Runny nose in a child


  • Instruments that should be in every home

  • Instruments that should be in every home

    It is no secret that young children get sick more often adults. Children
    infected with an average of 6 times a year From at least two hundred different
    viruses. Such infections can not lead to complications, they
    Conversely train the immune system of the child, giving the necessary supplies health
    for a lifetime, help him in the future to quickly handle most
    cold viruses, practically no symptoms or complications.

    Runny nose in a childBut
    children are ill, and to recognize how much we loved and were given no
    full education, courting his child, spend a week with
    sick child, which expires snot, crying, and naughty
    all suffering, not a holiday, even the most fanatical

    Many doctors believe that to treat a runny nose is not necessary,
    runny nose - is a natural reaction of the body, it helps to cope with
    virus or bacterium. But to help the child without pain and with a minimum of
    inconvenience to transfer this disease should be mandatory.

    To help the child breath before going to bed he
    It can suck the mucus specially designed nasal
    aspirator, Sales there are many different rubber aspirators,
    they look like little klizmochki. But advanced parents know
    and that there are electronic analogs of these instruments. Electric compressor suction for B.Well WC-150 nose
    It is conveniently lies in the hand of a portable device with a low
    compressor and interchangeable nozzles for nozzles of different sizes.
    Compressor suction - a novelty in the Russian market of children
    products. Portable aspirator B.Well WC-150 is very easy to
    use aspirator tips are made of high-quality
    soft silicone, pleasant to the touch and does not irritate
    nasal mucosa. In memory incorporated aspirator 12 known children
    melodies that can distract a child from such a delicate
    procedures like nose cleansing. After removal of the nasal mucus flagged
    a special tank that can be easily removed and washed immediately
    under hot water. The equipment for the nose present aspirator
    bag for storage and a handy strap for fastening on the hand.

    In general, the instrument is designed specifically to help
    parents to alleviate the condition of the child, free stuffy nose and give
    him to calm down. It is important to remember that the abuse of such
    kind of procedures should not be: clean the baby's nose should be occasionally when
    it can not sleep or rest due to the presence of mucus in the nose can not
    fully breathe. In other cases it is better to nose during illness
    the child was moistened natural secretions, and in fact they
    are protected his swollen mucosa. Permanent complete their removal
    can cause the opposite effect: it even more drying up, and how
    consequence of swelling.

    It is also recommended to wash the nose with a cold
    child. Washing is best done by special children's drops, but
    normal saline and fit, which are easy to prepare in
    home, using ordinary salt water and boiled in
    the ratio of 1 teaspoon of salt per liter of water. It is necessary to instill
    a few drops of the time, for a few days with intervals
    1 times per hour.

    Runny nose in a childExcessive
    the amount of saline solution or nasal lavage child through klizmochku
    can damage - penetrate in the nasopharynx and eustachian tube
    cause inflammation in the middle ear (otitis media).

    Very important is the comfortable environment in the nursery.
    Humidity should be increased, the temperature is even slightly
    cool. This is all done to mucus in the nose and throat of the child
    I did not dry up, and, as a consequence, does not irritate the skin. The best option
    - Use a humidifier. There moisturizers
    designed specifically for children, such as ultrasonic humidifier air B.Well WH-100 "Turtle".
    This modern, silent unit executed as a bug, it has
    a dim, night lighting and is perfect for a child's room.
    Design Humidifier WH-100 combines the immediacy of toys and
    High-tech line of reliable, modern appliance.

    Often the common cold in a child climbs
    temperature. Parent is important to control the temperature, that is fast
    and accurately measure it and not allow it to rise too
    high. This simple process, which we tested a thousand times on itself,
    It may be not so fast and nehlopotlivym as it seems.
    Try to put your child for 3 minutes with a thermometer
    armpit and let the try, so it does not fallen. For measuring
    body temperature in infants and young children on the market there are a few
    thermometers models specifically created forthis: a special children's nipple thermometer Microlife MT-1751, which is invisible to the child and measure his temperature readings will flash on the display. Also sold Infrared Forehead Thermometer B.Well WF-2000.
    Infrared Thermometer B.Well for 2-3 seconds is able to measure
    body temperature, although it is not essential that the measure he would do well
    measuring the air temperature in the nursery or the water temperature

    The most important and right that can make
    parent when the child is healthy - is to create all the conditions for
    to the child's body in a natural way overcame cold.
    Then your child will shine health again.

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