Shame harm health!


  • Where did he come from?
  • How to live on?
  • Soft landing

    The most common disease of the rectum is
    hemorrhoids. This disease
    not to talk openly. But if the problems do not speak, it does not mean,
    they themselves go away, just the opposite - with time they become
    Only more.

  • And if at first the disease may manifest mild discomfort
    after going to the toilet, in the future at the same time can start a lot of pain,
    bleeding, and even rectal prolapse outside! Should I bring this up?
    Or it is better to understand the reasons for such a state to turn to
    specialist and begin to solve the problem?

    Where did he come from?

    Shame harm health!
    If your parents suffered from hemorrhoids, it is likely that the disease can
    arise and you. Often it is combined with varicose veins in the legs.
    In addition, during pregnancy the first manifestations may appear too

    A large number of spicy food, the lack of a daily diet sufficient
    of fiber, excessive alcohol consumption can also be
    causes of rectal diseases.

    can develop in people suffering from constipation. If you lead a sedentary
    lifestyle, or, conversely, expose your body strong physical
    stress, you risk amass a problem with the rectum. Maybe this is
    slightly reduce the load?

    How to live on?

    What to do if you find yourself in such unpleasant symptoms? Not to wait,
    when "self pass" does not hesitate, and quickly turn to the competent
    specialist - Coloproctology. Surgeons who deal with such problems.

    Hemorrhoids are treated at any stage, but the sooner treatment is started, the more
    chance that will be able to cure this disease quickly and without surgery. Now
    There are many new, fast and safe treatments that fix
    hemorrhoids problem even without surgical intervention.

    Soft landing

    Specialist in the treatment of diseases of the rectum is
    coloproctologist doctor. If you
    apply to a large clinic or health center, you can sometimes even
    choose which doctor to go - male or female. For patients who
    experience a strong constraint, it may be of considerable importance: in fact the doctor
    of the same sex as you are much better able to understand your problems and embarrassment,
    Awkwardness due to this disappears very quickly.

    At the reception, the doctor will ask carefully about the occurrence of the disease, and will gather all
    the necessary information about the state of your health. After the talk and examination he
    appoint a number of studies
    and laboratory tests to help determine the degree of severity
    disease, and possibly, concomitant diseases, the presence of which is necessary to
    considering the treatment.

    Once all necessary information has been gathered, the specialist chooses you
    individual therapy program, which will in the short term, but
    the most reliable and painless cure this disease. Especially because in
    large general hospitals and "advanced" medical centers
    using the latest medical advances in this field and the most
    effective methods of treatment - treatment of laser surgery techniques to
    the use of different herbal medicines for irrigation when
    effect can be achieved even without surgery.

    Methods of treatment, there are many, and the good doctor, in accordance with
    your wishes will select the most suitable for you - taking into account the duration of the
    the disease and its severity, as well as your individual circumstances. And then
    completion of therapy will give a comprehensive guide to how to make this
    disease you did not touch any more.

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