We treat injuries effectively


We treat injuries effectively The most common injury - it bruises. This, of course, is not as severe trauma, such as a crack or break, but it would be extremely irresponsible refers to injuries lightly. Sometimes the injury may have very serious consequences.

What happens when injury

Contusion - a closed injury of organs and tissues without significant violations integrity of the skin. Externally, injuries can be initially not very visible, but they are very painful and noticeable.

The main symptoms of the injury - pain in the injuredplace, hematoma formation and edema. Very severe pain after an injury may mean that the damaged bone. Pain, the first symptom of injury, appears immediately at the time of the injury and is significant. Then the pain may be somewhat reduced, and after 1-W h after injury significantly increase again due to traumatic edema, hemorrhage, or increase of the hematoma.

When a break occurs contusion of soft tissues of smallvascular hemorrhage, which subsequently manifest a hematoma. Disrupted blood flow to the injured area, formed a bruise, which can be very painful.

When injury bone bruising not significantIt is, but nevertheless such injury is usually quite painful. The pain is especially sharp when periosteum injury, such as injury front of the leg or the ulnar nerve. When injury joint motion in the joints first saved, they become impossible with the growth of hemorrhage and edema. These injuries differ from fractures and sprains, in which the active and passive movements become impossible immediately after the injury.

How dangerous injury

It is important to remember that in case of insufficient treatment of joint injury can cause complications (traumatic bursitis, arthritis, neuritis), and subsequently trigger the development of joint arthrosis.

Therefore it is very important is the timely and correct treatment of the injury, which, depending on the extent of the damage, or conduct your own, or resorting to medication.

Help your doctor is necessary if the injury area is verymost, if injury is very strong and deep, and most importantly - if there are signs of damage to internal organs. For example, when a head injury is possible concussion or contusion. The main symptoms - loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting. In contusion of the chest may be respiratory arrest, cardiac arrest. When injury limb important to eliminate cracks and fractures of bones. Particularly difficult in the treatment of elbow injuries, since this joint is composed of three joints, which are made in a joint capsule, which can be damaged during injury. To eliminate damage to bones or joints, it is necessary to do an X-ray.

injury Treatment

We treat injuries effectively If the injury is not too serious, and helpTraumatologist surgeon is not required, then the treatment can be carried out independently of injury. In the first hours after the trauma patient is recommended to apply the place of ice (in the fabric) - this contributes to narrowing of blood vessels, stopping internal bleeding and reduce possible bruising. In addition, cold exerts analgesic effects.

Immediately after the injury is recommended to apply a pressure bandage on the injury site and create a calm injured limb. For example, a triangular bandage with the hand injury.

To reduce the pain used analgesics - it can profit any analgesics.

In the future usually recommend different ointments andgels which reduce swelling and improve blood supply to the injured area. But these drugs, doctors recommend the use of only 2-3 days after injury, so massage the affected area immediately after injury is not desirable, and often simply impossible - because sometimes it is impossible to touch the sore spot!

How quickly cure a bruise?

Injuries sometimes disturbed for a long time. The duration of treatment in such injury depends on how much you hurt yourself, what degree of joint injuries. Currently, however, there is a way to greatly speed up the treatment of injury, with no harm to the body. Modern medicine offers an effective method for the treatment of injuries - with the help of anti-inflammatory analgesic patch therapeutic NANOPLAST forte. If there is no damage to the skin tissues, the patch can start to use after 3-12 hours after injury, depending on its severity.

NANOPLAST forte provides long-term (up to 12 hours) therapeuticthe impact of mild heat and a magnetic field penetrates deep into the affected tissue. Because of these properties of therapeutic patch eases pain, improves blood circulation in the affected area, reduced inflammation, decreases swelling, accelerates regeneration of damaged tissues.

When soft tissue injury as a result of the patch NANOPLAST Fort hematoma resorbed much faster.

With joint injury NANOPLAST forte will help restore joint tissues and prevent the development of traumatic arthritis and prevent the development of complications.

It is important to note that sells medical plaster NANOPLAST Fort exclusively in pharmacies. It is a guarantee of its safety and effectiveness, which is confirmed by clinical studies.

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