Why and how to deal with rubella?


What is rubella?

This once in my life have not been immunized? It is known that after vaccination
in the body in response to the vaccine appear in sufficient
amount of specific antibodies that are needed to combat
infection. Depending on the type of vaccination, antibodies are saved by
several months to several years, and in some cases
life. But it happens sometimes that hurt a child, for example,
rubella do not have to, and get vaccinated too lazy or simply not
... What had to be afraid and wary in this case? What is this
this insidious infection than it threatens and how to defuse it, this
further and propose to talk ...

The disease begins with a short-rubella
temperature rise. It is often low, around 38 degrees. can
There is a general weakness, headache, runny nose unspoken,
sore throat. Typical symptoms of rubella - swelling
lymph nodes. They are pea-sized, dense,
painful to the touch. Then rash, which consists of small
pink spots with smooth contours. The rash first appears on
face, neck, then spreads throughout the body within a few
hours. Its appearance may be accompanied by a slight itching. rash at
Rubella is held a couple of days and pass without a trace, leaving no
scars, no peeling. Many people may have an impression that the
the disease is not so terrible ... Yes, sometimes it's so ... someone rubella
gives only temporary trouble, but the other - deprives
the possibility of having a healthy child.

Pregnancy and rubella

If a woman becomes ill during pregnancy rubella, then no matter how it was treated, the consequences will be dire. The child may
have congenital heart defects, deafness, visual impairment and mental. AND
this is only part of the potential problems. I note that in many countries
Today rubella vaccine already made mandatory.
That is why to protect your body is so important in time with the help of

Why and how to deal with rubella
If in your life you've suffered this disease,
You can not be afraid to get infected again. Re-infection is almost
impossible. After an illness to the virus develops immunity. If
you can not remember, or not hurt rubella, you should pass
blood for antibodies that protect the body against the virus. If
antibodies are detected, it is best to get vaccinated, especially if
In the near future you are planning a pregnancy. It is held
to create artificial immunity against the disease. Only
But after vaccination with the planning of the child's need to wait at
at least 3 months.

Among the living children who are born to mothers who have had rubella
1-2 months of pregnancy, 50-80 percent have malformations, 2-3
months - 15-30 percent. Therefore, if a woman had been ill with rubella
During the first 90 days of pregnancy, it is regarded as an absolute
indication for induced abortion.

Pregnant woman without a history of rubella should be remembered that
it occurs, usually in the form of light, usually with small
rashes on the skin. The rash looks like red dots. Because the
the temperature is kept for long, it is often mistaken for allergic and
do not pay attention to her. What distinguishes rubella from allergies? at
Allergies are generally not the case temperature. Furthermore, when rubella
swollen lymph nodes, especially in the head and back
of the neck, which can always be determined by the physician.

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