12 causes of hemorrhoids


12 causes of hemorrhoidsHemorrhoids, or hemorrhoidal disease, isone of the most common surgical diseases in humans. According to statistics, it affects 13-14% of the adult population of the planet, and it is thought that these numbers are actually much higher. Many do not go to the doctor as long as hemorrhoids will not cause particular concern, and therefore do not fall into the statistics.

Hemorrhoids - a surgical disease,characterized by an increase of hemorrhoids, manifested by pain in the rectal area, recurrent bleeding and prolapse of the anus.

What are hemorrhoids?

The basis for the formation of hemorrhoids anddeveloping hemorrhoids as such are cavernous calf - dense plexus of blood vessels located in the form of small "pillows" under the mucosa at the exit of the rectum and under the perineal skin. It is believed that the immediate cause of hemorrhoids is a mismatch between the arterial blood flow to the cavernous body-and outflow of venous blood from them. Stagnation of blood and increasing its pressure leads to a stretching of the blood vessels, increasing the cavernous bodies and turn them into hemorrhoids.

Under the influence of irritantshemorrhoids are inflamed, bleed, cause pain in the anus. Degenerative changes in the muscular layer of the rectum leads to a shift of hemorrhoids and their loss of the anal canal.

Why there is hemorrhoids?

Thus, an increase in most hemorrhoidsIt is the result of blood stagnation. It is logical to assume that the causes of hemorrhoids can be any factors that lead to the blood supply, venous blood retention in the rectal area to the background of the weakness of the muscular layer of blood vessels. What are these factors?

  1. Heredity. Hemorrhoids can not be called a geneticdisease can not be transmitted directly from their ancestors to descendants. However, scientists have found that the weakness of the vascular wall is encoded by specific genes, and their presence can be the basis for the development of hemorrhoids. The presence of hemorrhoids in close relatives increases the likelihood of disease.
  2. Age. It is no secret that with age, the condition of bloodvessel deteriorates, reduces their elasticity and ability to withstand the pressure of the blood. Children hemorrhoids is extremely rare, but the older the person, the higher the probability of disease.

  3. Sedentary lifestyle. Physical inactivity - the scourge of modern society, andHemorrhoids can be regarded as a punishment for failing to maintain an active lifestyle. If a person for many years, gradually migrates out of bed in the car, in the office chair and sofa, we can say with confidence: the age of 35-40, he knows firsthand what hemorrhoids. Physical inactivity leads to a slowing of blood flow in the lower extremities and pelvis, venous stasis, vasodilation of the cavernous bodies and the formation of hemorrhoids.

  4. Sedentary work. Hemorrhoids - diseases of office workers,drivers, teachers and all those who by virtue of professional activities for a long time have to spend in a seated position. In the sitting position clamped venous vessels through which blood flows away from the pelvis, thus creating conditions for increasing the venous pressure in the cavernous calf.

  5. Poor nutrition and low in dietary fiber plant. Modern man used to eatrefined food, a long time lingering in the intestine and causes the process of fermentation and putrefaction. Tea, coffee, soft drinks have replaced people clean drinking water, and in fact can not be considered a good source of moisture. The developing chronic dehydration contributes to toxic damage blood vessels and muscle weakness of their walls.

  6. Alcohol abuse. Alcoholism leads to cirrhosis of the liver -Diseases accompanied by increased venous pressure in the inferior vena cava and its branches, including vessels in the rectum, which in turn leads to the development of hemorrhoids. Alcohol abuse is often accompanied by constipation, chronic diarrhea, hypovitaminosis, which exacerbates the situation.
  7. Frequent use of spicy, spicy, pickled, smoked food. Spices and many extractives,imparting the desired taste food, are not absorbed in the intestine. Lingering with feces in the rectum, they cause blood flow and stagnation in the cavernous plexus.
  8. 12 causes of hemorrhoidsChronic constipation - The most common cause of hemorrhoids,accompanying inactive lifestyles, sedentary work and malnutrition. Fecal put pressure on the rectal wall, interfere with the normal blood flow and lead to the formation of hemorrhoids. Solid particles of stool while passing through the anal canal injure the hemorrhoids, they provoke inflammation, emergence of pain and bleeding. The need to push during a bowel movement contributes to a further increase in blood pressure in the pelvic veins and leads to the growth of hemorrhoids.
  9. Prolonged diarrhea. It would seem, how diarrhea cancause the development of hemorrhoids? However, found that the liquid stool causing irritation of the rectum, its inflammation and congestion in the cavernous calf.

  10. Pregnancy and childbirth. Unfortunately, many are faced with hemorrhoidswoman waiting children. The growing uterus puts pressure on the veins of the pelvis, breaking the outflow of blood from the venous plexus of the rectum. Hormonal pregnancy promotes intestinal sluggishness and constipation. "Status" forcing pregnant to limit physical activity. Deliveries are accompanied by a sharp increase in intra-abdominal pressure and the formation of hemorrhoids.
  11. Lifting weights. Hemorrhoids often diagnosed in people whoseprofessional activity is associated with regular heavy lifting, those who engaged in weightlifting and "Iron Rod" in the gym. Heavy exercise is accompanied by an increase in blood pressure, tension anterior abdominal wall leads to a sharp increase in pressure on the pelvic organs and impaired venous drainage from the rectum. Professional class "heavy" sports require compliance protein diet increases the likelihood of constipation, which are considered a cause of hemorrhoids.

  12. Intensive Care anus, hot tubs. Increasing temperature leads to an expansionblood vessels and large amounts of blood inflow into the rectum. The use of personal care products with the addition of surfactants and perfumes promotes stagnation of blood and increases the risk of developing hemorrhoids.

As you can see, the factors that may lead tothe emergence of hemorrhoids, quite a lot. Some of them, such as heredity, and age, can not be avoided. But the exclusion of all others, it is possible to avoid the development of the disease or its aggravation. The main thing is to know what exactly you need to struggle, and then it's up to the desire to be healthy.

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