The toy, which kills


  • Good aim and evil intentions
  • What is the danger of children's magnetic designer?
  • Murder by negligence?

  • Magnetic Designer Children NeokubMagnetic Designer Children Neokub (Neocube)- Very exciting toy-puzzle consisting of 216 tiny balls really universal thing that can intelligently develop and ... mercilessly maim and kill our children.

    As usual, the most sophisticated weapons, Neokubmesmerizing simplicity and affects the scale of its capabilities, allowing to realize in reality the most bizarre forms and fantasy. Design is made from an alloy of neodymium, iron and boron, exhibiting properties of super-strong magnet. These magnets are used, for example, in medicine, magnetic resonance imaging, but the fear is that this technology was the basis of the children's toys. Tiny as confectionery sprinkling silver NeoKub magnetic beads are attracted to each other with incredible strength that allows the child to model are a variety of designs, thus developing fine motor skills of fingers and creativity.

    Good aim and evil intentions

    Magnetic construction sets for children are presentedlike toys, in fact, this is the case. Going through her fingers small objects, in this case, magnetic beads, the child uses fine motor skills of hands, developing brain hemisphere. The designer does not impose any form of child, from small balls can collect the most freakish figures, small designer brings to life their fantasies, it copies the known objects. However, the good purpose overshadows the global harm that is able to cause the magnetic toy.

    Buying magnetic designer children whose parents do nottake into account their age and behaviors. The child develops the world through the senses, and therefore even in 3-4 years out of habit continues to pull everything into his mouth. Weak children's fingers are sometimes not able to overcome the force of attraction of small magnets and baby have to be separated from each other by other balls teeth.

    On the sets of magnetic beads Neokub specified age restriction "over 14 years", but what prevents baby swallowing magnets from his older brother set, just find them in school or kindergarten?

    What is the danger of children's magnetic designer?

    The toy, which kills!A magnetic ball will not cause any harm,having done all the way from the mouth to the anus, it will be removed from the body naturally. But the horror that the balls are swallowed several pieces. As a result, they move through the digestive tract and are fragmented in different parts of the intestine.

    Even in the body, the magnets aremagnets, balls with a force attracted to each other. Clamping together intestinal tissue, they lead to necrosis and the formation of "holes" in the walls of the colon. As a result of falling of intestinal contents into the abdominal cavity develop severe peritonitis.

    The symptoms of peritonitis in children in the early stagessimilar to the manifestations of rotavirus infection, bowel syndrome often accompanies the flu, parainfluenza, adenovirus infection, so the diagnosis is often exhibit delayed. Child long and hard treated for SARS, and only when his condition becomes really serious, go to the doctor.

    One of the main conditions for successful treatmentperitonitis is the diagnosis the causes of its development. Sometimes parents do not realize that the baby swallowed magnetic parts designer and can not tell the doctors search direction. In the presence of a clinical picture of acute abdomen often resort to the US, but to shed light on the causes of the tragedy is only capable of X-ray examination. The situation is evolving rapidly, the loss of precious time is fraught with the development of sepsis and death.

    Not so easy to deal with the problem, even if theThe causes of peritonitis. If a child swallows some magnetic beads, his gut is literally riddled. The numerous "holes" still need to find that surgeons to have to sort out centimeter by centimeter bowel loops, removing its affected areas. As a result, the baby becomes disabled for life.

    But that's not all, even if the child does notswallow NeoKub magnetic beads, in any case, it is exposed to a strong magnetic field, according to his power exceeding all acceptable safety levels. What this means for the child, we can only guess.

    Murder by negligence?

    Children's magnetic designerThe sad statistics show that the number ofaffected by magnetic designer for children is growing every year. According to Leonid Roshal, only 4 months of 2011, the Research Institute of Emergency Surgery and Traumatology came four children, to swallow the ill-fated magnets.

    The inventors of magnetic toys, Americans have banned their sale in their own country. The official website of the American manufacturer NeoKub immediately placed a call to get rid of toys.

    Several tragedies with our kids rockedRussian public, but Neokub you can still freely available in any store. Moreover, the magnetic toy is made by our same "family" now and stop the "deadly" nobody is going to flow.

    Neodymium belongs to the structure of the balls is not prohibitedfor use in the manufacture of toys, it is not present in the list of "dangerous" ingredients, which means he is "in the law." Manufacturers beads believe that the death of several children - not a reason to stop the release of the designers, because swallowed button batteries and just as dangerous. However, they are not written, they are - children's toys, but the balls are in the hands of kids with good reason. You can of course, limit the use of magnetic constructors 14, 18 years, but who can be sure that the balls do not fall into the hands of kids.

    While the problem with NeoKub and similar toys will somehow be resolved at the state level, it will take time, but for the parents it is important to protect your child today and now.

    What can be done? Of course, to close the door on the killer! But if the house had already started up the magnetic "infection" you need to be alert. To determine that the child's body hit the ball, you can use a compass or magnetometer, his hand will be deflected in a magnetic field in the stomach toddler, and it is a signal for immediate treatment to the doctor.

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