Anal sex and hemorrhoids!


40% of visits to doctors concerning intestines due
with hemorrhoids. Proctology believe that 70% of people eventually
face gemorroynymi symptoms. And if you sit all day
front of the computer, the probability to catch hemorrhoids is even higher.

Hemorrhoids are in the body of each person. it
mucosal folds of the anal canal. In addition to action
they provide the muscle retention of feces. At rest
hemorrhoids are involved in overlapping anal canal

When defecation bumps should be smoothed so as not to interfere
the passage of stool. Stagnation of venous blood and excessive straining
violates the provisions of the nodes, they slide down along with mucous
shell. Then there is a reorganization and infringement of blood supply, it
It increases the size of hemorrhoids, their protrusion

The risk of all!

That is - the hemorrhoids!

Each of us can make hemorrhoids. Particularly at risk are those who:

  • a sedentary lifestyle, including working on the computer;

  • suffer from constipation, obesity;

  • She loves to lay the collar (drunk);

  • at the table to lean on smoked, spicy, salty, spicy;

  • indulge in anal sex;

  • is an inflammatory disease in the pelvic area;

  • deals
    serious sport such as lifting weights, jumping, or shot put;
    mowing, chopping, hauling gravity - in short, as a plow horse.

The main factors contributing to the development of hemorrhoids

1. Weight lifting, prolonged work in a standing position.
physical overload venous pressure increases due to delay
blood in the veins, this leads to a loss of elasticity of the vein walls.
Therefore, hemorrhoids often develops at loaders, dancers, athletes,
hairdressers, teachers - those who are engaged in heavy physical
work or spends time standing.

2. Sedentary work, including a computer, a sedentary lifestyle.
spares hemorrhoids and those who sit a lot. In the seat of the chair and the body
sitting generated heat compress, which leads to stagnation of blood in
pelvic organs. Therefore, in the "at risk" get programmers,
computer operators, drivers, accountants, representatives of other
"Sedentary" professions. In addition, sedentary lifestyle is
risk factor for venous insufficiency, while moderate physical
activity, swimming lessons and gymnastics, on the contrary, reinforce and
stimulate blood circulation, prevent stagnation of blood in the veins.

3. Chronic constipation.
caused by violation of the formation of feces process and its advancement
intestines. Solid stool, lingering in the lower divisions
intestines, put pressure on the surrounding veins and impede normal blood flow.
Habit long push during defecation, inherent suffering
chronic constipation, hemorrhoids are also very helps: straining
during defecation affects the veins of the rectum is similar to raising

4. Inflammatory, neoplastic processes in the pelvic area.
diseases and tumors in women (fibroids, uterine fibroids), diseases
prostate in men, cirrhosis with portal
hypertension, cancers of the rectum - it all
promotes a rush of blood to the pelvic organs, therefore,
hemorrhoids development. Cracks, ulcers, fistulas of the anus are also
risk factors for hemorrhoids: spasm of the sphincter occurs during stimulation
(A circular muscle that covers the output of the rectum), as a result of
efferent veins are squeezed and injured.

5. Misuse of spicy food, alcohol.
digestive tract causes expansion vessel, including vessels
rectum. Expansion vessels leads to a stagnation of blood in the hemorrhoidal
nodes, their inflammation. Spicy dishes, richly flavored spices,
stimulate digestion, but also cause a sharp blood flow to
rectum and mucous membrane irritation.

6. Severe diarrhea (diarrhea), anal sex.
and inflammation of the rectum and anus with severe diarrhea, mechanical
stretching the sphincter and the rectum during anal sex help
the emergence of hemorrhoids, for exacerbating existing disease.

7. Pregnancy, childbirth.
increasing with the development of the fetus, occupies most of the
peritoneum. At the same time moving bodies are moved up and rectum,
on the contrary, is pressed against the pelvis - resulting in venous vessels
clamped, crowding the cavernous blood cells. Strenuous attempts
in childbirth and stimulate the formation of hemorrhoids.

For hemorrhoids are characterized by the following basic symptoms

  • bleeding during bowel movements, blood in the stool (finding this symptom as soon as possible consult a doctor!);

  • itching, burning sensation in the anus;

  • foreign body sensation, feeling of heaviness;

  • loss of nodes from the rectum;

  • pain during defecation, walking, sitting;

  • pain hemorrhoids feel.

typical of hemorrhoids main symptoms - discharge of blood and
loss of nodes from the anal canal. Let us consider these and other
manifestations of the disease.

1. Bleeding during bowel movements, blood in the stool.
blood in the hemorrhoids worsen food venous walls
oxygen, long stretches of their blood overflow. The walls of the nodes
thinning, erosion and formed small gaps, which leads to
bleeding. A distinctive feature of bleeding hemorrhoids; it
only appears during, before or immediately after defecation.

Most patients
first noticed blood stains on underwear or toilet paper, sometimes it
It follows a trickle at the end of defecation. bleeding hemorrhoids
It is quite intense, which could lead to the development of
iron deficiency anemia. allocation That is - the hemorrhoids!Blood from the anus can be a sign
malignant tumors in the colon. When
this symptom as soon as possible address to the proctologist to clarify

2. Loss of units from the rectum.
dystrophic processes causes displacement of nodes in the anal side
openings ultimately loss. this contributes
prolonged straining at stool, smoking habit, read

3. Foreign body sensation, feeling of heaviness.
complain of foreign body sensation in the anus, heaviness in the groin
when walking. These symptoms are caused by swelling of the congested

4. Itching and burning in the anus.
burning - a manifestation of the erosion of the walls of hemorrhoids. Selections
Blood also lead to irritation of the skin and mucous membrane of the anus.

5. Pain during defecation, walking and sitting.
characteristic symptoms of incipient attack of acute hemorrhoids, infringement
haemorrhoid. Around the anus there are many
receptors, pain can be very powerful. Straining
pain in the anus is enhanced when walking and during defecation
sometimes becomes unbearable, the patient is unable to sit,

6. painful to touch hemorrhoids.
the case of thrombosis or inflammation of hemorrhoids swell,
become dense, painful to the touch. During the external examination are seen
knots of blue-purple color, resembling a plum, may
diameter up to 2 cm. to nodes touch causes severe

Once again, specific to the symptoms of hemorrhoids,
especially bleeding from the anus, may be signs and
other more serious diseases. When they occur as soon as possible
consult a physician!

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