a couple or cooked, as well as one grapefruit. For dinner - 200 grams of boiled shrimp and green tea.

Fifth day. For breakfast on this day, we eat a portion of fruit salad and yogurt. For lunch there will be an apple and vegetable soup. For dinner 200 grams of cottage cheese and one grapefruit.

Sixth day. As a breakfast we have a pair of boiled eggs and orange. For lunch - a glass of kefir and three small cheese. For dinner 200 grams of grilled meat, as well as cabbage or radish salad.

Some recommendations

Protein, diet, flat belly, weight loss, slimming in the abdomen, diet

Subject to any diet for the abdomen, first of all, you need to remember that it is impossible to overeat for dinner and during lunch. It should be known that a small amount of food when entering the stomach is very quickly cleaved by the elements, as well as energy. If you are very hungry to score your stomach to failure, then the body will still take only the necessary. The rest will be deposited in the form of unnecessary kilograms on the hips and on the stomach. Then no abdominal diet will help.

In general, it should be remembered that you need to eat at least 5-6 times a day in small portions. In this case, nothing to postpone on the stomach and sides will not. In addition, when fast diet is recommended not to forget to use exercise. And they must have exactly the plot where there are deposits, in our case, is a sides and belly. In particular, it is useful to download the press, make slopes and turns of the body, and also useful to raise legs in the lying position. In addition, when using a diet for the abdomen it is useful to use the hoop. Many wrap remember childhood. Once they were almost in any house. Hoops are very helpful in the fight against extra sediments on the bemps and waist.

It is important!

Each of the above diet has its own contraindications, therefore, before applying any type of diet, our site recommends to pre-consult with the doctor.

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