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    The incubation period for chickenpox, when the child hasIt is a disease, but chicken pox is not yet revealed, is 14-16 days. About 2 weeks after infection, fever and general malaise appears, and after one or two days a rash appears - on the face, scalp, then it spreads throughout the body. In place of the red spots swell bubbles burst quickly, then covered with a crust that falls away during the week.

    Usually the child is about 300 bubbles, rarely- Less (not more than ten times) or more. The rash lasts for several days, the temperature is usually normal in 2-4 days after the onset of rash.

    How to rinse than smear?

    In the normal course requires chickenpoxno treatment. The main thing - health and good care. Bubbles itch, the child can comb them and put in the wound infection. Then it will fester, the crust will stay for a long time and left behind smallpox.
    Treatment of chickenpox
    In Russia it is accepted to grease bubbles chickenpoxZelenko. Abroad, the existence of this process - and even the most brilliant green! - Do not even know. Bubbles chickenpox there is no smear, only when necessary use ointments with antibiotics.

    But certainly it is necessary to maintain the purity of bodychickenpox. Often change the baby pajamas and bed linen, make sure that your hands were always clean and the nails trimmed. Festering scabs chickenpox lubricate sintomitsinovoy emulsion - it inhibits the growth of good bacteria and does not stain clothes.

    If bubbles poured chickenpox in the mouth,let your child gargle broth chamomile. Sometimes the chicken pox blisters appear on the conjunctiva of the eye - do not worry, they will not get any vision. Wash broth chamomile eyelids dripping saline into the eyes.

    What to do in any case impossible to chickenpox- So it is to give a sick child aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid). This is extremely dangerous as it can cause severe liver and brain damage (Reye's syndrome). If even the temperature rose above 39 °, other antipyretic use in small doses.

    Against the varicella-zoster virus created several drugs, acyclovir is best known, but if chickenpox is mild as is usually the case in healthy children, to use it does not make sense.

    For whom chickenpox dangerous?

    Chickenpox severe in children with defects of the immune system. These children acyclovir needs.

    Chickenpox is dangerous for newborns: they usually become infected with chickenpox if the mother shortly before delivery suffered this infection. If the expectant mother catches chickenpox in the first months of pregnancy, there is a high (over 25%) the risk of the fetus.

    In children with allergic eczema chickenpox occur very abundant precipitation.

    Adolescents and adults also suffer chickenpoxhard, with a higher temperature, sometimes with hemorrhages in internal organs and in places eruptions. So it is better to recover this "childhood infections" chickenpox in time.

    Return through the decades

    It turns out, the chickenpox virus - a relative of theherpes viruses that cause the "fever" on the lip or worse, on the genitals. "Herpes" is translated into Russian as "shingles." At first contact with the virus develops chickenpox. After finishing disease antibodies remain in the body, so that new infection, even by close contact with the patient does not occur. But the virus from the body does not disappear - it hides in the nerve cells, which saved all our lives. At the same time circulating in the blood of antibodies and killer cells vigilantly monitor the virus and to prevent any of its root raid.

    But in old age, or under the influence of aillness or stress immunity force drops. The virus begins to raise his head, causing a very painful inflammation of separate nerves, which is accompanied by precipitation of bubbles, similar to varicella. They pour out, as a rule, a strip perpendicular to the backbone, and cause severe pain - a condition called shingles. It occurs in about one in five.

    Where is vaccination?

    This begs the question: why not create a vaccine against chickenpox?

    Recently, a vaccine against chickenpox has appeared, thoughnot in Russia. It protects children suffering from leukemia and other malignant diseases: these children after vaccination or chickenpox does not get sick, or suffer chickenpox without any complications. But it is necessary to vaccinate all children against chickenpox? Experts still argue. Some do not see obstacles to widespread vaccination (except for the high cost of the vaccine - it costs about $ 30), while others consider the vaccination of healthy children chickenpox excessive.

    But doctors are more inclined to believe thatpromote vaccination against varicella among the elderly, who are at the shingles. Why do not we all in 55-60 years, not to enter the chicken pox vaccine to prevent trouble? So grandparents, may soon have to take their turn to be vaccinated against chickenpox.

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