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  • Rubella: is vaccination necessary?
  • Is it dangerous to infection after the vaccination, such as measles, rubella, mumps?
  • Rubella: Treatment and Care

  • Rubella symptoms in children - a disease familiar to manyWhen we talk about rubella symptoms in childrenquite spontaneously pop up in our minds. Small body completely studded with small pink-red spots, they are merged into the general redness, as well as if there are stand-alone, and that is one of the most important in the diagnosis of specific symptoms. The causative agent - a virus that is transmitted by droplets in contact with the mucous membrane of a healthy person through talking, laughing, kissing. To catch, of course, possible at any age, but most often the target object children are for the virus.

    The incubation period of the disease lasts up to 21day. Next, the prodromal period is characterized by rash, first on the face, then she literally goes down, and now everywhere, strewn completely back, buttocks, flexor surfaces of arms and legs. Rubella and its symptoms in children continues to "bloom", the disease manifests fever, general weakness, enlarged lymph nodes in the back of the neck. And the symptoms of rubella in children usually appear much brighter than in adults, in whom perhaps even asymptomatic disease. After 5 days of rash the patient is no longer contagious.

    Rubella: is vaccination necessary?

    Prevention of this disease isrelevant and timely isolation of sick child. Special care is necessary to be pregnant and to avoid contact with rubella. In most cases, the reply is positive for antibodies of class Ig G means that the patient has previously suffered a rubella infection, possibly asymptomatic, and currently poses no danger. In the presence of antibodies in the body of the virus is not afraid of new contacts, the level of antibody titer to rubella positive does not matter, the main thing in that they have, which means that the fetus is protected from infection. This once again confirms the fact that after vaccination, these infections are not dangerous to the fetus. It should be remembered that such vaccination should be done 2-3 months prior to the expected pregnancy.

    Is it dangerous to infection after the vaccination, such as measles, rubella, mumps?

    Is it dangerous to infection after the vaccination, such as measles, rubella, mumps?After the preventive vaccinationinfections are dangerous for pregnant only in the early stages up to 16-18 weeks due to the risk of spontaneous abortion. Maternal antibodies provide protection after vaccination against measles, rubella, mumps, and have a significant influence on the formation of a stable immunity. After vaccination rubella 5-10 day may appear fever, cough, runny nose, and even joint pain. In the case of the mother infection this infection may be a syndrome of multiple defects, the so-called triad Gregg: the defeat of the cardiovascular system, hearing and sight. Vaccination has a positive effect on the formation of specific immunity, the development of which begins in 10-20 days, and lasts about 20 years, with re-infection is considered to be impossible. For specific prevention of disease using a live attenuated vaccine.

    Rubella: Treatment and Care

    Children rubella treatment and care in this diseaseGerman measles does not require specific treatment andIt involves the use of traditional medicines in conjunction with meticulous care, dairy and vegetable diet, vitamino- and phytotherapy. First of all - a mode with a regular airing and wet cleaning, changing bed clothes. To facilitate skin rash with rubella, which does not involve special treatment of specific drugs used decoctions of wild rose, mother and stepmother, chamomile and calendula. Soothing in this case has valerian, motherwort, edelweiss, thistles and cornflower. Expressed antifebrile action has raspberry, clover, burdock, birch buds. Great value with rubella firming treatment which is carried out through the fortification including a vitamin C rich content of vitamins in fruit drinks and broths black currant, rose, strawberry, cranberry exerts its beneficial effect on the patient's body.

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