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    The reverse side of the activityWe are talking about deficit hyperactivity syndromeattention (ADHD) - a fairly common diagnosis in our times. This syndrome is a neurological bases: severe pregnancy, childbirth complications, stress and family problems leave their mark on the development of the nervous system of the baby. Hyperactive children are constantly moving: jump, jump, move only run. The mobility is not only the body but also a state of mind - they instantly go from crying to laughter, often capricious and very impulsively react to the world around us. Often, kids with attention deficit problems "emerge" only for admission to kindergarten. What was once perceived as a particular character, it is now becoming a serious obstacle to cooperative play, with peers and interacting with teachers, educators. A hyperactive child is very quickly becoming the "inconvenient" - he spends a lot of time in the corner, often hears shouts and comments, and his mother listens to daily complaints about the behavior of his child.

    The suffering of parents of hyperactive children - isanother topic! With him mom and dad get parental experience in the "year of the three." It is impossible to relax, you need to constantly be alert and maintain control. Add to that the sleepless nights and the fight against child for each eaten a spoon during feeding, and you can see how they get tired. Sooner or later, the parents begin to fall apart, and the child gets used to the shouts and comments not only in the garden, but also at home. His adaptation possibilities are reduced - in some cases, a child with ADHD do not have the experience of success and realizing that he is loved!

    In order to break this vicious circle,Special measures are needed. By the time the parents with the child to seek help to manage neurological already added here (and consolidate) psychological problems. In this connection, a child with ADHD and their families need qualified comprehensive assistance of several experts. It is difficult to say which of them is "the most important doctor", as it requires the participation of all at once. Looking psychological corrective exercises, the child was able to concentrate for longer and control your behavior. Need support family therapists or education professionals to parents learned how to create for your child's special developmental environment. Finally, the absolutely necessary regular contact with the doctor-neurologist, medication accompanying a child rehabilitation process. A little more talk about these areas of work.

    Psychological sessions: help the child to adapt to the lesson format to adopt the rules and learn to follow instructions. Classes psychologist notices even the tiniest child's success and be sure to praise, encourage it. Such praise is becoming the foundation for the development of the baby the feeling of success. To achievements reached at the session with a psychologist, are not lost, connect specialists - family therapists. They work mainly with parents to ensure that in the parent-child relationship came the potential for the development of the baby. Parents learn to see the happy change in your child, and acquire positive thinking skills. Both individual and family sessions are much more effective when accompanied by a neurologist. You have to understand that without the support of drug the child is able to effectively hold the attention for only two or three minutes, which means that most of the classes will be held "by" vain. Selection of the product - it is a very serious process, as many sedatives are not suitable for hyperactive children. The main disadvantage of these funds is the effect of inhibition, and because the child needs to stay active, to learn. This shortage is deprived of "tenoten children", which due to the unique composition does not cause drowsiness. A child taking this medication, collected throughout the day. In addition to removing the motor and emotional disinhibition, "tenoten kids" helps your child easier to concentrate and remember information better. These qualities have allowed "Tenotenu child" become one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the treatment of ADHD in centers providing medical and psycho-social assistance to children.

    Let the game and learning will be fun!

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