Recovery of appendicitis in children


Recovery of appendicitis in childrenRehabilitation after appendicitis, postoperativeperiod in children - it is a burning and exciting topic for parents whose children have suffered appendectomy. Attentive and caring mother would try to listen to all the advice of the attending physician, to perform all of its recommendations, understand the purpose and meaning of the diet after appendectomy in children.

Acute inflammation of the appendix begins withits mucosal inflammation. The intestines of the child, as an adult, is populated by a variety of microorganisms, which under certain conditions exert their pathogenic properties and become agents of inflammation in the appendix.

The clinical picture of appendicitis is painin the abdomen, vomiting, lack of appetite and diarrhea. Among the local symptoms worth mentioning pain to palpation - a symptom Filatov, passive muscle tension, increased pain after deep palpation followed by a sharp hand taking away from the abdominal wall or a positive symptom Shchetkina-Blumberg.

Diagnosis and treatment of appendicitis in children

Child Complaints of pain in the abdomen and aroundnavel should not ignore the loving mother. It is necessary to look and observe, in what position the baby is relieved, whether it is mobile or more lies curled up, not whether the stomach swells, there are no delays gases and chair looks like the kid how scared he was their condition. It should be understood that self-medication in this case is inappropriate and dangerous painkillers, cleansing enema, and warm hot water bottle will be very bad assistants, need urgent help pediatric surgeon specialist. Before arrival of the doctor should put the baby to bed, providing him cold on the stomach, using the means at hand of the home refrigerator.

Diagnosis of the disease is carried out on the basis ofgeneral analysis of blood and urine tests, ultrasound, and diagnostic laparoscopy. Differential diagnosis is carried out with a dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, and various gastroehnterokolitah intestinal infections.

Treatment of appendicitis in children Modern childrenSurgery pays serious attention. Today, children's surgical wards along with a standard incision in the right iliac region, performed brief high-tech laparoscopic appendectomy through small punctures up to 5-7 mm. The advantage of this technique is that the physician during the intervention with the help of special equipment sees the whole abdominal cavity and able to exclude For other pathology and provide aesthetic and cosmetic effect on the child's body.

Features power after surgical treatment of appendicitis

Features power after surgical treatment of appendicitisIt should be understood that during operationremove the appendix violated the integrity of the intestinal wall, thus, the use of ordinary food immediately after the intervention, it is impossible and fraught with serious complications. There is a possibility of divergence of seams due to solid "traumatic" food and then hit the intestinal contents into the abdominal cavity with the development of peritonitis. Therefore the question of the organization of the diet are not idle trouble, it is vitally important issue, especially in the post-operative recovery of children.

The first day after surgery - a periodrestore bowel after suffering stress, and therefore the only recommendation is to rest and no food, only water wetting the lips is possible. The second and third day assume the gradual introduction of low-fat chicken broth, rice broth, sweet tea and fruit jelly. The diet is based on further days and frequent fractional power up to 5-6 times a day, with food must be consistency in the form of puree or gel in the form of heat. For the normalization of stool with the passage of time can be added to foods containing dietary fiber: oatmeal on the water, vegetables, soups, lean fish, dairy products low-fat, a little butter.

The meaning of the diet is to createfavorable conditions for healing and normal intestinal peristalsis. Recovery lasts a long time and slowly but carrying a doctor's recommendation to avoid physical exertion, you can quickly achieve a full recovery.

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