Treatment of bronchial asthma in children


Asthma in Children
often leads to disability.
This disease - one of the most common allergic pathologies
childhood. Inclined to proceed with frequent exacerbations. Relapses can
occur against a background of respiratory viral infections, physical activity,
exposure to allergens (house dust, pollen, pet saliva

asthma treatment
children should be comprehensive, covering many aspects of life
child. If you suspect that a comprehensive survey carried out on the development of the disease
Child, which aims to identify the causative allergen and evaluation
condition of the body and the extent of damage the respiratory system.

What can provoke an attack?

Treatment of bronchial asthma in children

To reduce asthma attacks should be excluded
child's exposure to allergens and factors that may provoke

  • hypothermia;
  • inhalation of polluted air, tobacco smoke,
  • stress;
  • sports in windy weather, the cold.

How to treat asthma in children?

Symptomatic therapy plays an important role in the treatment of bronchial asthma in children.
Anti-inflammatory, antihistamine to help relieve swelling
bronchial mucosa, reduce itching and symptoms of bronchospasm. In the period of acute
Recommended hypoallergenic diet.

The sooner treatment is started, the better the prognosis of asthma in children. If
get rid of the influence of allergens is not possible, it is advisable to carry out specific immunotherapy. This technique
It involves the administration of a small child dose preparations containing
allergens. The systematic use of techniques manage to work out
the immune system and significantly reduce the sensitivity to the various provocative

To suppress the inflammatory response and removal
bronchospasm used bronchodilators, corticosteroids, oxygen.
Drugs used in the form of inhalations or solutions for injection.
In the period of remission application of physiotherapy:
electrophoresis, magnetic therapy, phonophoresis.

Treatment of bronchial asthma in children
A good therapeutic effect have massages,
relaxing treatments, Balneology, hydrotherapy, acupressure,
breathing exercises. For the prevention of relapse and improve prognosis of asthma in children
They use various homeopathic remedies.

Early treatment helps to reduce the risk of disability in bronchial asthma in children.
Therefore, at the first signs and suspected pathology development
immediately contact a doctor. Purchase drugs
that cropped asthma (inhalers, allergy medications). AT
bronchospasm moment, before the arrival of doctors, you can help your child and
prevent the development of complications.

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